Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Yankees And Chris Carter Agree To A One-Year Deal

Well, I just posted about the Yankees looking into Chris Carter, which I did not like. And it just came to light that he and the Yankees agreed to a deal.

I still don't understand. I can only see Carter as a backup 1B, or as the DH should Matt Holliday need to play the outfield.

Here's my post from earlier...

I don't understand this news.

Yeah... yeah... the Yankees need more power. Gary Sanchez seems like a lock for at least 20 home runs, as does newcomer Matt Holliday, but after that the team looks to lack in the power department.

Didi Gregorius hit double digit homers for the first time in his career, and 2016 was the first time Starlin Castro hit more than 14 in one season. So while Greg Bird and Aaron Judge have plenty of power upside too, the Yankees need a few more dingers before they can be called the "Bronx Bombers" again without some people rolling their eyes.

I suppose that's why some people think Chris Carter would be a good addition to the lineup. The guy did lead the National League with 41 home runs last season (tied with Nolan Arenado). But that batting average (career .218) and OBP (career .314). Yuck!

And Carter should not put a glove on. There's not a single positive UZR/150 on his Fangraphs page, and the majority of those negative numbers are quite low.

The only value Carter would bring to the Yankees would be as a designated hitter. But that spot is unlikely to be much of an opening unless both Greg Bird and Tyler Austin fail, leading to Matt Holliday playing more first base than anybody would like.

But I suppose everybody has to kick the tires on all players. I just hope this news doesn't move beyond the rumor stage.


  1. Bryan I am amazed at how the Yankees work now days. I read multiple articles about their unwillingness to give one year deals to relievers in the 5-6 Million dollar range but give this putz a 3 million dollar deal. The $3.4 billion dollar franchise runs frugal with Hal in charge. My prediction is that until the Steinbrenner family sells the Yankees we will not see number 28.

    1. With their proven ability to develop relievers (about their only good thing at developing) I understand why they would hesitate to spend there. Especially when they can allocate money towards something that certainly needs help, in this case the power department (I think they finished 11th in home runs in the AL).

      Not that I agree with signing Carter, though.

      Oh, and I disagree that #28 is dependent on the Steinbrenner's selling. Forbes may value the team at $3.4 billion, but doesn't mean Hal and Co. have that much laying around in their bank account. Besides, getting under the tax doesn't just save them a few million. Along with paying the tax $27.4 million this past season, the Yankees have paid over $3 billion in Luxury Tax since 2003. You don't have to be a business guru to understand the significance of resetting that tax.

    2. I get resetting the tax, however the relievers werent going to count agains the tax in 2018 as they would've been on a one year deal for 2017 only. Believe me the Yankees have an open line of credit I'm sure with banks so money isn't the issue. The issue is their unwillingness to spend on things they need

    3. Where's the NEED for a reliever? The just gave Chapman the largest contract ever for a reliever, and they have Betances as a strong #2 in the 'pen, Mitchell will likely be back there. They aren't going with a six-man rotation, so two of Severino, Cessa, Green, or Warren will also go to the pen (assuming Tanaka, Sabathia, and Pineda start). Then there's Layne and Bleier as lefties in the pen.

      There was no NEED for a lefty reliever. There was interest in adding one, but the "interest" thing can be said about many positions. Them not going through with the addition is hardly a sign of being cheap or frugal.

    4. Well I guess you didn't read the articles and the Elf quotes because they were said and are out there. I would be more than happy to share the hyper links to bring you up to speed on the elf saying the money targeted for a reliever is more than he CAN SPEND

    5. Here you go. Tell me Joel Sherman isn't a reliable source


    6. I didn't read anything that says "we NEED another reliever". And if you want to talk about Sherman, he himself points out the same thing I just did... the team already has plenty of depth in the bullpen (I forgot to mention Clippard).

      Nor did I hear Brian Cashman say anything contradicting what I've said.

      I guess him talking about a budget means they're cheap. Alrighty then.

    7. Ken H, I must agree with Bryan on this one! Many have been talking about adding pitching (starters and Bullpen), I keep showing the talent we have but some don't see it because they can't see or don't want to see it. I did get to see a few of the pitchers last year, there is Talent there...age has nothing to do with talent.
      Just my opinion.

    8. I agree that money spent on a reliever not named Chapman was a waste. I'm not the biggest Cashman or Steinbrenner fan, but they did spend HUGE on a reliever this year. Perhaps it's time to kill the "coupon clipper" tag. The Yankees spend, they just spend stupidly at times. Carter is one of those stupid times. $3 million would have been better spent on pitching.

    9. Oh thats a surprise Reed. I almost feel off my chair that you didn't agree with me. Article is clear as day. Says the elf doesn't have the funds to spend on a reliever. Sorry guys your reading skills are lacking or should I say interpretation skills

    10. Ken Reed / Hansel....Looks like you both are on board with
      Van Dusen's pathetic response regarding Daniel.

      You both do not question it...so wallow in it.

      As for me....it was low end bullshit.

    11. Patrick I'm not on board with the answer, in fact I only pray that nothing serious is going on with Burch and his family. There are a few of us that are frequent visitors and supporters and we should be given the truth as too what is happening so we can either help Burch or do what is necessary to make the site relevant again

    12. LOL... why would I lie about Daniel?

      While I haven't talked to him in a while, I have seen him post things on social media that make me believe he's ok. That doesn't mean he may not have some personal things he's needed to tend to, but if they were serious I would probably have some inkling of what was going on.

      And I agree... you guys deserve to know if there's a problem. And if there is I promise I'll let you know. As I'm sure Daniel would too.

      I'm sorry I haven't been around much, and I sincerely believe Daniel is sorry for that as well.

    13. Ken H, I don't think having money or not had anything to do with it at all. There were not any game changers out there to be had...right? We have a few very talented pitchers signed and in our system as of now. This was a case of Want not Need!
      Like I said, I watched a few of the pitcher's pitch in person last year and I liked what I saw. There is talent down on the Farm...guys, have faith, we are ok for what we are trying to do at this time.

    14. Bye the bye, Daniel will be back, this was a year of many posts a day for 6+ months. Give him the chance to have time to recharge and refresh himself.
      I have seen his tracks around elsewhere...will not say where, just let me say he is having a little fun and down time.

    15. Kenneth...is what you say fact ?
      Why could site mgmt. state what you are saying, to avoid
      all this crap ?
      Now you are playing the secretive game. Enjoy.

    16. Reed is a former CIA operative

  2. I get that Carter is an all-or-nothing hitter and lousy fielder in the mold of Dave Kingman. But, with Bird, Austin and Holliday all having had injury issues over the last couple of seasons, there is a fair chance that one or more of them may miss time this season. If Aaron Judge hits well enough to hold down the starting RF job, where do the Yankees look for power on the bench if one of them gets hurt? Carter gives the Yankees a big bat that can win or tie a game with one swing late in a close game.

    As for the argument that the money could have been better spent on a veteran reliever, I have a question: which is harder to find, a middle-reliever who is just going to pitch in the 6th and 7th innings or a bat with potential game-changing power? Carter may have limited value. In four at bats he may strike out twice and hit a weak grounder, but that one hit that he gets has a fair chance of turning a loss into a win. A pitcher appearing in the 6th or 7th inning might prevent a loss, but there's a reason that he's pitching in the 6th or 7th and not in the 8th or 9th. Additionally, what is the point of developing young pitching prospects if you are never going to use them? Pitching in that slot is where a MLB team can "blood" its young prospects to see which ones are going to be able to consistently get outs on the major league level, either as a future starter or as a reliever.

    While as yet unproven, the Yankees have a ton of young pitching prospects, most of whom are not going to be able to cut it as a starting pitcher, but that have arm talent that are equal to or better than many, if not most, of the veteran relief pitchers available at a price the Yankees are willing to spend. What they lack is experience. But, the only way that they are going to get experience and the only way the Yankees are going to find out if they are going to live up to their potential is if they are given a chance to play. Some are going to fail, but so will most of those veteran relievers (that's why they are available for $ 3-5.6 million). On the other hand, some will succeed (see Dellin Betances, David Robertson, Tyler Clippard, etc.) and some of those who succeed will go on to be far more successful as a reliever or starter than the available veteran relievers ever were or will be.

    If Adam Warren--or Luis Severino--does not end up in the starting rotation, he will end up filling this spot in the bullpen. Both he and Severino have shown that they can fill pitch the 6th or 7th as well or better than anyone the Yankees could have signed within their budget constraints to fill that role. Green, Mitchell and Cessa have also shown that they can pitch on the major league level out of the bullpen, so if whichever one(s) are not in the starting rotation, they, too, are candidates to fill that spot and they are just about as competent as the veteran relievers available as well, with the potential to become even better with more experience. Adams and Kaprellian are unproven, but the Yankees are high on them for a reason and they may see a spot at the bottom of the bullpen as a place where they can "blood" them on the MLB level without putting too much pressure on them.

    In short, while not yet entirely proven, the Yankees do have the arms to put in the bottom of their bullpen that can be as good or better than any veteran reliever that they could sign within their budget at the going rate. The need is not as great as it may appear. Carter, on the other hand, gives them proven power that they can bring off the bench or use in an emergency, which is something that they didn't have and that would be hard to find at the price that they paid for him. If he hits well, but the Yankees falter or don't need him, they can trade him. If he proves useless, the can release him at little cost. But, it is also possible that his bat could win them those couple of games that end up putting them into the playoffs if the team plays well. It's a no-lose proposition for the Yanks at this price.

    1. Wow... great reply. Thanks for sharing, and I hope to hear more from you in the future.

    2. Damn, American-Gunner...where have you been?
      Very good work! Not only enjoyed your comment, I also agree with just about all of your writing.
      Show up around here as much as you wish!

  3. just to add something here.
    didnt we all of a sudden get really right handed?
    I know the power alley short right field is a great place to hit, but left field alley goes for days.
    just a thought when I was reading we signed carter last night.


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