Monday, July 9, 2012

2012 Major League Baseball All Star Game

The Yankees will have to win their 28th World Seried Championship without the luxury of Home Field Advantage as the National League beat up on Justin Verlander and the American League.

8-0 National League Wins!

Tonight at 7:30 pm ET on FOX we will have the latest installment of the Major League Baseball All Star Game. Just a reminder, not that anyone needs one, that this game does mean something. Like it or not this game decides who will be getting home field advantage in the World Series come this October/November.  

I fully expect American League manager from the Texas Rangers, Ron Washington, to manage this game very aggressively and trying his best to win the game. He knows what it feels like to start a game 7 of the World Series on the road and lose, as recently as last year against the Cardinals, and his team is in a great position to go to the Series for the 3rd straight season.

Just as another pointless remind the Yankees have three starters in the game and they are the only Yankees that are making the trip to Kansas City and Kauffman Stadium. Yankees SS Derek Jeter, 2B Robinson Cano, and OF Curtis Granderson are the three Yankees that are All Star's this season. CC Sabathia was named as a SP All Star but will not pitch in the game due to his groin injury. 

For a look at the full and updated rosters for the game for both sides please click here

Here are the lineups for the game:

Derek Jeter SS
Robinson Cano 2B
Josh Hamilton LF
Jose Bautista RF
Prince Fielder 1B
Adrian Beltre 3B
David Ortiz DH
Mike Napoli C
Curtis Granderson CF
RHP Justin Verlander
Carlos Gonzalez DH
Melky Cabrera CF
Ryan Braun LF
Joey Votto 1B
Carlos Beltran RF
Buster Posey C
Pedro Sandoval 3B
Dan Uggla 2B
Rafael Furcal SS
RHP Matt Cain

My prediction is that the American League pitching will be solid and do just enough to win the game. For fun Ill throw out a score of 7-5 with the O's Jim Johnson getting the win, Padres closer Huston Street taking the loss, and Rangers closer Joe Nathan getting the save. Where am I getting those predictions from? Well this is a family blog so we will not go there :)

I just hope for the fans to be entertained, everyone to come out of the game healthy, and everyone involved having a safe and good time. Enjoy!

2012 State Farm Home Run Derby

Your 2012 Home Run Derby Champion

It is that time of the year again. It is time for the 2012 State Farm Home Run Derby. Four of the best home run hitters from both the American League and the National League will go head to head and hopefully put on a show for the fans. Our very own Robinson Cano is the team captain for the American League and the defending Home Run Derby Champion.

The Home Run Derby will begin at 8 pm ET on ESPN (which really means like 8:45 after all the "festivities" and Chris Berman rants). The Home Run Derby would not be the same without him though so I cannot complain too much. 

 Here is the field of players.

American League

NYY Robinson Cano - 0 HRs
DET Prince Fielder - 5 HRs
TOR Jose Bautista - 11 HRs
ANA Mark Trumbo - 7 HRs

National League

COL Carlos Gonzalez - 4 HRs
PIT Andrew McCutchen - 2 HRs
STL Carlos Beltran - 7 HR's 
LAD Matt Kemp - 1 HR

I am going to go ahead and put my predictions down here on paper so everyone can see just how horrible I am at predicting these sorts of thing. I am going to pick Toronto's own Joey Bats Jose Bautista to beat out Cano to represent the American League in the finals. For the National League I have Carlos Gonzalez beating out Carlos Beltran to represent the National League in the finals. In the end I think Joey Bats puts on a show and wins the 2012 State Farm Home Run Derby.

The first round totals are above. I will try and keep up with the 2nd round below but I make no promises because I have a job (blogging does not pay? what???) and have to be up in like 7 hours and we're on the 3rd batter.

Reggie Jackson Gets A Vacation

Earlier today Buster Olney reported that the Yankees have told Reggie to essentially stay away from the team. I don't think this is a permanent thing, but a way for the whole issue to blow over without it being a distraction. At least not as big a distraction as it would be if Reggie wasn't reprimanded or sent away at all.

Oh, and if you don't know what "issue" I'm referring to, then let me start off by saying "congratulations for getting out from under that rock you've been living". Then I'll refer you to my post a few days back regarding Reggie Jackson, which not only goes over what he said, but also points out a few other reasons why I'm not the biggest Reggie fan in Yankee Universe.

Michael Wilbon, of Pardon The Interruption fame, said that he doesn't agree with this action taken by the organization. He wants to hear Reggie say these things, and believes that Reggie has the right to do so. The problem with that thinking is that Jackson isn't just some former ballplayer. Brooks Robinson, and others, have spoken out against steroids in baseball, but the Human Vacuum Cleaner and those other guys aren't currently on the Yankees payroll. So there's a key difference in this story, Mr. Wilbon.

If you or I publicly talked trash about somebody at our workplace we'd be fired. I'm not sure what Jackson said merits termination from the Yankee organization, but a suspension surely fits. Even though Reggie hasn't played for the Yanks for nearly 31 years, as part of the front office he represents the team and those a part of it. And in this case he didn't do so respectfully. That may fly in places like Boston*, but not New York.

*Unfair joke? Yeah, but it's the Red Sox, so who cares?

CC Sabathia To Come Off DL July 17th

Joe Girardi announced late yesterday that CC Sabathia would be coming off the DL to pitch on July 17th against the Toronto Blue Jays.  CC was placed on the 15 day DL with a groin strain last month and will miss only two starts. The replacements have done adequately in his abscence but it is still a good feeling to have your big man, your work horse, and your ace out there every 5th day.