Sunday, September 9, 2012

Eduardo Nunez Headed To Winter Ball

When the season is over the Yankees will send Eduardo Nunez to the Dominican League to play winter ball to make up for the at bats he missed due to his thumb injury. He will need to work on his offense and especially his defense, probably mostly at short stop.

AAA Season Over.. Reinforcements On The Way?

With the AAA season over for the traveling band known as the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Empire State Yankees I wonder if any of those guys are on their way to the majors. Here is a list of the AAA players that are currently on the 40 man roster and eligible to come up without a roster move. All of these players would also be eligible for the post season roster if we got that far.

Melky Mesa OF
Corban Joseph 2B
Austin Romine C
Manny Banuelos - Injured

I would not have a problem calling any of the three up personally. The guy I would like to see called up is Ronnier Mustelier and even though he would require a roster move (see ya Derek Lowe) and would be ineligible for the playoffs if ANYONE deserves a call up right now it is Ronnier.

Mark Teixeira's Season May Be Over

We all know about the Jerry Meals call so I will not go any further with that but on that play Mark Teixeira says he re-injured the calf that kept him recently out of 10 straight games. He will not play today in the finale with the Orioles, the Yankees are off on Monday, and he will not play at least through the three game Red Sox series coming up this week. He will head back to New York to have an MRI on the calf to see if it got any worse. If it did then we are back to square one and Mark Teixeira's season, at minimum the regular season, will be over. 

This Day In Yankees History : 9/9/12

In the historic season of 1961 Roger Maris belted his 56th home run of the season to go along with Mickey Mantle's 52 becoming the highest total for two teammates ever in a season. The two guys that previously held the record, at 107 home runs combined, were a couple guys that go by the name of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig.

In 2008 Derek Jeter passes Babe Ruth on the Yankees all time hit list with his 2,519th hit of his career. Only Lou Gehrig's 2,721 hits are ahead of Jeter on the Yankees all time hit list.

Yankees @ Orioles 9/9/12

Robinson Cano with a 2 out RBI single scores Jeter to make it 1-0
Steve Pearce takes a bases loaded walk to put the Yanks up 2-0
Jayson Nix RBI single makes it 3-0 Yanks
Ichiro RBI single makes it 4-0 Yanks
Jeter bases loaded walk makes it 5-0 Yanks
Freddy Garcia Sucks. 5-3 Yanks
Curtis Granderson with a home run and a 2 RBI single to make it 8-3 NYY
Jeter home run makes it 10-3
RBI Single by Russell Martin makes it 11-3 NYY
Granderson is alive with a 2 RBI double to make it 13-3

The Yankees will finish their four game series this afternoon as they go into this game tied for first place with the Baltimore Orioles. Enough of the excuses and the ranting and such because tomorrow is over and not going to change. This is baseball and today is a new day so the Yankees just need to use this as motivation to bomb the hell out of the Orioles today. The Yankees will send Freddy Garcia to the mound, for some reason, to face off against Zach Britton for the Orioles. Ivan Nova is active and will be available out of the bullpen so it might be a good idea to just go ahead and get him up after the 4th inning is over. The game will be televised at 1:30 pm ET on YES and TBS.


1. Derek Jeter - DH
2. Nick Swisher - RF
3. Alex Rodriguez - 3B
4. Robinson Cano - 2B
5. Russell Martin - C
6. Steve Pearce - 1B
7. Andruw Jones - LF
8. Ichiro Suzuki - CF
9. Jayson Nix - SS

Go Yankees!!

Joe Girardi Addressing Media Last Night, Joel Sherman

In case you missed it...

Twitter Responds To Joel Sherman, Others

I will say after last night I have un-followed Joel Sherman on twitter and I have un-bookmarked the NY Post from my Google chrome. I am not saying that everyone should do this as well but I just think this is a better route to go than what I have seen. If he, and to a lesser extent John Heyman, cannot do any better than that then they should not be in their current positions. The only way to get them out of their current positions is to hit them in the wallet. I digress and will let twitter speak for me from here.

Note that I do not agree, condone, or any of that other legal stuff any of these tweets. They are public record and I am just showing you.

Last Night's Game Summed Up In Three Lines

I could jump up and down, I could scream at the top of my lungs, I could go on and on for days about how we need instant replay, but I am not going to do any of that stuff. I just never want to hear the name "Jeffrey Maier" out of an Oriole's fans mouth again.