Sunday, January 6, 2013

Brian Cashman's Last 6 Years Of Trade History - 2011

Continuing with our look at Brian Cashman's recent trade history we will look at the 2011 season and see what ninja Cashman was able to pull off for the Yankees. Spoiler alert, this one is kind of a bore:


Yankees get Justin Maxwell
Nationals get Adam Olbrychowski

The Yankees got the better of this trade until they let Maxwell walk after Spring Training last season. He could really be a great fit for the Yankees in 2013 but I digress. The Yankees got some use out of Maxwell and gave up a guy that I cannot even pronounce his last name let alone know anything about him. 


Yankees get Chris Dickerson
Brewers get Sergio Mitre

I absolutely fell in love with Chris Dickerson during the 2012 season and clamored for him to be called up and actually used all season long, to no avail obviously. When this trade actually happened I was just happy to be rid of Sergio Mitre. We win this trade just by addition by subtraction in my eyes. Now that Chris has been designated for assignment and probably not going to clear waivers I will use this as another opportunity to say goodbye to C-Dick. 

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