Thursday, May 17, 2018

Yankees Off Day Link Dump

The New York Yankees are off today so let’s get caught up on a little reading. Shall we?

The Greedy Pinstripes are a part of the BYB Hub, which is designed to be a one-stop shop for all things sports writing. This isn’t just for fans and writers of the New York Yankees as all walks of fandom are included so check out the BYB Hub.

Suzie Pinstripe of Bleeding Yankee Blue posted a wonderful article I recommend to all named “Making the Yankees Loveable Again.”

Section 36, a Boston Red Sox blog, had a visitor inside Fenway Park recently in Baylee Simpson. Baylee is a dancer and the current Miss Bluebird. She is also a Yankees fan, so check out her trip to Fenway and to the historic Section 36.

John Salvatore explains on his blog, Yankees Brigade, how Luis Severino has been even better in 2018 than he was in 2017. As hard as that is to believe that it could be possible.

WATCH: Soul of the Game

You guys ever get that 2:00 feeling where you are just sitting there at work and you have work you need to do, but don’t want to do? Or you don’t have any work to do and you’re contemplating napping or starting a new Netflix series? Yeah, me too. While I can’t get away with much napping at work, and since I didn’t bring headphones to start a new show, I will leave you with this full movie called Soul of the Game.

I have shown this movie on the site before, but I will do so again because it is one of my absolute all-time favorite baseball-related movies. It covers Jackie Robinson’s break into the Major Leagues and break through the color barrier, but it also covers some of the lives and careers of Josh Gibson, Roy Campanella, and Satchel Paige while they were in the Negro Leagues.

Every baseball fan should watch it, young or old. Enjoy!

Yankees Off Day Walk Up Music Recommendation

Somehow, we haven’t done one of these here in 2018, shame on me. The wrong will be righted today though as we use today’s off day to check in with one member of the New York Yankees in a pretty unique way. Today we will be checking out what kind of music one of the newest Yankees, Giancarlo Stanton, hears blaring through the Yankee Stadium speakers every time he takes an at-bat in Yankees pinstripes.

The name of the song is Ali Bomaye and the artist is The Game. Stanton also walks up to a Michael Jackson song, maybe we can showcase that one on the next Yankees off day.

Enjoy the song, and the off day. Go Yankees!!

The Washington Washout...

Photo Credit: Getty Images (Mitchell Layton)
Rain sweeps the Yankees away to Kansas City…

I guess we have Tyler Austin to thank for the last couple of days not being a total loss. Without his heroics (3 RBI’s), the Yankees would have lost Tuesday’s game which was ultimately suspended after 5 ½ innings with the score tied at 3. The Nats would have won the game if Austin hadn’t tied the score with the sac fly after his earlier home run. When the game is resumed, the Yankees will have nine outs to twelve for the Nationals so the odds favor the Nats. Nevertheless, credit goes to Austin for helping to avert a rain-shortened loss. 

Photo Credit: AP (Pablo Martinez Monsivais) via BTA
With rain sweeping away the resumption of the suspended game and Wednesday night’s scheduled game, the Yankees have a couple of days off until they take the field in Kansas City tomorrow night for the first game of a three game weekend series.

I saw a good tweet on Twitter earlier this week that angrily asked why Robinson Cano got suspended for 80 games but the Yankees were only suspended for one. I see no association between Cano’s situation and the Yankees (he hasn’t worn pinstripes since 2013) but it was a good comeback for a day that saw both Cano and the Yankees get suspended (obviously for quite different reasons).

Photo Credit: Getty Images
As for Cano, I am disappointed. I don’t know all the facts of his case, but I am glad the Yankees didn’t try to match the huge offer the Seattle Mariners made to Cano after the 2013 season. I was not in favor of a ten year deal then, and this incident only reaffirms what can go wrong with inflated extended deals (I know, we have our own ‘Jacoby Ellsbury’ to bear). I always liked Robbie even if I did get frustrated at times with his lack of hustle. But as we stand here today, I’d much rather have Gleyber Torres as the Yankees starting second baseman than Robinson Cano, even if he hadn’t fractured a bone in his hand or was not currently serving a suspension for banned substances. The only injustice I saw about Cano’s suspension is he gets to begin serving it while he is on the disabled list. So, the actual playing time he’ll miss as a result of the 80-game suspension will be much less since the bulk of the time will be spent recovering and rehabbing from the surgery on his hand. I am glad he was ruled ineligible for post-season play, should the Mariners make the playoffs. It’s very convenient (and fortunate) for the Mariners that they have another All-Star second baseman on the roster with Dee Gordon who was serving as a first-time starting center fielder for the M’s prior to Cano’s injury and subsequent suspension.  The M’s will still, no doubt, miss Cano in their lineup.

I do hope for Cano’s sake, he is able to put this behind him and he has no further acts of indiscretion for the duration of his playing career. I will continue to root for and support the former Yankee.

Poor David Hale. He’s been DFA’d three times this year (twice by the Yankees and once by the Minnesota Twins). Honestly, I am not really sure why the Yankees picked him up a second time. I’d rather see him cut this time rather than going to Scranton/Wilkes-Barre on an outright assignment if he clears waivers. There’s nothing special in Hale’s arm and I’d rather see a young, hungry pitcher get his opportunity. I wish Hale the best in his future non-Yankee endeavors.

Photo Credit: Getty Images 
The latest DFA for Hale cleared a temporary spot for Clint Frazier. It was speculated his latest time with the big league club would be limited to the Nationals series (to provide an extra bat off the bench for the National League-style of play) but with the rainouts, Frazier traveled with the team to KC and will hopefully get some time in the outfield with Aaron Judge and company before he gets the inevitable call to head back to Pennsylvania. It would be great if Red Thunder and his bat make it very difficult to demote him. Admittedly, I am growing tired of Aaron Hicks in center. Hicks may be the better defender and the more “true” center fielder, but I think Frazier has the better promise and potential for the now and in the future. Hicks is too inconsistent for me. I only wish that Estevan Florial was more advanced in his development and maturity. Dude, hurry up and age, will ya??!!

To sidetrack for a moment, I do have to say I’d gladly put Frazier in a trade package if it meant the Yankees could pry LHP Madison Bumgarner from the San Francisco Giants. I know Mad Bum has suffered some fluke injuries in recent years and has as much familiarity with the DL as Jacoby Ellsbury and Clayton Kershaw but when healthy, he’s a gamer. I’d love to roll with Luis Severino and Bumgarner as my top two pitchers heading into October. However, if Frazier is not traded, I hope he gets his chance to stay with the Pinstripes even if it comes at the expense of Aaron Hicks and Jacoby Ellsbury. 

Photo Credit: USA TODAY Sports (Shanna Lockwood)
Back to the Yankees and Nationals, the makeup day will be Monday, June 18th at 5:05 pm Eastern. It is going to make for a very long night for the Yankees with at least 12 innings of baseball. They finish a series against the Tampa Bay Rays in the Bronx on the preceding Sunday afternoon, and then after the game and a half on Monday night in the Nation’s Capital, they quickly head back to Yankee Stadium to begin a series against the Cano-less Mariners the next day. 

Despite the washout in Washington, the Yankees (28-12) are currently a ½ game ahead of the Boston Red Sox (29-14) in the AL East Standings.  Boston plays tonight at Fenway Park against the lowly Baltimore Orioles so it’s possible the Yankees and Red Sox could be tied entering play tomorrow. But then again, the spineless David Price is on the mound for the Sox so I’ll gladly take my chances with Greg Bird’s high school buddy Kevin Gausman and the O’s. 

Photo Credit: The Aurora Sentinel (Heather Longway)
I really feel bad for the Los Angeles Dodgers and their fans. I am a known Dodgers sympathizer (they’re my NL team) and this has been an awful start to the year for the defending National League champs. Entering the season, many had them making the World Series for the second year in a row, but after another loss to the Miami Marlins last night, the Dodgers are 16-26 and have fallen into last place in the NL West.  Well, technically they are tied with the San Diego Padres, but the Padres have the slight advantage in winning percentage.  

Photo Credit: Getty Images (Jennifer Stewart)
Injuries have been tough but there were so many parallels between the Yankees and the Dodgers at the start of the season. Both are big market teams trying to reset luxury tax penalties with strong, young teams. But the similarities end there. The Dodgers had to let valuable role players like Brandon Morrow and Tony Watson walk in the off-season to keep payroll down and they’ve lost superstar players like Corey Seager (out for the year) and Clayton Kershaw to injury. This is Justin Turner’s first week back after his DL stint to start the year. The Dodgers face a lost season or they need to quickly spend to bring in strong reinforcements if they hope to salvage the season. The Dodgers have a strong farm system (okay, not as strong as the Yankees) but it is not ready to help.  They’re already leaning on young guys like Walker Buehler in the starting rotation.  Manny Machado’s name keeps coming up as an option for the Dodger Blue but he’d probably eliminate any chance of the Dodgers staying under the luxury tax threshold. Plus, they’d have to find a position for him if they have any hopes of signing him after the season since Seager will be back next year to reclaim shortstop. The Dodgers situation shows how much luck plays into strategy when it comes to navigating the treacherous waters of payroll. The Yankees and Dodgers are clearly trending in opposite directions. 

I have tickets to two upcoming Dodgers games. Sounds like I’ll probably have a more enjoyable time watching the out of town scoreboard to see how the Yankees are doing.

To the Yankees and all of us fans, enjoy your day off. We look forward to watching the road team step up to the plate at Kaufman Stadium on Friday night. 

Go Yankees!

Things to Do During a Yankees Off Day

Good morning everyone. There isn’t a Yankees game on today so what on Earth will we do with all our extra time we have?

  • Well, it is a Thursday. Maybe go to work? Just a thought.

  • If you’re off work today, maybe go outside? I know what people say these days about cancer, the sun, etc. but a little Vitamin D never killed anyone. Don’t quote me on that though.

  • The Netflix original 13 Reasons Why is coming out with a season 2 TOMORROW so if you haven’t seen the original series, or you want to binge it before the second season comes out, now would be the time to do so.

  • Black Panther came out on DVD Tuesday if you haven’t seen it yet.

  • Start a new mobile game. Walking Dead Road to Survival is one that I play as well as Tap Sports Baseball 2018 and Marvel Strike Force.

  • You could follow us on Twitter, @GreedyStripes, and be entertained daily by yours truly.

Or, you could just rest. I think that is what I will do. Enjoy your day everyone!!

Hello… Off Day

Good morning everyone and welcome to another off day for the New York Yankees. Enjoy them while we can, ladies and gents, because between Mother Nature and the MLB schedule makers there won’t be very many more off days for the team going forward. Rest up, we will need it come September and October.

And my Kari, every day I will spend with you. Work days. Off days. Busy days. Lackadaisical days. Every day, and all days. I love you.

This Day In New York Yankees History 5/17: David Wells Perfect Game

On this day in 2002 Jason Giambi finally earned a stripe and became a "true Yankee." The Twins would score three times in the top of the 14th inning at Yankee Stadium and would take a 13-10 lead. Jason Giambi would hit a one out grand slam the next half of the inning off reliever Mike Trombley to give the Yankees the victory. In Giambi's first year after replacing the very popular Tino Martinez this helped the fans warm up to the slugger.

On this day in 1998 almost 50,000 fans flocked to Yankee Stadium for Beanie Baby Day at Yankee Stadium and got to witness a piece of history. David Wells retires all 27 batters he faced, and rumor has it still drunk from the night before, while beating the Minnesota Twins 4-0. This was only the 13th perfect game in modern day major league history.

On this day in 1961 Roger Maris hits the first home run of his season at Yankee Stadium en route to his record breaking 61 home runs. This is Maris' fourth home run of the season but the Senators still win the game 8-7.