Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Yankees And Chris Carter Agree To A One-Year Deal

Well, I just posted about the Yankees looking into Chris Carter, which I did not like. And it just came to light that he and the Yankees agreed to a deal.

I still don't understand. I can only see Carter as a backup 1B, or as the DH should Matt Holliday need to play the outfield.

Here's my post from earlier...

I don't understand this news.

Yeah... yeah... the Yankees need more power. Gary Sanchez seems like a lock for at least 20 home runs, as does newcomer Matt Holliday, but after that the team looks to lack in the power department.

Didi Gregorius hit double digit homers for the first time in his career, and 2016 was the first time Starlin Castro hit more than 14 in one season. So while Greg Bird and Aaron Judge have plenty of power upside too, the Yankees need a few more dingers before they can be called the "Bronx Bombers" again without some people rolling their eyes.

I suppose that's why some people think Chris Carter would be a good addition to the lineup. The guy did lead the National League with 41 home runs last season (tied with Nolan Arenado). But that batting average (career .218) and OBP (career .314). Yuck!

And Carter should not put a glove on. There's not a single positive UZR/150 on his Fangraphs page, and the majority of those negative numbers are quite low.

The only value Carter would bring to the Yankees would be as a designated hitter. But that spot is unlikely to be much of an opening unless both Greg Bird and Tyler Austin fail, leading to Matt Holliday playing more first base than anybody would like.

But I suppose everybody has to kick the tires on all players. I just hope this news doesn't move beyond the rumor stage.