Friday, October 4, 2013

Alex Rodriguez Is Now Suing The Yankees Team Doctor

Earlier we heard that Alex Rodriguez is suing Major League Baseball regarding their "witch hunt" in this whole steroid, Tony Bosch, Biogenesis, cheating the game thing. A Rod and his lawyers were not done filing grievances today as the Yankees are A Rod's latest target as they and their team doctor, Christopher Ahmad, are the target of a malpractice suit. Alex is filing a malpractice suit against the Yankees team doctor Christoper Ahmad of New York Presbyterian Medical Center over the way his hip injury was handled last fall. This is not the first we have heard about this as we heard the doctor was hiding MRI results and Randy Levine was doing everything that he could to keep Alex off the field for good. Imagine me saying this in my best Denzel Washington in Training Day voice, "The Bronx is Burning had nothing on this!"

Yankees Have Made A Significant Offer To Girardi

The New York Yankees have made a significant offer to manager Joe Girardi to keep him around in pinstripes for next season and beyond. Speculation has the deal somewhere in the neighborhood of three years and $13,000,000 - $16,000,000. Joe's current deal has him making $3,000,000 a season so this would be a nice little raise for the Yankees manager for the last six seasons. No way Girardi should be making Joe Torre money just yet but this seems more than fair for someone who has righted the ship more times then not during his time in New York.

New York Yankees Outright Mike Zagurski To AAA

The New York Yankees have announced that they have outrighted left handed reliever Mike Zagurski to AAA today. Since Zagurski will not finish the season on the 40 man roster he will not be arbitration eligible this off season even though he has three years and 55 days worth of MLB service. Zagurski would not make much more than the league minimum anyway but every cent matters heading into the 2014 season for us. Zagurski can reject the outright to Scranton and elect free agency but I cannot see that happening after a less than stellar 2013 season in a small sample size. I expect Zagurski to get invited to spring training in 2014 with the New York Yankees.

Watch The 2013 Opening Day Game Again

The Yankees season is over but that does not mean you cannot watch your New York Yankees play baseball. Watch the entire 2013 Opening Day game against the Boston Red Sox this season. Not a bad way to spend three hours wasting time at work huh, even if we do lose. Spoiler Alert!

The Washington Nationals Want Joe Girardi Now Too

First it was the Chicago Cubs that wanted permission to speak with Joe Girardi about being their new manager, and now the Washington Nationals have asked for permission.

"You better make this a really good offer."

The Yankees not only don't seem keen on the idea of other teams speaking with Girardi, but they are in the process of re-signing him to continue as the Yankees skipper. In fact, after going over parameters for a new contract, the Yankees and Girardi will meet again today and could likely make it official within the next 48 hours. So the Cubs, Nationals, and others may not even get a chance to discuss a deal with Girardi.

Knowing that other teams are interested in Joe Girardi is a sign that he's far from a bad manager. In my opinion, and I know I'm not alone in this, the Yankees would be lucky to have him back. Not only is he quite possibly the best manager of the bullpen, but his ability to work with the Yankees is not something to just dismiss.

Yankees Fans & JuJu Believers, It's Time To Forgive AROD

Everyone reading this I ask that you leave your personal beliefs, personal opinions, dislike or hatred, etc at the door here. What we need from you guys is a clear mind and an open heart here because we are the last hope for the Yankees staff in the next three to five years, no pressure. Whether you believe in the JuJu and its effects it can have on a baseball team or not the facts that I am about to lay forward to you cannot be denied or ignored. This team is in trouble, this organization is in trouble, the future is in jeopardy, this team is cursed, and only we the fans can turn it all around.

Bottom line, I don't like to equivocate, we have to forgive Alex Rodriguez. Alex has screwed up a lot, let's not mince words here. Between his post season struggles, his not one but two mega contracts worth 10 years each, his whole opting out during the World Series, not one but two steroid allegations, not one but two hip surgeries, slapping the ball out of a player's glove against the Red Sox, getting bitch slapped by Jason Varitek, well I could go on all day. It's done, it is in the past, everything up to this point is gone, over, done kaput.

Starting absolutely right now, not in 2014, not in 2015 depending on this whole 211 game suspension, but right now I need you all to say this out loud:

"Hi my name is (fill in the blank), I love the New York Yankees, and I forgive Alex Rodriguez."

This is the only way the Yankees will win anything in the next five seasons. If we do not forgive Alex Rodriguez now and remove the JuJu, much like we did in 2009 when Alex burst onto the scene hitting a home run in his first at bat and not stopping until the World Series trophy was back where it belonged,  then we will continue to make the Curse of the Bambino look like a infant story tale. Nobody wants that, now do they?

End the Curse of the JuJu, Forgive A Rod now. 

This Day In New York Yankees History 10/4

On this day in 1953 Mickey Mantle became only the fourth Yankees player to hit a grand slam in their history joining Gil McDougald in 1951, Elmer Smith in 1920, and Tony Lazzeri in 1936.

On this day in 1958 the Yankees Hank Bauer would have a 3 for 4 day at the plate increasing his World Series hitting streak to 17 games, a new major league record. Bauer would head to the Fall Classic in 196-1958.