Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mariano Rivera Says He Is At 95%

Mariano Rivera was asked how his knee was doing after ACL surgery and he says that his knee is at 95%. Mariano states that his knee will be 100% by the time Spring Training starts because all he needs is to do some strengthening in the knee. Mariano has been rehabbing daily and will begin throwing off flat ground as early as next week. Mariano states that he will have a normal routine this spring so I feel confident we will see more of the same from Mo in 2013.

Brian Cashman's Last 6 Years Of Trade History - 2011

Continuing with our look at Brian Cashman's recent trade history we will look at the 2011 season and see what ninja Cashman was able to pull off for the Yankees. Spoiler alert, this one is kind of a bore:


Yankees get Justin Maxwell
Nationals get Adam Olbrychowski

The Yankees got the better of this trade until they let Maxwell walk after Spring Training last season. He could really be a great fit for the Yankees in 2013 but I digress. The Yankees got some use out of Maxwell and gave up a guy that I cannot even pronounce his last name let alone know anything about him. 


Yankees get Chris Dickerson
Brewers get Sergio Mitre

I absolutely fell in love with Chris Dickerson during the 2012 season and clamored for him to be called up and actually used all season long, to no avail obviously. When this trade actually happened I was just happy to be rid of Sergio Mitre. We win this trade just by addition by subtraction in my eyes. Now that Chris has been designated for assignment and probably not going to clear waivers I will use this as another opportunity to say goodbye to C-Dick. 

Brian Cashman's Last 6 Years Of Trade History - 2010

One year removed from a World Series ring the Yankees and Brian Cashman were at it again trying to bring home another ring. Let's look at what Brian Cashman was ale to pull off in the search for a ring.


Yankees get Austin Kearns
Red gets Zach McAllister

This trade really excited me because it reminded me of last year's Eric Hinske and Jerry Hairston trades. Austin Kearns was less then stellar, hell we won't sugar coat it he sucked, in New York but Z Mac never had a future in New York. He was pretty decent in 22 starts for Cleveland last season so the trade looks bad but if he did not go in this trade he was destined to go in another. This is more of an oh well kind of trade.


Yankees get Lance Berkman
Astros get Jimmy Paredes and Mark Melancon

was really upset to lose Mark Melancon because he was deemed the Yankees future closer and was never given a fair shot. He pitched poorly but if Mariano Rivera was used as sparingly as Mark was I bet even he would have a little rust on him. Fat Elvis was decent for the Yankees but I truly think we lost this trade, even if relievers are dime a dozen. 


Yankees get Kerry Wood
Indians get Andrew Shive and Matt Cusik

The Yankees got Kid K from Cleveland and he was absolutely stellar for the Yankees as they gave up absolutely nothing for the guy. Wood had a 0.69 ERA in the second half for the Yankees and Shive and Cusik have done nothing so this is a great trade. 

Brian Cashman's Last 6 Years Of Trade History - 2009

The 2009 season that brought the Yankees a World Series for the first time in nine seasons was a very busy one by Brian Cashman and the Yankees. Let's look at what kind of trades, along with some big free agent signings, that brought the Yankees the ultimate goal, the ring for the boss.


Yankees get Eric Hinske
Pirates get Eric Fryer and Casey Erickson

This was one of those depth moves that proved to help the Yankees immensely down the stretch and through out the playoffs. Eric hit home runs in big spots and played the outfield well enough to get a ring while we gave up two pieces of nothing for him. 


Yankees get Jerry Hairtson
Red get Chase Weems

Another under the radar trade that paid huge dividends down the stretch and through the playoffs as Jerry Hairston gave us some great times in pinstripes. Chase Weems never was a great prospect and has not done anything since and Jerry helped us win a ring so the trade is a win for us. 


Yankees get Curtis Granderson
Diamondbacks get Ian Kennedy
Tigers get Phil Coke and Austin Jackson

In a three team trade that included more pieces then this the Yankees got Curtis Granderson to man center field for them while giving up Ian Kennedy, Phil Coke, and Austin Jackson. A Jax has turned into one of the best center fielders and lead off men in the game and Phil Coke has dominated us during the season and in the playoffs. Ian Kennedy went on to win 20 games for Arizona and got some Cy Young consideration before taking a step back last season. Granderson started out well for us but he has forgotten how to hit anything besides a home run and his routes in center field leave much to be desired. We still have a season of Granderson at least so maybe the 2013 season can make this look like a good trade because as it stands right now we gave up just a little too much. 


Yankees get Boone Logan and Javier Vazquez
Braves get Melky Cabrera, Mike Dunn, and Arodys Vizcaino

Boone Logan has been a god send since coming over to the Yankees much unlike Javier Vazquez who just stunk up the place. The good news is that Melky Cabrera was terrible for Atlanta, Arodys Vizcaino is going to miss the 2013 with Tommy John surgery, and Mike Dunn is nothing special. It is still a bad trade but it is looking better all the time. 

Happy Birthday To The Greedy Pinstripes!!

One year ago today The Greedy Pinstripes opened their doors to provide Yankees fans with our opinions, articles, rants, musical recommendations, and so much more. To this point we have received roughly 97,000 views which I think is amazing for a blog just getting off the bench and straight into the game. We had 162 game threads plus one for every game in the playoffs, something some of the bigger blogs cannot boast, and we did our best to give you the latest and most relevant Yankees news. We just hope you have enjoyed reading us as much as we have enjoyed writing for you! Thank you for a great year of comments and interacting with us and we hope the next year and years to come are as gratifying and special as this first one was. Stay greedy Yankees fans!