Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mo Returns!

This is easily the most "questionable" music video of all time, but Yankee fans were most definitely dancing in the streets after hearing that Rivera will be back.

On Thursday I wrote an article about the closing situation where I went over all the free agent options, as well as a couple in house ones, should Rivera decide to retire. In conclusion I said that I hoped Mariano decided to return, because I wasn't a big fan of any of the choices. Robertson or Chamberlain may have done a good job, but their lack of experience in save situations gave me a bit of pause (not exactly fair to them... I know). And the free agent options weren't better, except for Soriano... who would cost too much.

Well, my prayers were answered, as earlier today Erik Boland tweeted that Rivera was indeed returning in 2013. I still hope the Yankees are able to add either Joakim Soria or Ryan Madson on cheap deals, as they have had much success before having Tommy John surgery last April, but it's nice to know that Mo will take care of the 9th inning yet again for the Yankees.

Arizona Fall League Rising Stars Game Tonight

MLB Network is proud to present the Arizona Fall League's Rising Star's game tonight at 8:00 pm ET. The Yankees will be well represented tonight while Yankees prospects David Adams, Austin Romine, and Mark Montgomery all will be in the game. Tune in tonight and support your future Yankees all stars!

David Ortiz Comes Off The Yankees Board

Not Happening...
Not that I think the Yankees were even considering or willing to see David Ortiz kill the American League East from OUR dugout for once but I guess we will never know now. I wrote earlier in the season that I wanted David Ortiz to be our DH on a big money one year deal, seen here, but the Red Sox had the same idea that I had. David Ortiz re signed with the Boston Red Sox on a two year deal worth $26 million which could escalate as high as $30 million with incentives. If a two year deal was what he wanted then I am more then happy to let the 37 year old (in two weeks) stay in Boston.

Swisher, Soriano, & Kuroda Get Qualifying Offers

Before the Friday deadline the Yankees offered 1 year $13.3 million qualifying offers to free agents Nick Swisher, Rafael Soriano, and Hiroki Kuroda. These men can either accept the 1 year contracts or decline and test free agency. If any of these three men sign with another team then the Yankees would get that teams draft pick for compensation. 

Dan Haren Off Yankees Board, Right Back On

It was reported earlier that the Cubs and the Angels agrees on a deal that would send RHP Dan Haren to Chicago and the Angels would receive closer Carlos Marmol in return. Marmol waived his no trade clause and all that was left was for the Angels to pick up the option on Haren for 2013 and the deal was done. Late last night news broke that the Angels have declined Dan Haren's option, thus making him a free agent in this years off season class. Wait, what? They had a deal in place to get a young effective cheap closer and they did not take it? The Cubs must have been the one to take this deal off the table because I cannot see how the Angels did not bite on this. Now that Haren is a free agent i fully expect the Yankees to at least kick the tires on him so this will be something worth watching.