Saturday, January 21, 2017

This Day In New York Yankees History 1/21: Joe D Misses the Hall

On this day in 1953 the Yankee Clipper Joe DiMaggio missed out on the Hall of Fame in his first try at Cooperstown. DiMaggio would have to wait until the 1955 season before 88.8% of the BBWAA added him to the ballot and inducted him into the hall. On this day Cardinal legend Dizzy Dean and Al Simmons were elected to the hall.


  1. Joe "D", was NOT, a well liked player by many, many players or media!
    Fact, Folks!

    1. Correct me if I'm wrong here Reed, but wasn't there also a backlog of players when Joe D was first eligible? I thought I heard that somewhere. And that it was a contributing factor to him not making it first ballot. I'm not sure though.

    2. Jeff there were two players that got in ahead of him because they were on their last time on the ballot...I think that was it.
      But, Joe was nothing but business when he played and had almost no time for others.
      There was a story about him when he and M. Monro went to South Korea and as she came off the stage amid a huge ovation she ran up to Joe and said something like, "have you ever heard anything like that before?". He replied with, "Ya, I have?" or words to that affect. Would you have done that to her or anyone else?

  2. Jeff, I met Joe D., well, sort of!
    Back in 1948/49 I got to meet and talk with Eddie Lopat, Allie Reynolds, Vic Raschi, Phil Rizzuto, Yogi Berra and the smartest Manager I ever talked to about baseball, Casey Stengel! But, Joe D was off limits!
    Casey and LoPat showed me things and talked baseball as much as they had time for, #1 was...About my left arm, use it or lose it! #2 was don't throw, see how the hitter sets up, then pitch the way he doesn't want you to.

  3. An the correct thing to do.
    I would gladly post every day. At times I have posted multiple times.
    I can not, for a dozen good reasons, post in a darkened room.

    1. Dark Room?
      Try Dark and Empty!
      No News is bad for the Blogs, but a good time for Daniel to get a break!

    2. Yes Sir, the Dark Room. Like the old TV soap..'Dark Shadows'

      Rumor reported...Yankees looking at Boone Logan.
      Lefty specialist. He did well when he was here.
      They say the price will make, or break, the pursuit.

      Long Beach Polar Bear Sunday...eight days !
      You, and I, swim on the right side of the jetty.
      Hans, swims on the left side.....where they direct the naked
      men to go. Is that a Jersey thing ? Most likely.

    3. Be proud of your body Patrick. I'm at the gym lifting three days a week. Remember you come into this world in your b day suit lol

  4. Look what I found on YES by A.J. Hermann.....

    'A young nucleus of supremely talented high-upside prospects has emerged to deliver hope and optimism to a Yankees club that hasn't won a postseason series since 2012.

    New York's farm system is as loaded with talent as it's been since the halcyon days of the Core Four, and typically when teams find themselves with a stockpile of attractive assets, they look to see which established Major Leaguers they might realistically be able to acquire to bolster the MLB team.

    However, now, in the dead of winter, before a single pitch has been thrown, may not be the ideal time to make such a move.'
    Now, there is a man with a head on his shoulders and NOT, "This is the way we always do things...Trade the future for the now!"
    I would like to have the Yankees do like they did from 1945 thru 1964...all of which I saw or heard on the radio, thank you very much!
    1945 thru 1964 the Yankees won 10 of 15 WS! Now, that there is winning fans!
    WE have won five WS in the last 20 years, which would you like to see?

  5. Hansel & Jersey.....good to see you back up again !
    Living in the 'darkroom / dark side' in January is not easy.

    I must confess that I am very encouraged by what others are reporting
    about the team's farm system. Abundance of outfielders / shortstops.
    At some point some will be traded for young pitching. A good thing,
    if done right. One can only hope.

    RE: Long Beach Polar Bears.
    This will be my last year. The cold ocean now seems many times colder.
    And, Anne Marie, has this vision of me returning in a hearse, driven
    by a drunken priest.
    And yes, you can swim on the right side of the jetty....with Ken.

  6. Facts of life :
    If the 2017 season is going to be the wasted effort....that we all know
    is coming, then lets not pretend. Try a new tact.

    Just as 2018 is going to be the 'Rising of the Phoenix'. See the light !
    Why not flood this 2017 team with as much young MLB ready talent
    that they own. Give them all a year to grow into something special ?
    Why wait ? If they are ready, play them. Great. Who cares !

    Scuttle the decks. Clear out the outfield, third base, and pitchers
    that drink everything in their hotel rooms. It's time to move on.

    Give all the worthy ones, their time off Broadway, in '17.
    And then, next year, bring up the real curtain.

    I realize that I am posting now in a dark room.
    My years during the ending of 'I-yankees' made this easier.
    Almost normal.

    1. At this point, a lot of the pieces have been removed and opportunities passed on. really, matt holliday was the only thing against this. And if we talk about the rotation, sure you can say "trade pineda. trade tanaka for a huge haul" and I get it. I wouldn't be opposed to it. But let's start with 3- tanaka, CC, pineda, let the kids go at it for the last two spots! and remember, some will get hurt, some will suck. imagine if there were 5 players like severino last season! we would still be playing the 80th game!

      and if it's terrible, get rid of pineda. If we get a top 10 prospect, trade tanaka.

      Right here, right now, I've waited pretty much my whole "serious" baseball fan life for this spring training.

    2. Daryl..You, and I, are looking at the patient from almost
      the same angle. We both see that something needs to be done.

      Bottom line is...we hope for the best.
      For the first time in years, I am optimistic.

      For you spring training is but days away. Embrace it, enjoy it.
      Stay well. Have always enjoyed your words.

  7. A dark room indeed patrick! I must have logged on 20 times today hopine for the start of prospects month, or at least a new comment to try and argue with. PLEASE COME BACK DANIEL AND BRYAN!

    1. Ab-so-tot-ly, get yor butts back!
      I ain't got no larnin's, not that it shows! lol

      Note: there are many different lists out there showing a different order of our Farm Kids...I guess we will make-up our own minds.

    2. Seems to be officially defunct. Prospect month was one of Daniel's favorite months. Love conversing with all of you in a troll free environment, but I guess all good things come to an end. I seriously hope I'm mistaken and I'll open up this great website tomorrow morning and find some new content. If not, then I wish Ken, Ken, Daryl, patrick, Bryan, and most importantly, Daniel, all the best in life. I hope I run into all of you on chat boards in the future.

    3. You too Levin. I hope Burch shows back up and that all is ok with him and his family

  8. Obituaries ?...What going on here ?

    I do not pretend to know why there is a break in the routine here.
    But, I do know that this is not the way Daniel conducts himself.
    Calm down.

    Maybe he hit the lotto, and ran off with a Gumod ?
    Maybe he's driving to Long Beach to swim with the Polar Bears tomorrow ?
    Maybe he voted for Clinton, and now he is in Creedmoor Psych Ctr ?

    Maybe, maybe.........?

    1. Creedmoor is back!! Wow haven't heard that reference in a long time. LOL

  9. Maybe ?....As my sources are now indicating....

    Is that Daniel has been seen in Los Vegas, performing as Elvis,
    at a Travel Lodge motel.
    The rowdy sparse crowd, there in attendance, did give Daniel a rousing round of applause for his rendition of "Suspicious Minds".

    I can state that Daniel was not at the Polar Bear swim today.
    Not on either side of the jetty.
    Unlike Hansel, whom sources say, participated while snorkeling.

    1. I wasn't snorkeling I was in scuba gear. My daughters ex boyfriend was actually at that event yesterday. I find running into ice cold water unnecessary unless you want your testicles in your throat. I like mine just where they are.

  10. JAN 21st was Dan's last post-up.

    What is not happening here is so odd. Am I in a wax museum ?
    Daniel would never walk away without talking to his troops.
    Fingers crossed, that all is well.

    Hansel....You should have been there. Would have loved to have shown
    you my new speakers, as we worked on the Coors at my home.

    1. Did anyone e-mail Daniel and get an answer? I e-mailed him but without an answer. This doesn't surprise bothers me somewhat, but so does old age!
      I think if he isn't here shortly I am going to quit commenting on this or any other blog. I am tired of having to change blogs every few years.

    2. Reed dont go I need someone to bust on and disagree with. Please stay while we amuse ourselves.

    3. As far as I can tell Daniel did not leave the site, and neither did I. He's got two kids, so he certainly doesn't have much time. And there isn't a lot in the news recently.

      Personally, I'm a basketball official so every day I'm either working my "normal" job or travelling somewhere to ref. Not that I don't have any free time, but being inspired to write at the same time you're free is not something that comes up often... especially in the offseason.

    4. Bryan Van Dusen :
      Daniel Burch...MIA.

      Bryan, Daniel's last post was Jan 21 !

      And you co-run this site with him ? Or, words to that effect ?

      Every day those that contribute here ask..."whats going on,
      where is Daniel ?"
      And you respond..."As far as I can tell Daniel did not leave.."

      I find that statement to be shallow, and weak. Why bother
      to write that ? It's false news, and you know it.
      Maybe he became a hair dresser ?
      My response makes more sense than yours. And all that read this
      site know that.
      Thanks for nothing.

    5. Just joshing Ken H, I would be remiss in my duty to this site if I didn't give you guys something to think about...agree or not!

    6. Patrick, your response certainly does NOT make more sense.

      While I don't talk to him daily, I have no reason to believe he's leaving the site or anything to that effect.

      Things like this happen very often in the offseason. Just look at the LoHud Yankees blog, one of the larger Yankees blogs on the net. Since 12/20 there's been one post (2/2). Does that mean that blog is going away? I haven't heard anything saying that.

      Tell you what... I'll send him a message and try to find out more.

    7. Bryan...My response DOES make sense.

      We ask a question about 'your' partner, and you're answer
      is compared to the LoHud site. Nonsense.

      You don't have to answer any of our question. But, if you do,
      be truthful.


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