Friday, October 4, 2013

Alex Rodriguez Is Now Suing The Yankees Team Doctor

Earlier we heard that Alex Rodriguez is suing Major League Baseball regarding their "witch hunt" in this whole steroid, Tony Bosch, Biogenesis, cheating the game thing. A Rod and his lawyers were not done filing grievances today as the Yankees are A Rod's latest target as they and their team doctor, Christopher Ahmad, are the target of a malpractice suit. Alex is filing a malpractice suit against the Yankees team doctor Christoper Ahmad of New York Presbyterian Medical Center over the way his hip injury was handled last fall. This is not the first we have heard about this as we heard the doctor was hiding MRI results and Randy Levine was doing everything that he could to keep Alex off the field for good. Imagine me saying this in my best Denzel Washington in Training Day voice, "The Bronx is Burning had nothing on this!"

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