Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dan Haren Off Yankees Board, Right Back On

It was reported earlier that the Cubs and the Angels agrees on a deal that would send RHP Dan Haren to Chicago and the Angels would receive closer Carlos Marmol in return. Marmol waived his no trade clause and all that was left was for the Angels to pick up the option on Haren for 2013 and the deal was done. Late last night news broke that the Angels have declined Dan Haren's option, thus making him a free agent in this years off season class. Wait, what? They had a deal in place to get a young effective cheap closer and they did not take it? The Cubs must have been the one to take this deal off the table because I cannot see how the Angels did not bite on this. Now that Haren is a free agent i fully expect the Yankees to at least kick the tires on him so this will be something worth watching.

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