Monday, December 28, 2015

Analyzing The Aroldis Chapman Trade

When I started writing this I wanted to talk about the reports of Aroldis Chapman choking his girlfriend and pushing her into a wall. Not to mention shooting his gun eight times in his garage afterwards. I wanted to say that what happened doesn't make Aroldis into a horrible person, who shall be shunned forever. Good people are capable of doing horrible things. But it's impossible to put my thoughts into words when I really don't know what to think about the whole thing.

So... yeah...

Major League Baseball is investigating the incident, and Rob Manfred will make a decision on a possible suspension, fine, or whatever. And I believe Brian Cashman didn't just say "meh, whatever" and trade for Chapman. The New York Yankees are one of the most well-known sports entities in the World, and to believe Cashman doesn't know that and is willing to harm their "good" name is ridiculous. 

So I'm going to stop there when it comes to the off the field stuff. And when looking beyond the off the field stuff this trade is a total steal. 

According to Baseball America's Top 10 Prospect list, none of the prospects traded to Cincinnati are in the Top 5. Rookie Davis is actually the #6 prospect in the organization, But Davis has only thrown 33.1 innings above A-ball, and I wouldn't say he "killed it" in his short time at AA Trenton (he went 2-1 in five starts, with an ERA of 4.32).

I wasn't happy to see Eric Jagielo included in the trade, but I'm certainly not heartbroken over his loss. Jagielo is a third baseman, who some think is destined for first base, and corner infielders aren't that difficult to replace. Plus there's the fact that Miguel Andujar, who is a better fielder and finished strong at high A Tampa last season, could be a future third baseman. Meanwhile, Greg Bird looks to be the Yankees' first baseman of the future.

"Yep. I'm the man."

Caleb Cotham is the third prospect that the Yankee sent to the Reds. Cotham threw 9.2 innings for the Yankees this season, giving up 7 runs and 14 hits (four of which were home runs). Caleb could have possibly been a part of the Yanks bullpen in the future, but I don't think it would be a significant part at all.

The last part of the trade was Tony Renda, who the Yankees acquired when they traded David Carpenter to the Washington Nationals. Mind you, Carpenter had been designated for assignment, so Renda wasn't looked at as much more than minor league filler. Renda hit .269/.330/.358 in AA last season, and I have yet to hear anybody saying anything along the lines of "he'll be missed".

Now, I don't have to tell you what Aroldis Chapman can do for the Yankees. I begged for the Yankees to re-sign David Robertson, so that they could deploy the three-headed monster out of the bullpen. Unfortunately that didn't happen, but almost a year later Brian Cashman came through for me. Chapman, Dellin Betances, and Andrew Miller will scare the bejesus out of any and all Yankees opponents next season. If the Yankees have a two run lead going into the 7th inning you may as well say "game over". Heck, even having a one run lead will be pretty darn good.

But will the Yankee starters be able to hand a lead over to the killer threesome? 

Although Masahiro Tanaka was the only starter to average at least six innings per start, I'm confident that Michael Pineda will have a better season than last knowing that his shoulder can hold up over an entire season. 

Luis Severino is looking at pitching only around 150 innings, so he won't be totally let loose next year. But for the most part the team can count on him to hand over a lead to the three-headed monster. 

Nathan Eovaldi averaged 5.7 innings a start in 2015, so I can see the bullpen needing a couple more outs from the bullpen when he starts. Chapman threw more than an inning four times last season (twice in the last month), Miller threw more than one inning eight times, and of course we all know Betances is capable of giving the team more than an inning at a time. 

And then there's CC Sabathia. Daniel recently posted about Sabathia, and reasons to be optimistic about him next season, so I'll just direct you over there. If that's too much for you, let's say that he could be a fine starter next season, and hand over plenty of leads to the three-headed monster next season.

"I think you're a little too trusting."

When speaking of Nathan Eovaldi I mentioned that Dellin Betances is well-known for throwing more than one inning, which led to him throwing a ton of innings the previous two years. Many people rightfully see that as a problem, especially after seeing Dellin's effectiveness go down towards the end of last season. With Aroldis on board, chances are Dellin will not be leaned on nearly as much to giving the team more than an inning at a time. 

It would be nice if Cashman could acquire a better starter, but I have a feeling it won't happen. I hope to be proven wrong, and it wouldn't be the first time, but after talking about those five above I just don't see a strong enough need to pay the price that a young/good starter would cost.

In fact, I'm not holding my breath for anything else "big" to happen this offseason. There are a few teams out there that would probably love to have Brett Gardner, but it doesn't seem like Cashman really wants to deal away Brett, and I don't see any team offering enough for acquire him. 

It would be a shame if this was the last "big" thing to happen, but as things stand right now I kind of like this team's chances of making a run next year.


  1. Cotham and Renda. Who cares. Organizational depth only. Cotham is easily replaced and Renda probably won't ever see significant time. Davis had a projection of a mid-level starter at best. Again, no big loss. Jagielo is the interesting piece. He has significant left handed power that would thrive in Yankee stadium. But giving up 1 good prospect for an elite reliever is a no brainer. Here's the interesting part that maybe Cashman knows, or is at least gambling on. If Chapman gets suspended for 45 days, his free agency is delayed a year. If MLB hands down a 50 game suspension, we actually control Chapman through 2017. Just a thought. Might be giving Cashman too much credit on that one.

    1. You are right on the mark Jeff, as to what we gave up!
      I have to think Cashman knows, he has been doing his job for about 20 years...I think he dosen't get enough credit sometimes.

    2. Jeff,

      The suspension is well known. I'm sure Cashman knew it going in and is almost banking on it. He knew he would buy low and at least get one season and a draft pick through a qualifying offer. That's the worst case. Best case is we get him for 112 games this season and 162 games next season. All for, as you pointed out, Jagielo and Rookie Davis.

  2. Look what Cashman has to work with...Hal and the Tampa Cabal.
    I don't want to give him more credit than he is entitled to but add it up...
    1st it was King G overriding him and making him sign players he didn't want on the team. Then it was the Bookkeepers in Tampa (the Cabal) that over road him time and again. Now it is The Cabal and mister Hal, and we know how he sees things.
    I believe Cashman finally convinced Hal to let him have his way with the Farm System by telling him it is cheaper than getting FAs and trading for high priced players. The key word here is CHEEPER...don't you guys think?

    1. Reed I don't think the elf convinced Hal one second to go the cheaper route. It's obvious to me the Coupon Clipper AKA Hal told the elf its going to be the cheapest way which is the farm system.

    2. Agree. This is all Hal. Cashman wants job security and he wants to win. No GM is going to cut his own hand off, going cheaper, rather than throwing money at the wall and seeing what sticks.

    3. Thanks for your replies guys but, I disagree as you all know.
      1st--Stick and Watson wanted Cashman to keep working on the Farm System.
      2nd--His bosses saw it another way, trade and buy your way to the Golden Ring.
      3rd--Hal had no idea of spending money after the last mistakes, so Cashman started building the farm system slowly.
      4th--He convinced Hal to spend on the Farm System by showing him IF we spent money on a lot of international players (as he did) and revamp the whole system from top to bottom (as he did) change the players we were drafting...we could come up with players to replace those we will loose when contracts end...which is much cheaper!
      5th--not trading away our best players for 32+-year-old players that want long contracts nor sign away our draft picks.
      6th--we now have a very good system, with many major league players ready or a year or so away!
      Just a few of the things he has gotten done in the last few years.

      Yes you guys are right in one way, Cashman would love to have the money to spend on a #1 pitcher or a right-handed power hitter but, he isn't dumb, he knows Hal won't give him the money so, he is doing what he can under the new "Hal" rules. Tell me what he can do other than following the rules of his Boss.

    4. Reed you state that Stick wanted Cashman to work the farm system, the funny thing about it is the system just started to be worked the last few years. What happened the other 8 years? As usual I will disagree with your comment about the system is very good. It ranks 20 and higher in many minor league rating systems so I am not sure what very good constitutes to you. To me very good is in the top 10

    5. Hi, Ken, for some reason I knew you would disagree.
      Maybe you forgot the King was running things his way for those years, you know...the guy who never saw a minor league player that couldn't be traded. Yup, the guy that was "Throw money at the wall and see if something good happens"! Give up our draft picks for older players year after year. One does what the boss dictate or quits!
      After the core 4+1, there was no farm system left. It had to be built up from nothing to what it is today so, going from 32nd to even 20th is very good but, we are rated in the top 10+/- by a few people in the know, and lower in others. I'll take that as a START to this building program any day. How about you?

    6. Sorry Reed you and I have been disagreeing with this for a while now. Cashman and company has not drafted one Major impact position player or one top flight arm. Again I am saying draft, not sign in international FA period. I don't know how you can continuously say that Cashman has done a great job on this front. Watson and Stick built it up and your boy Cashman traded it away and yes I am sure George was behind many of those trades.

    7. ken H, is it that they have not drafted a major impact position player, or just that they have traded them away before they become a major impact player in the bronx?

    8. Reed,

      You know how I feel about the farm system. I feel like it's underrated and it's finally starting to bear fruit and MLB talent. Maybe I'm bias because I follow it so closely or maybe most of the rankings are off because they don't follow closely. I don't know. I do know Kiley McDaniel covered the team and had then ranked rather high last year but I digress.

      My post was in reference to the part about Cashman convincing Hal to go cheap. Every GM wants a blank check and a constant blank slate. No GM wants to limit spending.

    9. Yes, Cashman would love to have a blank check and no interference from the Bookkeepers in Tampa but, without it, is there really any other way to go?
      I understand what you wrote Daniel, I just think it is one of those "Cause and Effect" things. Hal won't spend on FA and trades, right?
      Cash wants to have a winning team so, how can he get the players other than picking up a (cheap) guy here and there...that might help the team.
      What can he do? Well, why not convince Hal to spend money on the things I wrote above? It just makes too much sense, Hal just had to see spending money ONE TIME for players of the future beats the heck out of a long contract that will cost $20,000,000 a year for 8/10 years plus the 50% tax every year. Drafting college players instead of high school kids gets the players to the show quicker and you have a better idea what talent they have already. Look at the players they have drafted in the last couple of years; Severino, Judge, Lindgren, Bird and others on the fast track to the team when a spot opens up. He was also looking to the future by signing the young International Players for the long run.

      I have been writing reports and action summaries so long it is hard sometimes to know how to word things. I don't mean to sound too bossy or argumentative...sorry!

    10. Cashman almost has no choice but to build the farm system and over hype the hell out of them to make trades if the owner won't open his purse for a few dollars, that we agree on.

      Drafting college players was part of the Yankees recent plan to get some higher end prospects in terms of MLB readiness into the system. Mix that in with all the 16-year olds they signed and you have the beginnings of a good farm system.

      FYI Severino was an IFA but that's arguing semantics at this point.

  3. Spade look up the Elf's drafts and tell me a major impact player under his regime?

    1. Ian Kennedy won 20 games, that's without looking it up. I'm sure there are some but then comes the debate of what constitutes an impact player.

  4. Ill start by saying this is a tough sport and i have yet to get into the MLB draft. Im big on the NBA draft because these guys can be drafted and be an immediate impact. Baseball can take 5 years to get a shot.

    2- the guy has had what... 1 draft pick in the top 20? average of like 35 or something? that immediately makes it so much tougher. Now, we can say Jacob Degrom in the 9th round, but come on. every other team passed him 9 times also.
    A- This is part of my reasoning. Last season, I did not see the team as a world series contender, especially after being brutally destroyed by toronto time and time again. So I don't see a point in clinching a wildcard spot to get destroyed and sent home after a game. So instead, I'd prefer young players to be getting the experience. Worst case, they don't make the playoffs and get a higher draft pick, and they see what the future holds. And for players getting older or losing productivity or needing rest, they should be moving towards improving the future of the organization and guiding rookies. I'll say texiera has been one of my favorite players, but Im tired of this little bitch ass attitude he has.

    onto your question-
    Ill start with phil hughes, ian kennedy (I know, for the love of god they give me nightmares. but maybe that's the yankees coaching and development). David Robertson, Dellin Betances. Mark Melancon. Ill include Gerrit Cole and Doug Fister, even though they decided not to sign with the yankees. No need for a left fielder, because Melky cabrera should still be playing there. Austin Jackson was promising, but we got Granderson out of it, which was great. Shortstop and 3rd base were poorly managed, as there 27 years and like 600 million dollars put on those players.
    I definitely think Greg Bird and Refsnyder can play major league baseball right now and do well and can make an impact. I think given the chance, we have an outfielder that was drafted that can make an impact (And Im not talking about Aaron Judge). however, on this team, batting .220 for the second half of the season holds higher value than a kid crushing Scranton Wilkes Barre batting .330. That's where I fault Brian Cashman.

    300 million dollar contracts are deadly. Shoot, we've seen it. The mariners have seen it. LA has seen it. Boston Has seen it. Heck, Giancarlo Stanton signed 325 mil contract what, last year? and was out half of the season? Dont get me wrong, big contracts are fine, but be prepared for a player to deteriorate. And buying buying buying will just lead to a 300 million dollar payroll.

    so what should be done? I think there should be a change in the way this team is run. How often do we hear "it's a business" as someone gets dicked over? Im not saying lock up players for 13 years, but start building the mentality that we want a few players to play their careers in pinstripes, pay them well, and they pass the torch on. that's how you build an f-ing dynasty.

    good to see you back ken!

  5. Like I said show me a top flight player he has drafted? Your list of players is not what I would consider top flight players. Where is his Mike Trout? By the way when the Rays had a great pitching staff the only pitcher the yanks couldn't have drafted from that group was Price. Every other pitcher they had the Yanks passed on

    The point is that their scouting department along their decision makers are inferior. Why do the Cards and Giants draft well when they're drafting in the high 20's? Simple answer. They have a quality system in place.

  6. I replied above before reading the novel spade posted but this played out exactly how I thought it would. Spade lays down top closers, relievers and in a few seasons top pitchers and position players and they are discredited because they aren't Mike trout. Who the eff is? And how many teams passed on Trout? 20 something? It's a crapshoot.

    SF and STL are the model organizations right now but they passed on all those Rays pitchers too.....

  7. Really top closers and relievers. That's your reply Burch. I expected that. Ok how about a Manny Machado type player? The guy hasn't drafted worth squat. His big all star is Brett Gardner. Tell me Burch and crew what am I missing here?

    1. If you don't call Melancon or Robertson a top closer or reliever then I don't feel the need to go research the draft classes.

  8. Well chalk that up to another disagreement. No I don't see either especially Robertson as a top closer. The guy had more 0-2 1-2 counts and parlayed that into full counts.

    1. We all salivate over getting our perennial MVP candidate man. I am pretty open about how I find tanaka to be soft and I crave a beast of an Ace.

      But if youre talking about machado, trout, pujols, cabrera, harper, verlander and kershaw, youre talking about the top 6 players to span from 2005 to 2020.
      harper drafted #1
      verlander- #2
      kershaw- #7
      machado- #3

      we are talking his average pick was #35!! Again, I say tank and get a top talent.

      you cited brett gardner as being his allstar, and I know you specifically mentioned draft. but if he cant get a decent pick, go elsewhere.

      We did rock the best 2nd baseman for a decade. and I still say [Melky] cabrera is one of the better left fielders. but I've always hated brett gardner. i hate watching him play, he's timid, and a shitty fielder.

      So lets just say- if we had melky cabrera in left, austin jackson in center, robbie cano at 2nd- in place last year, would we have been better or worse? (shoot, again, still need pitchers). significantly better.

      And yes, you're talking about some of the best built teams in baseball. Besides LA, does anyone talk trash about SF, STL, or Tampa? I love tampa bays ability to produce talent.

      again, the way cashman handles players in the minors completely sucks, their pitching signings have been rubbish, ill give you that. and I constantly wonder why (even though you disagree about TOP closers), how the yankees are able to produce great closers but can't draft or develop a starting pitcher if their life depended on it.

    2. you know what they say, Trout don't grow in the river. Ill chuckle at this for three days.

    3. It was frustrating to watch but the end result is the same no matter how he got there Hans.

    4. im going to quickly put this together. incomplete, and it can be done much better but I couldnt find an existing one.

      bryce harper 2015- #1 pick
      clayton kershaw- #7
      andrew mccutchen- #11
      buster posey #5
      Ryan Braun- #5
      (2010)Joey Votto- 2nd round 2002
      (2009, 2008) pujols- 13th round (pick #470 or something. freaking albert interfering with my point)
      jimmy rollins- 2nd round in 1996
      ryan howard- 5th rounder
      (2001-2004)barry bonds- #6

      lets look at 1st round vs. any other round (excluding amateur free agents, not counting duplicates ie b. bonds x4)- 6 vs. 4

      lets look at AL
      Josh Donaldson #48
      trout-#25 yankees pick for signing tex
      miguel cabrera- amateur free agent in 1999
      verlander- #2
      2010- josh hamilton #1
      joe mauer- #1
      dustin pedroia- 2nd round 2004. but that's the year hell froze over.
      justin morneau-3rd round
      vladimir guerrero-amateur free agent 1993
      2003 arod
      miguel tejada- amateur free agent
      ichiro suzuki- amateur free agent? not sure.
      my man jason giambi. 2nd rounder 1992.

      1st round vs. any other round- 6 vs 3

      keep rambling daryl!! ok will do.

      keuchel- 7th round
      kluber- 4th round 2007
      scherzer- #11. 2006
      david price- #1 (didnt ken say a lot of people missed on D. price? or am i messing everything up?)
      justin verlander- #2-2004
      king felix amateur free agent
      greinke- #6 2002
      cliff lee- 4th round
      sabathia- #20
      johan santana- amateur free agent
      bartolo colon- amateur free agent in 1906
      roy halladay- #17 in 1995
      barry zito- #9 in 1999
      Roger clemens- #19 in 1983

      1st vs any other round- 8 vs. 3

      in conclusion, I know a guy that knows another guy in eastern europe that is cloning humans. if we get a blood sample of randy johnson mike trout, and roger clemens, and heck, we can add bartolo colon because he has some sort of durability gene, we can grow a nice little monster. kind of like jurassic world. We can call him caitlyn.

  9. How they did it is not the question nor answer...they got the job done that's the point.

    Back a few years ago, we had a player with a BA .257. When asked of the top pitchers at that time, "who on the Yankees would you least like to have come to the plate in a tie game with runners in scoring position"? They almost to a man said, "Billy Martin"! Then were asked, "with players like Mickey, Yogi, Howard, and others why him"? It is simple, he is the guy that will drive in the winning run one way or another, he will find a way. How it gets done may not be fancy or by the book but getting it done is the bottom line.

    Just my 2 cents worth...make that 1/2 cent, pennies aren't worth much anymore! LOL

  10. Spade what I said on the Ray's was that outside of Price which the Yanks couldn't draft they had the opportunity to draft the rest of their pitchers. I never said they had a chance at Price

  11. All of you who claim that Cashman has done a wonderful job I would like to point out his first rd picks and then you tell me who on this list is a household name for the Yanks. I am going to start with his first year as GM.

    1998 Andy Brown & Mark Prior
    1999 David Walling
    2000 David Parrish
    2001 John-Ford Griffin & Bronson Sardinia
    2002 No first rd pick
    2003 Eric Duncan
    2004 Phil Hughes & Jonathon Poterson & Jeff Marquez
    2005 Carl Henry
    2006 Ian Kennedy & Joba Chamberlin
    2007 Andrew Brackman who needed TJ and still drafted him rd 1
    2008 Gerit Cole & Jeremy Bleich
    2009 Slade Heathcott
    2010 Cito Culver
    2011 Dante Bichette Jr
    2012 Ty Hensley

    I stopped at 2012 as the other players are still in the minors and could turn out to be players. Sorry guys its black and white here. Is this an exact science? No its not. however he hasn't hit on one first rd pick here. I also believe Severino was not drafted nor was Cano as someone above mentioned. I believe they we're signed International FA, I could be wrong on that.

    1. You neglected to put what position those first round draft picks came in compared to the Rays, Cardinals and Giants though.

      Again, those three teams are the cream of the crop. The Yankees are not on that level yet. The difference is the Rays are allowed to trade all their young talent for top prospects much like STL and SF. Those three teams are allowed to tank with the future in mind, New York and Cashman is not.

      It's apples to oranges. You're trying to put a round ball in a square hole here with Cashman and the way these teams were built from 1998 until recently.

    2. Burch the Cards and the Giants have been damn good the last 7-10 years so the position of drafting is in the later part of the rds

    3. And I have agreed to that multiple times Hans. They are the exception and the model organizations.

  12. When will it ever NOT be a claim of contention! As is always the case Ken H, I look at things a bit differently when I look at the improvement of the system, I think he has done a fine job. Just look at all the GMs before him, they all quit or were fired. Not to say he is better than they were!

    Phil Hughs, I Kennedy, Joba Chamberlin, A Brackman, Gerrit Cole (not signed but was drafted), G. Bird #5, Adam Warren #4, Nick Johnson #3, Kaprielian #1, Aron Judge #1, J.R. Murphy #1 and I will count the INFAs because they were signed out of the INFA selection by Cashman . Cano, Severino, Melky Cabrera, Gary Sanchez, Chien m Wang just a few of them.
    Again, it doesn't matter when they were drafted, they are in or were in the bigs and some will be here in 2016. The Idea (as you stated) this is an exact science is foolish...I think we all agree on that!

    Cashman is not a good evaluator of talent...that is a given, like all GMs they rely on their people to give them the right stats and recommendations. His job is to decide who he wants from that list.
    I do not and never have said he is real good or top of the line GM, only that he isn't as bad as some make him out to be. Let's say, he is a good GM for the Yankees and when given the opportunity has done a good job...could it have been better, yes! But that can be said of every GM.

    So, we don't agree again Ken H, but we can disagree one hell of a lot. Have a drink for the hollidays and have a good year! I'll drink my Root Beer, thank you very much.

  13. Thank you Reed. I am just never going to see it that way with the elf. I think he is a second tier GM and shame on him for not bringing in better people to run his scouting department. As I always said you don't hire a former hitting instructor to run your scouting of baseball operations. You enjoy your root beer and have a happy and healthy New Year

    1. I know we won't Ken, but that's what a blog is for isn't it? Amen to the Rootbeer, as I sit here drinking it now.
      In a factual sidenote; NOBODY really wanted to work for King George, so Cashman was left with what was there. And by the by, Stick was a ballplayer and a good talent guy so is Buck Showalter (in fact, one of the best). I am a bit biased but the best of them all was Casey Stingle. I saw first hand how he put players in a position they had never played before many times...Martin, Yogi and Howard just to name a few. Also pick-up a player from another organization...(Unaffiliated Leagues).
      Talent is talent and where it comes from is a moot point isn't it?

    2. Ken, I wouldn't call us Cashman Lovers lol. I dislike him because I think he handles talent poorly. you address him as elf, whereas I just think he's a spineless coward.

      but I dont think any of us like him.
      Reed thinks he's done a good job and that Hal severely limits what he does.
      Daniel thinks hal severely limits what he does, but doesnt like how handles players. But thinks this team can contend.
      I completely hate how cashman handles players and feel he flip flops. when he speaks, I hear nothing but bullshit. but Im not going to fault him for not drafting some of the best players of the millennia.

      Happy new year gang

    3. Happy New Year Spade...
      Cashman isn't a spineless coward at all, in my humble opinion. He is a Yankee lover of the first kind.
      Let's look at it another way shall we?
      If one has a job, the Boss is King, what he says goes no matter what you think about it. Working with George was not easy, as a monumental amount of personnel passed through those doors after quitting or being fired...including GM's.
      Cashman gets offers every three years (contract time) from other clubs to be their GM, so I don't think he can be that bad.
      As for him being a flip-flopper, that goes with the job, "Never, show your hand" means to deflect the truth.
      How he handles players is not to my likeing either, but Hal says play the guy we are paying big bucks to...Cashman does it, that is his job!

    4. Reed I agree with you that the Coupon Clipper hinders the Elf's ability to spend, however Spade is right from the stand point of talking out of both sides of his mouth. Year in and year out he says everyone is on the table, then he in typical elf fashion is unable to make a deal. The two deals he made for Didi and Eovaldi wasn't what I call blockbuster, however he did give up something more valuable in Warren for Fidel's step son Starlin. I think the Wilson trade was the worst. If 1 mill plus is a salary dump then god help this franchise. The two pitchers from what I read about are nothing special and having Wilson in that pen from the left side was big. Like I said Reed elf in my opinion is a 2nd rate GM at best. Happy New Year Guys

    5. You know the Wilson trade was absolutely terrible, it was. As soon as the Wilson deal was made it was announced that Cashman had something else in the works. That was from Cashman, Girardi and whoever was interviewed. Let's assume Chapman was the deal. If Steinbrenner said he had to move out some salary to offset Chapman's then it absolutely makes sense to dump Wilson for a decent starting pitching prospect (Cessa) and a starting pitching prospect that is being compared to Adam Warren and David Phelps (Green).

    6. Burch I'm not sure where you are getting your information on the pitchers sent back on the Wilson trade because everything I read states they are bottom of the rotation guys if that. If that was a salary dump at a little over a million dollars then would does that say about which direction the team is heading?


      Chad Green:

      My Take
      Pitching prospects like Green don’t excite me much but the Yankees seem to have success with guys like this, guys who can throw strikes and pitch off their fastball. David Phelps and Adam Warren are the most notable recent examples. The Yankees worked with both to develop secondary stuff. Green’s new-ish splitter is promising and I’m guessing tightening up the slider will be a point of emphasis going forward. There’s nothing sexy about back-end starters, but the Yankees need cheap rotation help, and Green just might be able to help in that capacity.

  14. Remember what the word prospect means. They gave up a proven commodity from the left side who wasn't expensive for two prospects that don't rank that high except in the Yanks system. I remember when Campos came over with Pineda and they said his ceiling was higher than Pineda. Well where is he today? I believe out of baseball. I'm not crazy about the off season so far. I like the Chapman move I don't like the Warren or Wilson move especially when we had Refsnyder who can rake under control for years to come.

    1. Campos is not out of baseball, his development was derailed by Tommy John surgery. He is only in his second year removed in 2016 I believe. This is the year you see him, or any TJS pitcher, take strides.

      And I get what you're saying and I was very vocal against the trade. it was a salary dump, presumably a Hal Steinbrenner forced salary dump to "offset" some Chapman salary. Same with Ryan and Castro. Even if it's just $1 million it makes Hal sleep better at night.

  15. Cashman had to clear money for Castro, Chapman, Ackley and Hicks. Castro is the ideal #2 hitter and can be a good 2nd baseman. Ackley may end up as a bench utility player until Refsy is ready to do the job in a year or so...I hope! Aaron Hicks is an upgrade for the outfield...even over what we have in our system. Chapman is, well, Chapman and with our starting pitchers he is going to be a godsend unless he has shoulder problems again.
    I didn't want to give up Warren or Wilson but, one does what one has to do to get the job done. Both can be replaced, that's what we have a Farm system for.

  16. Reed the farm system has to have replacements for them and I don't see any there. Mitchell is not the answer and I think after he got drilled in the face you saw a pitcher scared out there.

    1. That is the one thing I was worried about. But, look on the bright side, this is another year removed from the injury and hope he has the backbone to work through it. I think he has, it takes confidence and guts to work your way through the minor system without quitting somewhere along the way. We will see, how he handles it this spring.

    2. Not to say that Mitchell is Warren by any means but an offseason can do wonders for that fear after getting hit. I can remember the first time I played third base in High School I got hit by a ground ball that hit a pebble or whatever, I was scared of the ball for weeks afterwards.

      Next season it was never in my head again after the first couple of ground balls. Then again they moved me back to shortstop too.

    3. You played SS Daniel? That's darn good, the best athlete plays SS on most teams...unless he is the pitcher.
      That happened to me once, at 2nd base. You should have seen it they told me it hit me (between the eyes) and I didn't move for a second or so and then (in the same position) I just fell over like in the movies...slow motion on my face.
      It didn't bother me, but then, I never had a pitch hit me when I pitched...that has to put a twitch in your getty-up, for a day or so.
      Nowadays, with those aluminum bats, one is taking their life in their hands. Have you ever used an aluminum bat...anyone? I tried it a couple of times, last year(?). Not to good for me, everything about it is goofy and they don't make a bottleneck bat anyhow.

    4. Played shortstop my entire life. Little League, middle school, high school, college, etc. Usually had the strongest arm of anyone on any of my team's.

      I closed out game occasionally too but it was generally with a 3 runs or more lead. Left me in otherwise for defense.

    5. I started as a 2nd baseman...because NOBODY wanted to play 2nd... the coach put me there and that was my job the rest of my days until he saw me throwing left handed to the catchers. It was just in fun, one of the guys had trouble with braking balls, and as everything was a braking ball from my left hand it helped him and me. So, by the time I went to college for football and got hurt two years in. I became a walk on for the baseball team as a 2nd baseman and RP/Closer. Did that for a lot of many actually. Between that and my real job I am now paying for it.
      But, I wouldn't have it anyother way...I was good at baseball but not good enough...I was much much better at my real job. Proof of which is...I'm still here!

    6. You the man Daniel, shortstop is where the athletes are put. Do you sometimes wonder if you could have made it to the big time?
      I did play against some of the teams and did well but, I don't think I could have made it above A maybe AA ball. After playing against them, I realized just how good even the guys in "A" ball are.
      I know I would have been bored out of my head trying. As it is, I got to see many places that people don't get to see in their lifetime. France, England, Span, most countries in the Middle East, Africa, and a time or two in So. America. Germany doesn't count, I was in the Hospital.


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)