Saturday, July 19, 2014

Chicago writer believes Yankees could go after Edwin Jackson

So not only are some Yankees fans afraid that Brian Cashman will make a mistake by trading for a bad player, but fans of other teams are counting on it.

Early this morning Gordon Wittenmyer, a blogger for the Chicago Sun-Times, brought up the idea that the Yankees could trade for struggling Cubs starter Edwin Jackson. The deal would amount to a salary dump by the Cubs, similar to the one they did a year ago when the Yankees dealt for struggling hitter Alfonso Soriano.

For the record, I don't want anything to do with Jackson... regardless of his price tag. Edwin currently has an ERA of 5.61, which has gone up in each of the last four seasons. Not only is the ERA bad, but Jackson is walking more batters than he has since 2007.

Unlike Brandon McCarthy, you can't even chalk up those bad numbers to team defense or bad luck.

Mind you, the Cubs defense isn't the best in the league, but they do feature a solid defensive outfield, while having what might be MLB's best defense on the right side of the infield.

As for bad luck, while hitters have a Batting Average on Balls In Play that's higher than the norm, that's to be expected when players are hitting the ball hard 30% of the time.

One more thing to keep in mind when it comes to acquiring Edwin Jackson... he's signed through 2016. So even if the cost to the Yankees is a small part of the $26 million Jackson has left on his contract, this guy could clog up a roster spot for 2+ years.

Do The Yankees Suck When It Matters?

You have to start wondering just how clutch the Yankees are when the seasons and the games really matter. I know this sounds weird coming from a team with 27 World Series championships and five in the last 20 seasons but hear me out.

Just last season the Yankees knew Mariano Rivera was retiring early and eventually learned that Andy Pettitte would be joining him. The team responded by missing the postseason for the second time since the strike shortened 1994 season. Jorge Posada retired after the 2011 season after the Yankees had another disappointing ALDS loss in the post season.

The 2008 season was miserable for all Yankees fans as we watched Mike Mussina win 20 games and ride off into the sunset without a playoff berth. The Yankees also closed Yankee Stadium that season and celebrated by missing the playoffs for the first time in 14 seasons. Before that we saw Bernie Williams essentially call it a career after the 2006 season and yet another ALDS loss in the postseason.

The Yankees all but knew that 2001 was Paul O'Neill and Scott Brosius' last season and made it all the way to the World Series. 2001 was also the season the terrorists attacked the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. and the country and New York needed the Yankees more than ever. The Yankees had a heartbreaking loss to the 2001 World Series after giving up the lead in the 9th inning in Game 7.

It goes much farther back but the last instance in my memory is the Don Mattingly retirement party that ended after yet another heartbreaking loss in the ALDS. The Yankees were the first ever Wild Card team and were in the postseason for the first time in Mattingly's career. The Yankees took the first two games against the Seattle Mariners only to lose the next three in heartbreaking fashion to end their season.

Now we have Derek Jeter and a team that spent $500 million to be essentially a .500 team. All I know is nobody better retire next season.... or else.

McCarthy Strikes Out 9 in Easy 7-1 Win Over Reds

When the Yankees first acquired Brandon McCarthy a couple of weeks ago, many people questioned how well he'd perform in the AL.

The 33-year-old right-hander, 3-10 with a 5.01 ERA with the Diamondbacks this season, had given no real reason for anybody to expect a turnaround, making a win in today's game against the Reds seem unlikely.

Despite that, out of nowhere McCarthy threw a gem this afternoon, surrendering just one earned run over 6 innings of work as the Yanks blew out the visitors 7-1.

In those frames, #38 did allow 6 hits and a homer, although the fact that he also struck out 9 definitely overshadowed those minor troubles, as McCarthy still easily out-dueled Cincinnati All-Star Alfredo Simon (5 IP, 4 R, 2 ER) to get the W.

Of course, he wouldn't have gotten the job done without a good amount of offensive help, with Carlos Beltran, Brett Gardner, and Derek Jeter giving him four runs in the first five innings via a solo shot to right, a single and a sac fly, and another single off the aforementioned Simon.

After the Reds' star left, the Bombers went ahead and tacked on three more in the bottom of the sixth to pretty much end the contest, as Kelly Johnson drove in a pair with a bases-loaded knock down the first base line and Gardner produced a second sac fly, his third RBI on the day.

Prior to that hit from Johnson, one of two for him in the game, the Pinstripes had put men everywhere on a trio of singles from Brian McCann, Brian Roberts, and Beltran, putting opposing reliever J.J. Hoover in a hole.

Now obviously, Hoover wouldn't end up escaping that hole, a big occurrence considering how it could end up affecting tomorrow, as the worn-out Dellin Betances and David Robertson will now be well rested for this series' finale.

Open Game Thread: Yankees vs. Reds 7/19

Welcome to the afternoon edition of the open thread and game thread for the game between the New York Yankees and the Cincinnati Reds. Thankfully this game is not one of those always dreaded afternoon games on Fox, instead this game can be seen on the YES Network, MLB Network, MLB TV, and can be heard on the radio with WFAN. The Yankees will send Brandon McCarthy to the mound to face off with Alfredo Simon for the Reds.

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It's an open thread for a reason so get to commenting in the comments section of the site, we'd love to have you. Enjoy the game Yankees family and enjoy the rest of your day and weekend. Go Yankees!

The International Symbol For The Cincinnati Reds Meme

I'm just saying there is definitely some truth to this statement. 

Yankees Won't Pursue Recently-Released Brave Dan Uggla

Since their current second basemen Brian Roberts is hitting just .238 and they still refuse to call up Triple-A star Rob Refsnyder, it's been speculated by some that the Yankees could show some interest in recently-released Brave Dan Uggla.

Uggla, who has knocked 233 home runs out of the park since his rookie year of 2006, hasn't played with Atlanta since July 8, yet remains intriguing to many due to his obvious potential.

Well, apparently the Yanks don't see that potential as enough to overshadow his .162 batting average, with team GM Brian Cashman recently confirming to's Bryan Hoch that the Bombers will not pursue the struggling veteran.

"I don't see where he'd fit, to be honest," Cashman said earlier today.

Going into this year's trade deadline, it's undeniable that the Pinstripes have to get some kind of offensive upgrade, although it does seem smart to stay away from Uggla in this case, as he, like many of the players already on their club, is well past his prime.

Still, you do have to wonder what bad taking a chance on him would do here, since signing Uggla wouldn't require much risk much less a lot of money.

Yankees Game Preview vs. Cincinnati Reds 7/19

The New York Yankees and the Cincinnati Reds will play in the middle game of this three game set being played at Yankee Stadium this weekend. The Yankees will send Brandon McCarthy to the mound to face off with the Reds All Star Alfredo Simon. The game will be played at 1:05 pm ET and can be seen on the YES Network, MLB Network, MLB TV, and can be heard on the radio with John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman on WFAN.

McCarthy makes his second start as a member of the New York Yankees after keeping the Yankees in the game in his first start before the All Star break. McCarthy only allowed one earned run in 6.2 innings although the Indians did score three more unearned runs due to the defense. McCarthy will be making his Yankee Stadium debut tonight for New York.

Simon is fresh off throwing an inning in the All Star Game earlier this week and will pitch against the Yankees tonight. Simon's last start was against the Chicago Cubs where he allowed one run on four hits in 6.2 innings. Simon has pitched quite well in June and July although his FIP and other peripherals tell a different story.

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Go Yankees!!

Introducing Your Savior For 2014, Mr. Manny Banuelos

The New York Yankees were without one of their top prospects and a member of the “Killer B’s” in Manny Banuelos for the better part of two seasons after the lefty fell to Tommy John surgery. The Yankees have been babying him along this season only allowing him to pitch in two or three innings a game while trying to stretch him out. The reasoning for this is the fact that Banuelos is considered to be Major League ready and the Yankees may be keeping him in their back pockets for the second half of the season and any potential playoff pushes. Say hello to the 2014 savior in the Yankees starting rotation Mr. Manny Banuelos.

The Yankees have 67 games left this season so conceivably Banuelos could only start in a maximum of 13 games. This is all assuming that the Yankees call him up today and pitch him today which is extremely unlikely to happen. Banuelos currently has 44.0 innings pitched this season so, for a nice even numbers sake, Banuelos gets 10 more starts this season and gives the Yankees an average of six innings that’s only another 60 innings on his arm. Banuelos, in theory of course, could easily throw 60 more innings this season and be fine. That is all dependent on six innings a start as well which we all know wouldn’t happen for at least a month since the lefty isn’t exactly stretched out.

Banuelos is a left handed starting pitcher that has proven he can get major league hitters out and you can see spring training from a couple seasons ago if you doubt that. Banuelos has a fresh arm and could easily, in my opinion, step right in and at least replace Chase Whitley in the rotation. Adding Whitley to the bullpen is an addition by subtraction to the rotation and can really strengthen the pen. Whitley would add some stability to what has been a revolving door in the pen all season long and has been great in small spurts. Whitley has simply hit his innings wall and there is no coming back from that so you manage it and deal with it and that’s done in the bullpen.

Banuelos replaces Whitley, you get what you can out of Brandon McCarthy, you ride Hiroki Kuroda, Shane Greene, and David Phelps to the end and you hope and pray that you get Masahiro Tanaka and Michael Pineda back in August. That looks to be the Yankees plan right now and with Banuelos it may actually be a good one. 

Fire Brian Cashman, Now!

It's okay Steinbrenner family, we've seen enough. It's time for a new face and a fresh outlook on this team and it's time to fire Brian Cashman, now. No need to wait until the end of the season where we can do it respectfully, get rid of him now. I have been more or less a Cashman apologists for way too many years now but yesterday was the final straw to me. Our very own Jack Niemuth reported that Cashman had no plans to call of prospects Robert Refsnyder this season and that is when I decided that I have seen enough.

The biggest difference between teams like the St. Louis Cardinals, the Oakland Athletics, and the Boston Red Sox to name a few are their willingness to develop and use their farm system. Win, lose, or draw mind you these teams consistently develop talent out of their farm systems and use them in the major leagues. When you have a team struggling offensively at two positions, right field and second base, and you have a prospect absolutely destroying Triple-A and Double-A pitching that can play both positions you call him up. Bottom line.

I'm done, I'm tired of it, and I may sound like the immortal Michael Pawluk but it's time for that shakeup we have been calling for all season long. Fire Brian Cashman and bring in someone who knows what they are doing in the prospects field. Cashman has survived throwing money around and trading prospects for veteran pieces and baseball has caught on and passed the Yankees in that aspect. Great young controllable talent doesn't hit the free agent market or the trade wire very often anymore and it's time for a change. Why not start with the man in charge of player personnel changes?

I am usually the one asking Cashman to "Get Greedy" but today I plead with Hal Steinbrenner to get smart and fire Brian Cashman.

The Daily Dozen - July 18, 2014

(Twelve Takeaways from Tonight's Game - July 18th, 2014)

1. Derek Jeter's quest to pass Carl Yastrzemski may be completed this weekend.  Jeter started tonight's game with 3,408 hits...just 9 behind Yaz for 7th on the all-time list.  With his 2 hits, he sits at 3,410.  Who is next after the Captain passes the great Red Sox player?  Honus Wagner of course with 3,430.  It is unlikely that he will pass Tris Speaker at 3,515 unless he absolutely goes on a tear ending somewhere around .330 for the year.  That's 116 hits in just 67 games.  He has 94 hits right now.  Jeter also passed Omar Vizquel tonight with his 2,610th start at Shortstop making him the all-time leader in that category.  Not bad for a 40-year old!
This never gets old!

2. Mike Leake hasn't been pitching very well as of late for the visiting Reds.  He has given up 39 hits over the last 18 innings coming into tonight's game.  He wasn't as bad tonight giving up 8 hits over 7 innings with 2 walks, but those 4 earned runs sure hurt him!

3. Brayan Pena....really!?!  Come on...the backup catcher who is filling in for the injured Joey Votto at first hit TWO home runs tonight.  This was his first multi-homer game in his career.  How does that short porch look there Brayan?  Guy doesn't even know how to spell his own first name...just saying.
"Well this is awkward..."

4. Someone on the Yankees actually beat the shift! Well...sort of...Carlos Beltran had a check swing double right after the 2-run blast by Ellsbury.  Unfortunately it didn't end up in a run, but it sure would be nice if the guys would start placing the ball a little bit more when the shift is employed just to keep guys honest.  I really don't like the shift, but the only way to get rid of it is to have better situational hitting.

5. I got to listen to the first portion of the game on WKRP in Cincinnati.  Okay, it was really AM 700 WLW, but I digress.  The color commentating on that station is done by Jeff Brantley.  He sounds like JBL of the WWE.  Interestingly enough, they call him Cowboy.  They should call him Captain Obvious based on his commentary...

6. David Phelps is becoming a reliable starter.  He isn't overpowering by any means, but he can give the Yankees 6 to 7 innings every outing and he battles.  His only real blemishes in a commanding win were against the slugger known as Brayan Pena.  But anytime you can hand the ball over to Betances in the 7th is a positive thing.  Remember how Joba used to be Betances? Scary...
"Hey guys...remember me?  Hopefully the Yankees don't screw up Betances' arm too..."

7. The Yankees still have 40 games to play at home out of 67.  It's really too bad that the entire rotation is out for season-ending surgery (I know...I'm exaggerating a bit).  It does bode well for the Bronx Bombers (Ellsbury got them their name back for tonight) as they fight to make a playoff push in Jeter's Last Stand.

8. Think that New York has it bad?  At one point last week, the Reds had 4 guys get injured including Joey Votto, Billy Hamilton (back tonight), Brandon Phillips, and Homer Bailey.  Those injuries will effect the Reds more than what the Yankees are dealing with as they fight in tough NL Central that includes the world-beaters known as the Milwaukee Brewers, the perennial contenders in St. Louis, and the upstart Pittsburgh Pirates.  The Yankees have a weak AL East to contend with of which the majority of games are against and over the last season and a half have had to deal with injury after painful injury.

9. Todd Frazier returned "home" tonight.  He promptly went 0 for 4 with 2 strikeouts.  Welcome Home Todd!

10. Paul O'Neill did the color commentary for the YES Network tonight.  I wonder who he was rooting for?  Anyone remember when he booted (literally booted) a ball to the infield that was hit to him in right field when he played for the Reds?...the guy is just classic and you can get an O'Neill bobble head on July 27th at the Stadium.
He would kick Brantley's ass...

11. Brian McCann continues to rake.  He had another sweet double, his 11th, in the first inning with an RBI.  He ended up 1 for 4 on the night with a strikeout, but I expect him to come up big once again tomorrow.

12. The C.C. Sabathia news really has me bummed out.  The season-ending surgery will take place on C.C.'s knee and he will join Nova and I suspect Tanaka on the long-term DL.  Who knows if we'll ever see the Sabathia of his first 3 years with the Yankees again.

This Day In New York Yankees History 7/19: Yankee Stadium Hosts An All Star Game

The New York Yankees and Yankee Stadium have not hosted many All Star games in their storied history but they did on this day in 1977. The eventual World Series champion Yankees hosted the midsummer classic at the old Yankee Stadium and the American League surrendered four runs in the first inning to get things started.

The National League would beat the American League 7-5 at the newly renovated "House that Ruth Built" to mark the sixth straight victory for the NL. The NL would also win their 14th in the last 15 All Star games to keep the string of dominance going. It's a good thing the Yankees didn't lose home field advantage in the World Series because of this.