Tuesday, April 30, 2019

So Maybe I Was Wrong About Luke Voit

Insert foot in mouth, followed up by a healthy serving of crow. That’s what is on the agenda for me today as I make my not-so-triumphant return to the blog. I have to admit it, I was completely and utterly wrong, as of today anyway, about Luke Voit.

As we enter play on this last day of April, the Yankees first baseman is hitting .283/.397/.538/.935 with eight home runs, 25 RBI, 30 hits in 106 at-bats, and has a 0.8 WAR already. This came after I, Daniel Burch, was very much on-board with trading high on the current MLB Player of the Week. I made mention more than once this offseason that the Yankees should sell high on Voit and bring in another first baseman, and I was wrong.

Where would the Yankees be right now if it were not for Voit getting on base every day for nearly 40 straight games now? Where would the Yankees be if they relied heavily on Greg Bird once again and his ailing lower half in 2019? Where would the Yankees be if it were not for, another point of contention for me this winter, what seems to be Voit’s improved defense over at first base and knack for absolutely clobbering the crap out of the ball to the deepest part of almost every ballpark that he plays in?

Not where they are today.

Here is a better question for you. Where would the Yankees be, and I mean specifically this current crop of players, without Luke Voit’s leadership role that he has taken on and his warm embraces after a victory? You want to talk about leading a young group of guys and having fun while the team is winning? We haven’t seen that on this team, to this degree, since Nick Swisher was with the club back in 2009.

I’m not comparing the two teams, but you know what? Maybe I am comparing the two men. Clubhouse wise. Leadership wise. Personality wise. Yankee wise.

Luke, no one is happier than I am to gladly and fully admit that I was 100% wrong about you as a player. Keep proving me wrong, and I’ll keep appreciating it every step of the way.

photo credit: River Ave Blues

Also, a quick shout out to River Ave Blues on their final day. If it weren’t for publications and groups like you, I would likely not be here today, so I am forever grateful for Mike Axisa and his crew for all their hard work and generosity throughout the years. You will truly be missed.