Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kuroda Willing To Sign 1 Year Deal In 2013

Hiroki Kuroda has come out and announced that he would be willing to take another 1 year deal in 2013, which is music to my ears. The Yankees have the 2014 luxury tax threshold plan still in place so you can basically hand Kuroda a blank check and a one year deal and hope that he comes back to us. There is always that possibility he wants to return to Los Angeles so the qualifying offer will still be made but this is music to my ears since I am a big fan of Kuroda and having him back for 2013. Kuroda made $10 million last season so for him to sign in the $15 million range for one season would not surprise me whatsoever.

Yankees Arbitration Eligible Players

The Yankees go into the long winter with a very uncertain roster and an even more uncertain future heading into 2013. The first flashes of clarity came down when the Yankees picked up options on Curtis Granderson, Robinson Cano, and David Aardsma and now we are close to having even more clarity. The Yankees have a total of seven arbitration eligible players next season and how much they earn will have a big impact on what the Yankees do in 2013 and beyond.

Phil Hughes heads up the list after making $3.2 million last season for the Yankees in the starting rotation. Hughes has had some inconsistency to say the least in his big league career so I wouldn't expect him to make much over $5 million a season.

Casey McGehee came over in a mid season trade after making $2.5 million last season for the Pirates and the Yankees. His value severely dropped and so did his playing time so I cannot fathom a way that he makes over $3 million next season.

Brett Gardner had a total of 31 at bats for the Yankees in 2012 after making $2.8 million for sitting on the disabled list most of the season. After missing most of the season I cannot see him making any more then what he is currently making.

Boone Logan threw a career high in innings pitched, games, and K/9 while making $1.9 million for the Yankees in 2012. I could see Boone's salary almost double next season after this being his fourth arbitration eligible season.

David Robertson has been the shut down set up man that we have been lacking since Mariano Rivera was John Wetteland's setup man in 1996. Robertson made $1.6 million in 2012 and if Robertson had not missed a month with an injury he could be sitting at around $3.5 million but I would probably see it settle more around $3 million for 2013.

Joba Chamberlain had the exact definition of a roller coaster up and down season in 2012. He went into the season where he made $1.67 million and rehabbed a dislocated ankle and his Tommy John surgery to have a nice month or two, including the post season. I still do not expect him to get a raise but if he made under $2 million next season I think it would still be a steal.

Jayson Nix was a steal at the league minimum for the Yankees bench in 2012. Nix's value is his ability to play multiple infield positions and the fact that he is not a slouch with the bat never hurts either. If we could keep him and give him more of Eric Chavez's role from 2012 then he would be a steal for $1 million or less.

Thoughts & Prayers To Those Affected By Hurricane Sandy

Never take a single day for granted because you are not promised tomorrow...

I just wanted to take a minute to tell everyone affected by or who has family or friends or loved ones affected by Hurricane Sandy that you are in our thoughts and prayers. At last check we had a confirmed 16 deaths due to the storm and countless numbers of homes, buildings, and cars affected. To the nearly 2 million people without power right now in New York and to all those affected, again, you are in my thoughts and prayers.