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Remembering 2015: Andrew Miller

2016 is a Leap Year & the New York Yankees

If you didn't know the year 2016 is going to be a bit of a special one. It's Leap Year where every four years, basically, we have 366 days in our year instead of 365 days like in a traditional year. The reasoning behind this is because, and you can Google the exact numbers if you'd like but for the purposes of this post they are really just irrelevant, the year on the calendar is roughly 365 days and five hours and change. If we didn't do the leap year the calendar would simply get farther and farther behind the longer the timeline. Anyway, I said all that to say this. It's Leap Year, what does that mean for the New York Yankees?

Well if history is any indicator of the future the 2016 season may be a good one for the New York Yankees. In recent memory, recent memory being any year I have been alive, we have seen a leap year in 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012. How did the Yankees fare in those seasons?

Let's ignore the 1988 Yankees. They finished with just an 85-76 record and finished in 5th place within the AL East Division. They were terrible and George Steinbrenner was just about to be suspended. Billy Martin and Lou Piniella were the managers and the team was stocked full of talent including Dave Winfield and Rickey Henderson. It just didn't work out.

The 1992 Yankees is the team that started to show the fans some glimmer of hope. Buck Showalter was the manager, Bernie Williams was coming through the system, J.T. Snow was showing promise and the team looked like they far outplayed their 76 victory season.

In 1996 and 2000 the Yankees won the World Series. During the 2004 season there was a strike and the rest of the ALCS and World Series was cancelled despite the Yankees being up 3-0 over the Boston Red Sox an the Yankees missed the playoffs completely in 2008. This was the first time the Yankees had missed the postseason since the 1994 strike-shortened season. The 2012 Yankees made it all the way to the ALCS before Derek Jeter broke his ankle and the Yankees were swept away by the Detroit Tigers.

In closing the Leap Year Yankees is a very mixed bag of results here. The team could miss the playoffs entirely, suffer devastating and historic losses in the playoffs, or win the World Series. Nobody knows, that's why we play the games.

Disclaimer. The Yankees could go out and lose 162 games next season. They could also win 100, this post was for fun and hopefully you all treat is as such. Thank you. 

Remembering 2015: Nathan Eovaldi

The 2015 TGP Awards

Welcome ladies and gentleman to the second annual The Greedy Pinstripes Award Show live from Yankee Stadium. We're going to be doing things a little bit differently this time around and we're not going to be handing out the traditional awards. We already know who the MVP is and who the Cy Young and Rookie of the Year Award candidates were for 2015. Those are given out by the BBWAA and the IBWAA, here at The Greedy Pinstripes we have a different set of awards to be given out.

The first award of the night is the "Andruw Jones" award for the player we are likely to rather see elsewhere by June of 2016. This is in no way, shape or form meant to be a slap in the face or an insult, sometimes the team and the fans are going in two totally different directions and the fans want what the fans want. The nominees are Carlos Beltran, Mark Teixeira, Alex Rodriguez, CC Sabathia and Aroldis Chapman. And the winner is..... Carlos Beltran!

Beltran should be decent with the bat but his defense in right field and his throwing arm out there is not getting any better. In fact it is only going to get worse the more mileage that gets put on those knees and right shoulder. Beltran was not here to accept the award on his own behalf.
The next award is called the "Scranton Shuttle" award and it will go to the player we think made the most trips back and forth between Scranton and the Major Leagues in 2015. The nominees are Caleb Cotham, Branden Pinder, Nick Goody, Nick Rumbelow and Chris Capuano. And the winner is, with 25 appearances in the MLB bullpen and the man who began the Scranton Shuttle in 2015, Mr. Branden Pinder.

Pinder was the first arm to begin the process of coming up, pitching a night, and going back down. Many did it before him but he was continuously called back to the majors when his 10-day window expired. Pinder was out of the country using his frequent flyer miles he built up during the 2015 season and was unavailable to accept the award on his own behalf. 

And the final award of the night goes to the player who got the greediest during the 2015 season. We call it the "Get Greedy" Award and it's the big one of the night. The nominees are CC Sabathia who will make the most in salary with $25 million, Jacoby Ellsbury who is making over $21 million next season and looking to bounce back from a tough 2015 season, Mark Teixeira who will go for the "contract year" in 2016 before hitting free agency presumably for the final time in his career or the entire Yankees bullpen who will likely throw more innings combined than the starting rotation in 2016. And the winner is... the Yankees bullpen!

None of Aroldis Chapman, Andrew Miller, Dellin Betances, Ivan Nova, Chasen Shreve, James Pazos and the rest of the crew could be here but the bullpen is expected to take on a lot of the load in 2016. Chapman will likely close before hitting free agency next season while Andrew Miller becomes the best 8th inning man in the game. In the 7th, and most times the 6th inning as well, Dellin Betances will be the fire man and the multi-inning reliever while Chasen Shreve, Branden Pinder, James Pazos, Ivan Nova and others compete for the rest of the innings that the starters can't give the team. 

Thank you for coming out to the second annual Greedy Pinstripes Award Show! Happy New Years everybody!

Happy New Years Yankees Family!

Wow Yankees family, we made it. We all made it another year and here we sit on New Years Eve. Here's to hoping that you did everything you wanted to this season and then some, and if not the good news for you is that you have a few more hours left. A few more hours to do what you wanted to do, say what you wanted to say and burn or repair the bridges that you want or don't want it life. Take it from me, do it now before it's too late.

We recently lost my mother in law the day after Christmas and the bridge, while on its way to being mended, was not cemented and the cement was not dry just yet. Live every moment and every day like it's your last, because it could be.

Happy New Years Eve everyone. Be safe, have fun and forget those resolutions. No one likes a skinny, rich good-nature person anyway.

Remembering 2015: Alex Rodriguez

This Day in New York Yankees History 12/31: #BringBackTino

On this day in 2004 the Yankees agreed to a contract with Tino Martinez for a one year reunion after the Tampa Bay Devil Rays declined his $8 million option. Martinez was coming off a .262 batting average with 23 home runs and 76 RBI's and signed a $3 million deal with New York. Tino played in New York from 1996-2001 and was replaced by Jason Giambi in 2002 before coming back in 2005 to be Giambi's backup.

Also on this day in 1974 free agent pitcher Catfish Hunter ended an unprecedented bidding war when he signed with the New York Yankees. Hunter signed for $3.75 million, which ended up being three times more than any other player at the time, to leave the A's for New York.

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Remembering 2015: Jacoby Ellsbury

Remaining Key Dates Left on 2015-2016 Offseason Calendar

Major League Baseball and their fans have been able to check off many boxes on their offseason calendar including the World Series, the Winter Meetings, the Rule 5 Draft, the GM Meetings, the owners meetings and the Hall of Fame pre-integration era committee announcements. If you think the big events left this winter are over you may be right but there are a few notables events worth mentioning. We will mention those here for your information.

January 6 — Baseball Writers’ Association of America Hall of Fame vote announced
January 12 — Salary arbitration filing
January 15 — Salary arbitration figures exchanged
February 1-21 — Salary arbitration hearings

New Years Resolutions for the New York Yankees

Before the Christmas holiday we brought you some fictional lists that the New York Yankees players wrote to Santa Claus and today we will bring you some equally as fictional New Year's resolutions written down by those same Yankees. Now as we all know many people do not keep to their New Year's resolutions but my way of thinking is who cares? Nobody like a skinny, rich and good person anyway. I'm just going to be me, but anyway without further delay and banter from me here are the Yankees resolutions.

Alex Rodriguez:

To win a World Series Championship. That's my resolution every single season. I'm just so blessed to play in front of the best fans in the world and I just want to thank Joe (Girardi) and the entire Steinbrenner family. This time last year I did not think I would be in this position and I'm truly humbled and blessed.

Mark Teixeira:

To add gluten back into my diet and have the biggest contract season I can have. Not many people want a 35-year old first baseman any more so I'm going to have to go out and do my best early and often.

Greg Bird:

Yeah, go ahead and add that gluten back. My resolution was to do something about those eye brows but now it's to get in playing shape because I'm going to see you all before June.

Hal Steinbrenner:

To give Brian Cashman full control to do his job now that I've completely cut the cash flow from the team. If you thought the calls for his firing were loud before....

Brian Cashman:

Now you tricked me last time into telling the truth but this time I don't care. I'm trading all his high-priced talent HE signed so I can do things my way. 2016 season be damned.

Brian McCann:

To not scream obscenities in the Yankees dugout during the playoffs anymore.

Starlin Castro:

To make you all say "Robinson Cano who?"

Brendan Ryan:

Bring me back Cash!

My Thoughts on the PED Documentary Scandal

Another black eye is about to hit Major League Baseball if it hasn't already, and that bothers me. In a documentary that was leaked by Al Jazeera it was revealed that steroids are still prevalent in sports, and not just MLB. Some NFL players were revealed to be using steroids in this documentary as well as three major MLB players Ryan Howard, Ryan Zimmerman and Taylor Teagarden.

The documentary showcases a months long investigative report on PEDs in global sports and they even went as far as to send British hurdler Liam Collins undercover to expose other athletes.  Collins worked with pharmacist Charlie Sly who allegedly worked at an Indiana-based anti-aging clinic called the Guyer Institute in 2011. Sly reportedly told Collins that he sold both Howard, the Philadelphia Phillies first baseman, and Zimmerman, the Washington Nationals first and third baseman, a hormone supplement known as Delta-2. The drugs is specifically designated to evade drug tests and is included on Major League Baseball's list of banned substances per their collective bargaining agreement. Meanwhile Teagarden is seen on camera discussing how and when he took PEDs in previous seasons, ouch.

Howard and Zimmerman have denied using the drugs and NFL notable players like Peyton Manning, James Harrison and Mike Neal have as well. None of the three players that are named have ever been linked to steroids or PEDs and have never been suspended for any sort of drug or substance use. If the documentary, and the investigation that you know is to follow, proves to be true all three players will likely receive an 80-game steroid suspension. So what are my thoughts? This sucks. It's another black eye for MLB and it's going to be a major talking point, and argument point I think, in the next CBA after the current one expires after this season.

I want steroids to be legal or completely out of the game. I live in a fantasy world, I know this, but that's what I want and that's how I feel. Without stringent blood testing these clinics will keep popping up every few years and the game will have to try and prove to their fans that it's clean again. This is a step back, even if it's a minor one, for the game and I hate that because I love this game.

Top 10 Yankees Starting Pitching Prospects

The New York Yankees, as it stands right now, will head into the 2016 MLB season with more questions than answers as far as their pitching goes. The bullpen was an absolute strength in 2015 but the trades of trusted relievers Adam Warren and Justin Wilson has left the bullpen depleted of trusted pitchers at Joe Girardi's disposal. The starting rotation may also be held on by a rubber band with the elbow of Masahiro Tanaka, the shoulder of Michael Pineda, the elbow of Nathan Eovaldi and Ivan Nova and the knee of CC Sabathia. For this reason alone the Yankees are adding as much depth as possible to the minor leagues, none more notable than the minor league deal for Vinnie Pestano, in hopes of being prepared for such an injury or blow to the rotation.

The easiest way to add some depth and options for the Yankees GM Brian Cashman is to build from within and bring up prospects from their farm system. With this in mind I wanted to go over the Top 10 starting pitching prospects in the Yankees system in my opinion. Here is my list, what's yours? Leave it below in the comments section.

1. James Kaprielian
2. Domingo Acevedo
3. Ian Clarkin
4. Bryan Mitchell
5. Brady Lail
6. Drew Finley
7. Jonathan Holder
8. Domingo German
9. Austin DeCarr
10. Jeff Degano

The only pitchers I can see being true MLB options in 2016 are Bryan Mitchell and maybe (MAYBE but unlikely) James Kaprielian. I know I rate Mitchell higher than most, or everyone to be honest, but I truly like his stuff. He just needs to learn how to harness it and the more he gets to work with coaches and specifically Larry Rothschild the better I think he will do. The Yankees have a ton of top level talent down in the minor leagues so the future is good, the present though I still worry about. Thank goodness for Luis Severino!

Remembering 2015: Brett Gardner Highlights

This Day in New York Yankees History 12/30: Return of the Rocket

On this day in 2002 Roger Clemens signed a one year deal worth $10.1 million with the Yankees at age 40. Clemens was coming off of a 13-6 season with a 4.35 ERA and states that this would probably be his last season. The six time Cy Young Award winner was only seven wins shy of 300 victories for his career.

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Remembering 2015: Chase Headley Highlights

Predicting the Spring Training Invitees

It's just about that time of the year Yankees family, the time where we're still digesting Christmas both emotionally and physically and where we're approaching a brand new year. Some are making New Years resolutions, others are buying out their local liquor stores while some are preparing for a quiet night at the house with friends and family. The Yankees are no exceptions but they do have one major task left to do presumably this week or next and that is to announce who they are inviting to Spring Training this March.

We know the entire 40 man roster will be invited to camp but who else? Honestly, I don't know but I am going to take an educate guess at it. If I missed anyone leave it below in the comments section.

Pete Kozma
Vinnie Pestano
Domingo German
Luis Cessa
Chad Green
Diego Moreno
Kyle Higashioka
Ronald Herrera
Francisco Diaz
Sebastian Valle
Jorge Mateo
James Kaprielian
Cesar Puello
Tyler Austin
Aaron Judge
Brady Lail

Meet a Prospect: All Those New Guys New York Signed

The New York Yankees have been adding as much minor league depth as they can find in recent weeks and rather do Meet a Prospect posts for every one of them I figured we could lump them all into one big post. We already met Vinnie Pestano because he has Major League experience and was a great relief pitcher for a couple years with the Cleveland Indians but the other guys have not shared the same successes yet. Those names include Jose Rosario, Richard Bleier, Juan Silva, Sebastian Valle and Cesar Puello.

These write ups courtesy of LoHud Yankees Blog:

Sebastian Valle
In the past: Once thought of as a top catching prospect, Valle has never reached the big leagues, but he’s still just 25 years old, he has some Triple-A experience, and he’s coming off a pretty good year in Double-A with a .754 OPS. He’s played in Mexico this winter.
Role to play: The Yankees are pretty thin at catcher in the upper levels, and Valle gives them an option who could be a Double-A regular, a Triple-A backup or even a Triple-A regular. Given the uncertainty of Gary Sanchez’s situation, the Yankees need some options behind the plate.

Jose Rosario
In the past: Primarily a middle infielder in the low minors, Rosario has shifted to a true utility role in recent seasons. His entire career was spent with the Yankees, so they’re signing a known commodity. He was still putting up pretty decent numbers as recently as 2014 when he was in High-A.
Role to play: Has played every position except catcher and first base, so he fits any franchise as an organizational utility man who can plug holes anywhere. Seems to most naturally fit the Double-A roster, but he could fill a bench role in Triple-A if necessary.

Richard Bleier
Left-handed starter
In the past: Has been both a starter and a reliever, but he most recently pitched as a starter through most of the 2015 season. And he put up really good numbers with a 2.94 ERA and a 1.08 WHIP between the two levels. Doesn’t strike out many guys, but doesn’t walk many either.
Role to play: This should be familiar, because it’s another bit of upper-level rotation depth. Probably not necessarily a next-in-line option for the big leagues, but certainly a guy who can provide innings in Double-A or Triple-A. If he can repeat his 2015 numbers, Bleier could put himself more firmly on the radar. But this looks a Double-A/Triple-A swingman as much as anything.

Juan Silva
In the past: Left-handed hitter with experience at all three outfield positions. He turns 25 in January and just got his first Double-A and Triple-A experience. Doesn’t have huge stolen base numbers, but in 2014 he was named the fastest and best baserunner in the California League.
Role to play: There’s not much room in the Triple-A outfield, but Silva could fit the Double-A roster. He’s shown some speed and on-base ability, and the Yankees like those two things. Another left-handed hitter, but he mostly fits as another option for Double-A (and he fits the Yankees’ mold).

And the Cesar Puello writeup was done by myself:

Puello missed much of the 2015 season with a back injury while inside the New York Mets organization. Puello was flat out released in August after an up-and-down tenure with the Metropolitans. Puello was suspended for 50 games after the whole Biogenesis clinic was shut down in Miami and is the only player to not reach the majors after the suspension. Puello was once a top outfield prospect for the Mets before the suspension, injuries and ineffectiveness dampened his career. 

The New York Yankees Top 10 Prospects List After the Chapman Trade

The New York Yankees gave us all a late Christmas present and an early New Years present yesterday when the team acquired All-Star closer Aroldis Chapman. As you know you have to give something to get something in most cases and what the Yankees gave up for Chapman's services was RHP's Caleb Cotham and Rookie Davis along with infielders Eric Jagielo and Tony Renda. Cotham and Renda weren't on anyone's Top 10 Yankees Prospects lists but Jagielo and Davis were on most so here is an updated list after the Chapman trade.

1. Aaron Judge
2. Jorge Mateo
3. Gary Sanchez
4. James Kaprielian
5. Robert Refsnyder
6. Drew Finley
7. Jacob Lindgren
8. Dustin Fowler
9. Ian Clarkin
10. Domingo Acevedo

After you get to the 5th spot these prospects become so interchangeable in my opinion. I wanted to include Brady Lail in my Top 10 but I am much higher on Domingo Acevedo than Baseball American is for example. Dustin Fowler is probably better than 8th on the list but I am trying to right a wrong by including Jacob Lindgren. He's still a prospect and he's still a top prospect, an elbow injury derailed his season and he will be back in 2016. This is not the issue here though, this just goes to show you how stacked the Yankees system is getting. It's not so black and white anymore, there is true talent coming out of the Yankees system now and it's a sight for sore eyes.

Meet a Prospect: Aroldis Freaking Chapman!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, Happy December 25th, crappy December 25th, Happy New Year, happy whatever! Aroldis Chapman is a New York Yankees player now that the Yankees have sent Eric Jagielo, Tony Renda, Caleb Cotham and Rookie Davis to the Cincinnati Reds in a trade yesterday evening. Chapman is now a Yankee at least through the 2016 season, maybe longer if he's suspended through the MLB Domestic Violence Policy, so now is as a good of time as any to meet him. This is Meet a Prospect, the Aroldis freaking Chapman Edition. Can you tell I'm pretty hyped for this trade?

Albertin Aroldis Chapman de la Cruz was born on February 28, 1988 in Holguin, Cuba. Chapman lived in a three-bedroom house with his two sisters, mother and father in Cuba where Aroldis's father, a boxing instructor, taught him how to box. When Chapman turned 15-years old he tried out for a Cuban baseball team where he played first base. While playing first base one of his coaches noticed he had the arm and the mechanics to be a pitcher and in 2003 he began his journey as a pitcher.

Chapman later pitcher for Holguin domestically and internationally for the Cuban National Baseball team until the time he defected from his native country in 2009. During his Cuban career Chapman pitched 327.2 career innings while compiling a 24-19 record and a 3.74 ERA with 365 strikeouts as a starting pitcher. Chapman, in fact, only made 11 relief appearances during his tenure in Cuba and they all came during the 2007 season. In 2006 Chapman was part of the Cuban National Series League while in 2007 he was a part of the Cuban delegation that joined the Pan American Games. In 2009 Chapman used the World Baseball Classic as a way to defect from his country and begin his career in the Major Leagues.

When Chapman defected in 2009 it was his second attempt at defection, Chapman failed once in the spring of 2008. Chapman was forced to meet with Cuban President Raul Castro who gave him a conditional repriece and suspended him for the rest of the National Series season while also keeping him out of the 2008 Summer Olympics. Chapman used the WBC to defect through Rotterdamn, Netherlands with the help of accomplice Gerardo Concepcion. Chapman established residency in Andorra and petitioned MLB for free agent status. MLB obliged and the bidding war for Chapman began.  In January of 2010 the Cincinnati Reds won the bidding war and signed the lefty to a six year deal worth $30.25 million. Chapman also received $16.25 million in bonuses paid annually over the next 11 seasons with an additional bonus if he became eligible for salary arbitration during the 2012 or 2013 seasons, which he did.

Chapman's rookie season began in 2010 where he began his professional career in Triple-A with the Louisville Bats. Chapman made 13 starts with Louisville before the team, due to struggles, moved him to the relief role. Chapman took off as a reliever dropping his ERA from 4.11 to 2.40 and was able to make his Major League debut on August 31, 2010 against the Milwaukee Brewers. Chapman made an immediate impact as his first MLB pitch was thrown at 98 MPH. Just a few weeks later on September 25, 2010 Chapman threw the fastest pitch ever recognized by MLB when he threw a pitch 105.1 MPH to the San Diego Padres outfielder Tony Gwynn Jr. Chapman had opened the eyes of the league and was on the map.

Chapman continued to get his feet wet in 2011 striking out 71 batters in 50.0 innings solely as a reliever before the Reds decided to introduce him as a starting pitcher for the 2012 season. The Reds suffered preseason injuries with closer Ryan Madson and middle relievers Bill Bray and Nick Masset leading manager Dusty Baker to place Chapman in the setup role for the club. Sean Marshall, the team's closer, struggled early in the season and Chapman was given the reigns to the closer rose in late May 2012. Chapman gave Baker immediate dividends for his decision and was named to his first All-Star Game that season while also winning the MLB Delivery Man of the Month Award for July. Chapman won the award again in August and finished the 2012 season with a 1.51 ERA and 38 saves in 43 chances while striking out 122 batters and walking just 23 batters in 71.2 innings. Chapman, the closer, was now a thing.

Chapman was the closer for good and as a closer he made his second consecutive All-Star Game appearance for the Reds in 2013. Chapman saved another 38 games and recorded another 112 strikeouts in another great season for the Cuban Flame Thrower. It was the 2014 season that Chapman was struck in the head during a spring training game against the Kansas City Royals and Chapman immediately underwent surgery to fix a skull fracture above his left eye while he also received a metal plate in his head to stabilize the fracture. Chapman began the season on the disabled list and did not come off the DL until May 10th of that season.  Chapman recorded his 100th save of his career in 2014 becoming the eight fastest pitcher to do so and finished the season with 36 saves and 106 strikeouts in just 54 appearances.

Chapman started the 2015 season with a new contract worth $8.05 million in arbitration and rewarded the team with yet another All-Star Game appearance. Chapman pitched a scoreless ninth inning for the National League striking out the side on 14 pitches, 12 of which were recorded at 100 MPH or faster. Chapman finished his final season in a Reds uniform with 65 appearances and a 1.63 ERA with 33 saves despite constant trade talks and rumors surrounding him in Cincinnati. That trade talk had Chapman traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers before the trade hit an unexpected snag for both parties.

Chapman was accused of committing domestic violence on October 30, although the news never hit the wire until December 7, a day after the deal to Los Angeles was agreed upon. In the incident Chapman was accused of choking his girlfriend and firing eight gunshots. No charges were filed by the police but Major League Baseball is going to investigate the issue and decide whether to suspend him through the league's domestic violence policy. If Chapman is suspended for more than 45 days, not games, he will not have enough service time to hit free agency after the 2016 season and will be a member of the Yankees, presumably, for the 2017 season as well. If he is not suspended or not suspended for more than 45 days he will hit free agency after this season and the Yankees will likely only get a draft pick after offering a qualifying offer to him after the season.

So what does Chapman bring to the Yankees? Chapman is an established closer with seemingly a rubber arm. Many have studied Champan's delivery and no one has reported any violence in his delivery, despite all the movement and deceptiveness in his delivery. Of course there are concerns about what throwing over 100 MPH almost every single pitch will do to his arm for the long term but right now there are no concerns with his left arm. Chapman brings three pitches to the table, a four-seam fastball, a slider and a very occasional changeup. Chapman will bring the Yankees a true fireball and strikeout pitcher. Chapman's average fastball in 2015 was 99.98 MPH and he threw the 62 fastest pitches of the season including his 103.92 MPH pitch that led the league last season. Chapman gets 33% swings and misses with his fastball and 58% with his slider which add up to a very healthy 14.66 K/9 ratio for his career. The Yankees love their strikeout pitchers in the pen and Chapman is a definite strikeout pitcher.

In no way are we here at The Greedy Pinstripes condoning what he did with his girlfriend and in no way are we making it okay because he is a great pitcher. It was a horrible thing he did and it's a thing that he has to face for the rest of his life. Not only will he have to face the league, his girlfriend, his friends, family and teammates for the rest of his life but he'll also have to answer to his maker or a supreme being when it is all said and done. I am excited about this trade, yes, but that doesn't mean I am okay with his actions. He screwed up and he doesn't have a history of domestic violence that I know about so you almost have to give him the benefit of the doubt, let the league and their investigation play out and see this thing to the end before damning him to hell. That's just my opinion and I wanted to make it clear. He helps the Yankees ON THE FIELD, his off the field actions I don't agree with nor do I like... but that's just me talking as a fan. Please understand.
Welcome to the team Aroldis and I hope you prove all your doubters wrong not only on the field but off the field as well. We're rooting for you regardless, welcome to the family.

Remembering 2015: Didi Gregorius Highlights

This Day In New York Yankees History 12/29: Melissa Ludtke

On this day in 1977 Melissa Ludtke filed a lawsuit against major league baseball, the New York Yankees, and New York city officials after the Sports Illustrated sports writer was denied access to interview players in the locker room during the World Series. Wonder if Reggie didn't want her to see the straw that stirred the drink.

Also on this day in 1933 Babe Ruth lost an opportunity to manage the Cincinnati Reds after being denied a release from the Yankees by Jacob Ruppert. Ruth was 38 years old at the time and was coming off a .301 season with 34 HR's and 103 RBI's in the 1933 season.

Also, although this is relatively minor, the Yankees traded Shawn Kelley to the San Diego Padres on this day in 2014 for RHP prospect Johnny Barbato.

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TOMMY JOHN SURGERY: Facts, Myths, Risk Factors and Prevention

TOMMY JOHN SURGERY: Facts, Myths, Risk Factors and Prevention

Nick Maniscalco PT, DPT at The Rehab Report - 4 days ago
During my 18 yrs as a Physical Therapist no topic has induced more discussions with my clients than Tommy John surgery (AKA ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction or UCL). Questions range from "What is it?", "Should I still draft Matt Harvey to my fantasy baseball team?", to "How can I prevent my Little Leaguer from hurting his elbow?". Here is my attempt to satisfy all.      

Analyzing The Aroldis Chapman Trade

When I started writing this I wanted to talk about the reports of Aroldis Chapman choking his girlfriend and pushing her into a wall. Not to mention shooting his gun eight times in his garage afterwards. I wanted to say that what happened doesn't make Aroldis into a horrible person, who shall be shunned forever. Good people are capable of doing horrible things. But it's impossible to put my thoughts into words when I really don't know what to think about the whole thing.

So... yeah...

Major League Baseball is investigating the incident, and Rob Manfred will make a decision on a possible suspension, fine, or whatever. And I believe Brian Cashman didn't just say "meh, whatever" and trade for Chapman. The New York Yankees are one of the most well-known sports entities in the World, and to believe Cashman doesn't know that and is willing to harm their "good" name is ridiculous. 

So I'm going to stop there when it comes to the off the field stuff. And when looking beyond the off the field stuff this trade is a total steal. 

According to Baseball America's Top 10 Prospect list, none of the prospects traded to Cincinnati are in the Top 5. Rookie Davis is actually the #6 prospect in the organization, But Davis has only thrown 33.1 innings above A-ball, and I wouldn't say he "killed it" in his short time at AA Trenton (he went 2-1 in five starts, with an ERA of 4.32).

I wasn't happy to see Eric Jagielo included in the trade, but I'm certainly not heartbroken over his loss. Jagielo is a third baseman, who some think is destined for first base, and corner infielders aren't that difficult to replace. Plus there's the fact that Miguel Andujar, who is a better fielder and finished strong at high A Tampa last season, could be a future third baseman. Meanwhile, Greg Bird looks to be the Yankees' first baseman of the future.

"Yep. I'm the man."

Caleb Cotham is the third prospect that the Yankee sent to the Reds. Cotham threw 9.2 innings for the Yankees this season, giving up 7 runs and 14 hits (four of which were home runs). Caleb could have possibly been a part of the Yanks bullpen in the future, but I don't think it would be a significant part at all.

The last part of the trade was Tony Renda, who the Yankees acquired when they traded David Carpenter to the Washington Nationals. Mind you, Carpenter had been designated for assignment, so Renda wasn't looked at as much more than minor league filler. Renda hit .269/.330/.358 in AA last season, and I have yet to hear anybody saying anything along the lines of "he'll be missed".

Now, I don't have to tell you what Aroldis Chapman can do for the Yankees. I begged for the Yankees to re-sign David Robertson, so that they could deploy the three-headed monster out of the bullpen. Unfortunately that didn't happen, but almost a year later Brian Cashman came through for me. Chapman, Dellin Betances, and Andrew Miller will scare the bejesus out of any and all Yankees opponents next season. If the Yankees have a two run lead going into the 7th inning you may as well say "game over". Heck, even having a one run lead will be pretty darn good.

But will the Yankee starters be able to hand a lead over to the killer threesome? 

Although Masahiro Tanaka was the only starter to average at least six innings per start, I'm confident that Michael Pineda will have a better season than last knowing that his shoulder can hold up over an entire season. 

Luis Severino is looking at pitching only around 150 innings, so he won't be totally let loose next year. But for the most part the team can count on him to hand over a lead to the three-headed monster. 

Nathan Eovaldi averaged 5.7 innings a start in 2015, so I can see the bullpen needing a couple more outs from the bullpen when he starts. Chapman threw more than an inning four times last season (twice in the last month), Miller threw more than one inning eight times, and of course we all know Betances is capable of giving the team more than an inning at a time. 

And then there's CC Sabathia. Daniel recently posted about Sabathia, and reasons to be optimistic about him next season, so I'll just direct you over there. If that's too much for you, let's say that he could be a fine starter next season, and hand over plenty of leads to the three-headed monster next season.

"I think you're a little too trusting."

When speaking of Nathan Eovaldi I mentioned that Dellin Betances is well-known for throwing more than one inning, which led to him throwing a ton of innings the previous two years. Many people rightfully see that as a problem, especially after seeing Dellin's effectiveness go down towards the end of last season. With Aroldis on board, chances are Dellin will not be leaned on nearly as much to giving the team more than an inning at a time. 

It would be nice if Cashman could acquire a better starter, but I have a feeling it won't happen. I hope to be proven wrong, and it wouldn't be the first time, but after talking about those five above I just don't see a strong enough need to pay the price that a young/good starter would cost.

In fact, I'm not holding my breath for anything else "big" to happen this offseason. There are a few teams out there that would probably love to have Brett Gardner, but it doesn't seem like Cashman really wants to deal away Brett, and I don't see any team offering enough for acquire him. 

It would be a shame if this was the last "big" thing to happen, but as things stand right now I kind of like this team's chances of making a run next year.

Image: Aroldis Chapman in a Yankees Hat

The picture isn't official but it will give you something to think about and drool over until the pictures are official and the pinstripes are donned. Have a good evening Yankees family. Go Aroldis!

Remembering 2015:Brian McCann Highlights

ICYMI: George Steinbrenner and the Ghost of Yankees Past Part II

Those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. That is a quote probably made famous by someone else but one that I use quite often in my day-to-day life. My name is Daniel Burch and if you remember from last Christmas Eve you will remember that I was visited by George Steinbrennerand the ghost of Yankees past. The Boss visited many people that night and many of those people learned the lesson that was brought to them that cold winter night, but some did not. This is the story of those who did not and George’s last ditch effort to save them… before it’s too late.

Once again we set the scene. Same office building, same fire roaring and same rich man bearing the Steinbrenner name that just doesn’t get it. Hal Steinbrenner, sipping on his wine, looks up from his Excel spreadsheet to see the ghost of his father standing in his room. Hal, with that same obnoxious smile and coy look about him, sighs and says to his father “what now?” George is not amused by his son’s tone nor his attitude and responds with an extremely tongue in cheek “Merry Christmas to you too son.” Hal is not amused, he almost seems aggravated at the sight of his father, and looks away to continue working. That’s when he feels his feet leave the ground and before he knows it he is flying out the window, his father by his side, and they are once again traveling to check on those affected by Hal’s poor decisions since taking over the team.

“Hal,” George says to his son while flying to their first destination, “it doesn’t matter what your payroll is you’re still cheap. Stop telling the fans that you aren’t because they know. They are the smartest fan base in the entire world. They know that the Mark Teixeira contract and the CC Sabathia contract and the Alex Rodriguez contract and many of the contracts still hampering the team were given out while I was still in charge, not you. You preached frugality for two seasons in a row only to take a shot at trying to be me. You failed. Three years for a 37-year old Carlos Beltran? Seven years for Jacoby Ellsbury? Do you know what you’re doing to MY team?” The good news for Hal is he didn’t have to wait long as they arrived at their first stop, Mr. Ken Hans’s house.

Ken Hans lives in New Jersey, something that apparently rubs a few people the wrong way, and the Steinbrenner’s are coming at a bad time for Hans. He is in the middle of a fierce online debate which can be heard for miles. Hans is not only typing like a mad man but he is quoting himself out loud as he posts. “The water pistol” this and the “water pistol” that and something about Creedmoor Psychiatric Center, its full blown hysteria at the Hans household. The subject, the New York Yankees and the lack of ability to do much by Brian Cashman. Hans is not a fan of Cashman, he refers to him as the elf, and wants to see the team return back to its glory days. The days when a Steinbrenner got what a Steinbrenner wanted and when the team was expected to win the World Series, not content with a Wild Card berth and a huge blown lead in the division after July 31st. Hans wants the days of simply waiting out a contract to be gone and the days of eating and/or trading a contract to come back to the Bronx. So does George. “See what you’ve caused here, and this is just one of many frustrated households of frustrated Yankees fans” says George. “This is a season ticket holder, well now probably a former season ticket holder, and one of the many that made you who you are today. Without the fans, and without those fans being happy and excited, we are nothing Hal. Especially in New York. Last year we visited disappointed fans, discouraged fans. This year we’re fearing angry fans. Next Christmas Eve do you want to have fans to visit at all?” Hal looks down with shame as the Steinbrenner’s fly off to the next household and to visit the next Yankees fan.

The next stop on this adventure takes the Steinbrenner’s young and old to the house of their GM Brian Cashman. Hal Steinbrenner looked confused and knew where the conversation was going. Hal had just talked to Cashman a few hours ago and Cashman was obviously ruffled when he got off the phone with the new Yankees owner. Cashman had asked for the money for David Price and was laughed at, but not as hard as he was laughed at when he asked to sign Zack Greinke. Cashman was hung up on when he asked to move Brett Gardner in order to sign Jason Heyward and he was simply waved away when he pointed out the fact that Justin Upton was a Top 5 left fielder in the game while Gardner was lucky to be a Top 10 LF in the league. Cashman was given full power by George Steinbrenner before he passed and has only seen that power be taken away once again by Steinbrenner Jr. George and Hal did not talk, they merely listened and let is all sink in. Cashman was on the phone with someone and he was visibly upset. "My hands are tied though. I ask to trade (Andrew) Miller and Gardner to make some room financially and I get shot down. I ask to sign a starting pitcher or piece that we need and I got laughed at. Literally laughed at. I love this team and I would never quit on this team, I am a New Yorker through and through, but my passion is gone." George simply looks over at Hal with disappointment in his eyes as Cashman continues. "I even had to trade Justin Wilson just to make room for Starlin Castro on the roster fiscally. This is a $3.5 billion operation making nearly $600 million in revenue in a year where attendance and YES Network ratings are down across the board. I wish we would start acting like it again." George doesn't have to say a word and Hal is not having fun anymore. As they leave Cashman's study they hear him turn down an offer to go to a rival team for more money because he believes in this team and believes in loyaly. Hal Steinbrenner begins to cry as they head to yet another stop on their tour. 

The final stop on the tour takes the Steinbrenner’s to Hell’s Kitchen to visit a man simply known as Mr. Reed. Mr. Reed is a lifelong veteran and fan of the New York Yankees who, despite his ferocity and angry typing at a whopping five words per minute, knows he’s not as young as he used to be. Reed is a knowledgeable man, although he does struggle with names from time to time, and a good man that just wants to see one more Yankees World Series before he goes on to meet his lord and maker. Mr. Reed, above all, is a patient man. Remember Mr. Reed lived through the later 70’s and 1980’s editions of the New York Yankees and almost snickers when fans complain about going two straight postseasons without a berth or six straight seasons without a World Series. Mr. Reed knows the struggle and the wait in between World Series victories and has learned to cherish them like they all should be cherished. Mr. Reed, much like George, knows that it was the meddling and the controversy that drove much of the mediocrity that followed the post-Bronx is Burning Yankees and The Boss see’s many of those same trends showing their ugly face again. “Hal, I’ve said it many times. Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. Take it from me, I ran this team into the ground once and it was only my ban from the game that allowed the team to turn the farm system around which turned the team, the organization and the city of the Bronx around. It was only then that the dynasty years came to fruition.” George then quickly points out that the ownership driven deals of Rafael Soriano, Ichiro Suzuki, Carlos Beltran and others have not worked out for the team, the organization or the fans. Another common theme amongst the Steinbrenner family and another common theme for Hal specifically, he lowers his head and shame as his father takes him home for yet another Christmas morning.

The Steinbrenner’s barely beat the sun rise home on Christmas Day and Hal is wearing the shame on his face from the previous night. Hal never thought he was meddling and he never truly thought he was being cheap. As far as Hal was concerned the signings of Jacoby Ellsbury and Carlos Beltran had worked out for the team and the team was World Series caliber. As far as Hal was concerned there was no problem with a $3.5 billion franchise wanting to lower payroll and not sign free agents because of a 50% tax levied on each dollar of the contract over the luxury tax threshold. As far as Hal is concerned this team is set to compete for a World Series Championship in 2016. Has Hal learned his lesson and will the Yankees defy the odds in 2016? I guess you’ll have to wait until next Christmas Eve to find out.

Merry Christmas Yankees family. I hope Santa brings you everything you need and most of what you want tonight. I appreciate each and every one of you reading this and I hope you enjoyed the second edition of my novel “George Steinbrenner and the Ghost of Yankees Past.”

Yankees Get Aroldis Chapman!

Breaking news ladies and gentleman, the New York Yankees have acquired Aroldis Chapman from the Cincinnati Reds. More details when they become available but this is exciting!


Per Jack Curry the Yankees will give up four minor league players for Chapman but they will not be one of Aaron Judge, Jorge Mateo, Greg Bird, Gary Sanchez or another elite prospect like that.


The package is in and it includes Rookie Davis, Caleb Cotham, Eric Jagielo and Tony Renda. Even for one season that's a steal.

Most Popular Article of the Week: New Amenities Coming To Yankee Stadium?

By Eliot Podgorsky SEEN HERE

I have been to 15 MLB stadiums so far, and all have different amenities for keeping game attendees entertained. The Mets, for example, have a bunch of activities in centerfield including dunk an opposing fan and whiffle ball in centerfield. The Diamondbacks have a pool, and the Rays have a ray touch tank. The Yankees only have 3 "entertainment" areas that don't cost extra, Monument Park, The Yankee Museum and a pitching mound. On occasion the Yankees partner with a sponsor for special promotions such as the "Say Goodbye to Mariano Rivera Booth."

The Arizona Diamondbacks Pool

Yesterday I received an interesting email from the Yankees with the invitation to take a survey regarding my experiences as a season ticket holder at Yankee Stadium. The point of the survey seemed to be gathering information on increasing entertainment value of fans and game attendees.

The Yankees survey focused on two entertainment types. "In Stadium Family Entertainment Zones" and "In-Stadium Social Gathering Spaces

In-Stadium Family Entertainment Zones are described as "A number of Major League Baseball stadiums also include a variety of family entertainment zones located throughout the concourses and in the outfield. In stadium family entertainment zones are to be open to all fans regardless of seat location, and generally include activities such as a batting cage, pitching mound, home run derby, jungle gym, and other such interactive games."

In-Stadium Social Gathering Spaces are described as "Popular general fan enhancements have also included the addition of a variety of new social gathering spaces located throughout stadium concourses. In-stadium social gathering spaces are open to all fans regardless of seat location, and provide areas for fans to congregate and socialize before and during the game. In-stadium social gathering spaces generally offer high-top tables and other standing-room-only spaces (including a fire pit area), as well as TV monitors and areas for fans to purchase general stadium food and beverage options.

The Yankees seem to be ready to move on three potential entertainment enhancements.
  • Stadium Terrace - The In-Stadium Social Gathering Spaces. They mention the fire pit area again, they must really want a fire pit.
  • Loge & Group Party Areas - Accommodates 4-8 people in prime seating locations these areas. Think of this as a smaller luxury suite with drinks, catering, TV and more.
  • Centerfield Lounge - This appears to be an expansion of the seats that are above the Mohegan Sun Sports Bar in centerfield. The description mentions areas to "mingle and network", a "chef-inspired menu featuring locally-sourced ingredients" and "in-seat technology" amongst other amenities like TV.
They better put these far away from any A-Bombs and Tex-Messages

All these entertainment areas seem to be catering to the casual fan as an alternative to the traditional game atmosphere.

What do you think of the Yankee Stadium and the Yankees possibly adding more entertainment areas? If you have any questions about the survey, feel free to tweet me @EliotRants.

Yankees Bench: What About Chris Johnson?

The New York Yankees have built a team around youth, defense and versatility recently and the plan is finally starting to come to fruition. The additions of Didi Gregorius and Starlin Castro up the middle with the veteran stalwarts Chase Headley and Mark Teixeira at the corners has given the Yankees potentially one of the best defensive infields in recent memory but what about the Yankees bench? At this point it looks like Aaron Hicks will be there as the fourth outfielder, Gary Sanchez will back up Brian McCann and give Alex Rodriguez an occasional day off at the DH position and Dustin Ackley will play all over the infield and the outfield. New York may have room for one more guy on the bench, assuming Pete Kozma doesn't win a job out of spring training, and that job may go to Chris Johnson.

If you look at the most glaring hole on the Yankees bench right now it is the fact that the team lacks a true third base option. Chase Headley led the team in games played last season for that very reason, the Yankees lack serious third base options. Castro is the current backup at third base although he hasn't played more than seven games at the position and those were all in the minors. Brendan Ryan was an option but he was traded to the Chicago Cubs as a player to be named later in the Castro deal and has not been re-signed since the Cubs let him go a mere week later. Johnson is an option for New York after the Cleveland Indians designated him for assignment and released him before working out a deal with another team on a trade. What would Johnson bring to the table?

Johnson is listed as a third baseman and first baseman according to Baseball Reference and he hits from the right side, three checks on the Yankees want list. While New York lacks a true backup at third base the team also lacks a true backup at first as well with Greg Bird in the minor leagues and Johnson could fill both those holes. It would also allow Headley to get more rest, especially against left-handed pitching, keeping him fresh longer throughout the season. Johnson hit .326/.354/.391 against left-handed pitching last year while Headley hit just .283/.335/.408 in almost double the at bats.

Johnson hit much better with the Indians in 2015 than he did with the Braves suggesting that maybe a change of scenery could help the third baseman harness whatever he had during his good 2010, 2012 and 2013 seasons. Something about putting on the Yankees pinstripes can revitalize a guy, even if he's just 31 years old like Johnson. You would think since Johnson passed through waivers and was not traded after his DFA that many teams aren't knocking down his doors so maybe the Yankees can find lightning in a bottle with him. Or maybe they will just bring Brendan Ryan back....

Remembering 2015: Mark Teixeira Highlights

Updated 2016 MLB Draft Order

The Washington Nationals pulled some last minute Christmas shopping last week and signed former New York Mets infielder Daniel Murphy to a three-year deal. Murphy was offered a qualifying offer by the Mets and rejected the offer leaving Washington to sacrifice a first round draft pick for his services. This is Yankees-related news because the Yankees move up another slot in the draft while the Nationals have to wait until at least the second round to pick. Let's take a look at the updated 2016 MLB Draft order after the Nationals signed Murphy.

1. Phillies
2. Reds
3. Braves
4. Rockies
5. Brewers
6. Athletics
7. Marlins
8. Padres
9. Tigers
10. White Sox
11. Mariners
12. Red Sox
13. Rays
14. Orioles
15. Indians
16. Twins
17. Angels
18. Astros
19. Yankees

Remember the first 10 picks are protected every single season so every pick from the Phillies pick to the White Sox pick is protected no matter what they do or who they sign. This offseason 20 free agents were offered qualifying offers with three of those players accepting their deals. Two players, Marco Estrada and Hisashi Iwakuma, went back to their original teams leaving nine players left on the market that are linked to draft pick compensation. Theoretically, although highly unlikely, the Yankees could climb all the way to the 11th spot in the draft. 

This Day In New York Yankees History 12/28: Two New Stadiums in New York

On this day in 2001 outgoing Mayor Rudy Giuliani announced that both the New York Yankees and Mets have reached a tentative deal with New York City to build a pair of retractable roof $800 million stadiums. Mayor elect Michael Bloomberg will ultimately have the final say in what would be the biggest private-public venture in baseball history.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Trenton Thunder Press Release: Thunder Fans Make Holiday Wishes Come True

The 11th annual Trenton Thunder Gift of Baseball program, giving fans the chance to share the experience of cheering on the hometown team with underprivileged families in our community, wrapped up on Wednesday.

For each Season Ticket, Pic-A-Plan and Mini Plan purchased from November 23 through December 23, the Thunder provided ticket packages for families in the Holiday Gift Outreach program run by the Children's Home Society of New Jersey to attend a 2016 Thunder game.

"We're thrilled to support a great organization like the Children's Home Society of New Jersey with this program," said Thunder GM/COO Jeff Hurley. "Our fans deserve a big thank you for their participation."

This year the Gift of Baseball program provided 944 tickets to CHSofNJ, the most in the history of the program. Since its inception in 2005, the Gift of Baseball program has helped the Thunder donate 7,924 tickets to CHSofNJ.

The Children's Home Society of New Jersey provides at-risk children and their families with a range of services that empower them to achieve their potential. They are child-oriented, family focused, community based and outcome-oriented.

The 2016 season, the 23rd in franchise history, will begin at ARM & HAMMER Park on April 7 when the Thunder host the Erie SeaWolves (Detroit Tigers) at 7:00 p.m. Groups, season tickets, Pic-A-Plans and mini plans for the 2016 season are on sale now at or by calling 609-394-3300.

Recapping the Yankees Offseason Thus Far...


Yankees traded Jose Pirela to the San Diego Padres for RHP Ronald Herrera.

Yankees traded John Ryan Murphy to the Minnesota Twins for OF Aaron Hicks.


Yankees protect Johnny Barbato, Rookie Davis and Ben Gamel from the Rule 5 Draft.


Yankees sign Pete Kozma and Diego Moreno to minor league deals.


Domingo German elects free agency


Yankees trade Adam Warren and a PTBNL for second baseman Starlin Castro.


Yankees trade Justin Wilson to Detroit for Luis Cessa and Chad Green.


Yankees lose Jake Cave to the Cincinnati Reds and Evan Rutckyj to the Atlanta Braves in the Rule 5 Draft.


Yankees sign Domingo German to a minor league deal.


The Yankees send Brendan Ryan to Chicago as the PTBNL to complete the Castro/Warren deal.

Yankees 2015 Minor League Suspensions Recap

Baseball America is awesome, we all know that. They bring us the best of the best when it comes to all things Yankees prospects and prospects in general. Unfortunately they cover it all though and that included the Yankees minor league suspensions from this season. CLICK HERE for the entire article but I will sample the Yankees related material below.

Yankees SS Holman Miranda
Suspension Length: 72 games
Violating Substances: metabolites of Nandrolone

Miranda, 17, hit .246/.366/.324 for the Yankees’ DSL2 team this summer. The 5-foot-11, 175-pound shortstop is a switch hitter who signed with the Yankees in March.


 Yankees RHPs Anderson Acevedo, Anthoniris Santana and Carlos Santana
Suspension Length: 72 games
Violating Substances: metabolites of Stanozolol
The suspensions of the three players, who are all currently on the Yankees’ DSL roster, are effective immediately. Acevedo, 21, is 0-1, 4.76; Anthoniris Santana, 20, is 1-1, 6.00, and Carlos Santana, 20, is 0-0, 3.24.


Yankees RHP Wilking Rodriguez
Suspension Length: 80 games
Violating Substances: Furosemide
Rodriguez, now 25, was signed to a minor league deal by the Yankees this winter. He was originally signed as an international free agent by Devil Rays on Feb. 26, 2007 and rose as high as No. 17 in Tampa Bay’s organization. At his best, Rodriguez has a 90-95 mph fastball with natural tailing action that makes it difficult for opponents to barrel. Following seven years in the Rays’ organization, Rodriguez spent 2014 in the Royals’ organization, reaching the majors for two games, before signing with the Yankees. He had not pitched yet this season after spending time in big league camp.


Yankees RHP Moises Cedeno
Suspension Length: 72 games
Violating Substances: Clenbuterol
Cedeno, signed by the Yankees in 2011 out of Panama for $354,800, has spent the past three seasons in the DSL with varying degrees of success. Last season, he was 4-4, 3.23 and averaged more than a strikeout per inning. When he signed he was touted for his fastball (93 mph) and what scouts termed an advanced changeup. He won’t turn 20 until Aug. 29.


Yankees RHP Brayan Alcantara
Suspension Length: 72 games
Violating Substances: metabolites of Stanozolol
The 6-foot-1, 170-pound Alcantara, now 21, has pitched in the Dominican Summer League the past three seasons with varying degrees of success. In 2014, he was 1-4, 4.21, but had a career-low 3.16 BB/9.


Yankees SS Tyler Palmer
Suspension Length: 50 games
Violating Substances: amphetamines and drug of abuse (second positive test)
Palmer, 22, was drafted by the Marlins in the fourth round in 2011 but was hampered by a hand injury that required three surgeries. He finished his amateur career in 2014 at Thomas (Ga.) and was the top prospect in the NAIA before he was signed by the Yankees as a nondrafted free agent in June. He slashed .262/.354/.443 in the Rookie-level GCL.