Thursday, March 24, 2016

Yankees ST: Tampa Bay Rays @ New York Yankees 3/24

The Tampa Bay Rays are fresh off their game with the Havana national team and are fresh off the plane from Cuba to face off with the New York Yankees inside George M. Steinbrenner Field. The Yankees will send CC Sabathia to the mound looking to take the next step towards securing the Yankees 5th starter spot out of spring training.

The game will be played at 6:35 pm ET but unfortunately the game cannot be seen or listened to live anywhere at this time.


    Tonight, right out of the gate, it's CC Sabathia. One of the worst
    starters in MLB. And he wants to be the Yankees fifth starter !

    This is utter nonsense. Throw the knee brace into the Gulf of Mexico,
    and lets find a pitcher. Enough of batting practice pitching.

    Yes, Sabathia was a fine pitcher, but so was Whitey Ford. Like Ford, the
    curtain has reached the floor for Sabathia also. My new flat screen
    will be tested tonight.
    I suggest sending Sabathia back to California, and finding a new home
    for Ivan Nova. Somewhere out there, there has to be someone better than those two.

    COWBOY-UP, somehow does not fit the tattooed covered Sabathia.
    Perhaps....Happy trails ?

    1. As long as Hal owns the team the contract will always dictate the playing time. It's a sad truth and realization that I think we all need to get used to going forward.

  2. Still pissin' in the wind....
    Today Forbes came out with their MLB team valuations.

    Guess what ? The NY Yankees are rated highest, at $3.4 billion.
    One could do a lot of damage with that financial clout.
    Like obtaining a #5 pitcher that other teams could not hammer
    every fifth day.
    Why go on. Cowboy-up....send in the clowns.

    1. Ya 3.4 Billion and as I always say we spend money like we are purchasing a happy meal. As Reed has said in the past that Hal is behind this and I agree with him, not sure if he still feels that way now. Its pretty pathetic when you're outspent in the off season by the Mets who have more of a financial deficit then the US government. Its downright embarrassing

    2. Ken H...Right you are!
      Hal AND Cashman are the ones behind this, although I think with the players (that were) out there this year, I suspect he would have picked up someone as our #1 or #2 pitcher or player if Hal would have let him.
      Other than one player that could have made a difference he and Hal are on the same page in regards with the Farm system...they just have different reasons.

    3. I think Cashman probably wants to acquire all the top talent on the free agent market which would make his job easier and his job security more plentiful.

      I don't really buy that Cashman wanted to acquire Aaron Hicks and a soon-to-be-suspended Aroldis Chapman this winter when he could have had David Price and a slew of other top tier free agents.

      He did what Hal told him to do, like always. We've seen what Cashman will do when given money. CC Sabathia, Mark Teixeira, AJ Burnett and Nick Swisher. Acquire Alex Rodriguez. Sign Jason Giambi. For better or worse.

    4. Maybe you're giving Cashman to much credit. Maybe it was George wanting to sign those FA's because he knew that you have to spend money to make money. Hal has not figured that out. Years past you wouldn't be able to get a ticket to a Yankee spring training game. Now look at all the empty seats. The same thing will happen at Yankee stadium once this team falls out of contention. I gave up my tickets this year. If Hal isn't spending money then I'm not spending money. Buy out the players that Reed mentioned and give the young kids shot, or start adding FA stars again.

    5. Daniel, you know Cashman didn't want A-Rod, Teixeira and AJ Burnett nor did he want Roger Clemens...Right? But George did!

    6. George wasn't really around the team in 2009 so no I don't believe Cashman didn't want AJ or Teixeira. George was well on his way out around that time, he was a brittle shell of his former self when the Yankees showcased that World Series trophy to him and when he was being carted around in 2008 at the final year in the Stadium.

      He may not have wanted Clemens and I know he didn't want Alex, either time.

    7. Daniel, I don't want to defend cash but, I think we have discussed the "Tampa Cabal" a time or two.
      It could have been Cashman going Crazy and getting the guys in Tampa to sign off on them. Who knows?

  3. I'm all about the 17th rated farm system in MLB. I believe you need to build within, however you also need to add players via FA and this Coupon Clipper shows you he only cares about HIS WALLET and not winning like George did. The value of the Yankees increased from last years value and we stood pat. Players are coming off the books and we stood still. Sorry Reed there are players on this roster that need to be gone like Patrick states. Absorb CC's contract and stop blocking a younger player from the roster spot. Hal cares so much about the farm but he blocks the players from reaching it because of higher salaried players. You can't have it both ways Hal

    1. Ken H....
      Welcome to the club, I think I have been saying that for many, many years.
      If one takes a look at what most of the top players sign for, think of it this way; They all wanted long and very high $$$$ for their services. Which would have put us back into the same situation in a few years?

      We have 7 out of 25 players on our team right now that needed to be dealt with as "King George" would have...Pay some of their money and trade them or just cut them and eat the $$$$!
      We have CC, Ells, Brett, Beltran, blocking players right now. But for this year the only one that would be replaced is CC and maybe (midseason) Beltran.
      Brett and Ells (IF given enough rest) can be very effective for us for another year or so.
      And you are right..."Hal can't have it both will be his way!".

    2. Not that i'm sticking up for Cashman or Hal or the team by any means but if you want to go back to the way things were we wouldn't have these young guys being blocked. They would have been traded years ago. It's definitely a bit of a Catch 22.

    3. Hal has to get his alligator arms out and start adding payroll as we are going to be in a cluster F_ _k in a few years when our arms are due to enter FA. I can't stand it when a 3.4 billion dollar business is acting like they are broke. It's BS

    4. I just said about the same thing in my picks for 2018 team. That was the reason for picking those I did
      We have somewhere (I forget) around 6 or so players up for FA in 2018/2020...good players! That was the reason for picking those I did.
      I also mentioned a few times we should pick up a young player that is a game changer to play with what we have coming up the pipe line. A pitcher or a position player. We don't need 3 or 4 players.
      All our big game hitters are getting to the end of their game, same thing with CC and Dellin is 28 this year, how long can he go as a closer in another two years.
      Hal, use some of your money for a big time player!

    5. You're right Reed however this clown aka Hal isn't spending so fast. I'd be surprised if he spent money in 2017 even though a nice piece of change is coming off the books. I'm telling you now that I think we will be finishing in 3rd this year. Baltimore isn't that bad and Tampa always gives the Yanks problems. If we run into the injury bug especially on the pitching staff things could get ugly

    6. I think I have the Yankees at 3rd place also. Depending on the rest they give Ells, Brett, A-Rod, Tex, Beltran, McCann and Dellin. Last year they all wore out!

    7. Girardi will push them as he probably fears not making the PO spell doom for him. I don't believe that to be the case, however I think people are forgetting about the O's. They and the Ray's play the Yanks tough, I still feel Toronto is better than the Yanks and the Roid Sux seem to pull their worst to first shit every few years.

    8. Agree with you Hans. Joe managed like his job was on the line quite a bit last season. The way he handled the pitching staff was downright atrocious at times last season. Remember the game where Dellin Betances came in with a six run lead?

    9. Well I guess that makes three of us.
      Look Joe knows; Brett plays all-out, all the time...he is the one guy that needs rest! Ells needs some rest but I would not worry about him as much as Brett. A-Rod, Tex, McCann and Beltran need rest also.
      The pitchers in the BP were misused a lot last year...almost as much as Joe T did.
      Hell, all of them need more rest than they got last year, if he played all position players a max of 145/150 games for the regular season the guys would still have legs for the play-offs.

    10. Assuming they would make the playoffs Reed

    11. You got that right Ken....
      We all know in the "Beast of the East" division, it is almost always a crap shoot to make the play offs let alone get to the WS.

  4. BRYAN MITCHEL.....pitches his heart out, and deserves his time
    to grow. He has earned it, give him the fifth slot !

    'Earned it'...that is key. It does not ally to all equally.
    The fifth worse starter in MLB, Sabathia, will be given the fifth spot
    in the rotation because ?...Because he stinks, and is paid well.

    Throw that knee brace to the recycling basket, buy him a drink,
    and move on.

    1. Now I spell like another.
      I misspelled Bryan Mitchell.
      I misspelled...apply.

      Sorry...this Sabathia thing has me bent out of sorts.

    2. Patrick...
      Relax a bit, we all know how the Yankees play the contracts, not the talent.
      My hope is that Bryan can take over for Warren I think he will be more valuable doing that than being a starter!
      Just my opinion!

    3. Hmmmmm ? You want Mitchell to be a long / middle guy ?
      Sabathia, at you a 5-6 win season this year.
      With every excuse in the book for failings.

      My grandmother is dead, and she was rated only one spot behind Sabathia.

      While you're working your floor, chew on this..Jesus Montero
      placed on waivers today by Mariners.
      Four years ago, he was the next Munson.

    4. Ken, if we are supposed to have the dominant tanaka, the rising star severino, and nathan eovaldi that everyone swears is fantastic and "breaking out," there wouldnt be a need for some savior Long man/setup man/spot starter. So why bother having this guy in the bullpen to jump in when the 4th and 5th starter suck it in the 3rd inning? That's the role of chris capuano! but he's easy to replace.

      Let Ivan nova and sabathia take that role. When they prove themselves there, then give them a chance at spot start.

      Give me a break! and dont give me that stuff "he's a competitor, he doesn't plan on sucking it." When you repeatedly get hammered, you know it!

      Look at how lincecum was used when he started to suck. The sense of entitlement in new york is complete junk.

    5. Who said anything about what should be or could have been, I am a realist and sometimes a bit of an optimist (IF and when the talent is there). The starting rotation if healthy all year can be as good as any other team in the league. The reality is, we need a good long man to step in when needed, that takes a special type of guy, a damn good pitcher. One could have the best five starters ever played and would still need a long man, 7th inning guy, 8th and closer there has never been a pitcher that has ever been seen to have his "A" Game every time he goes to the Mound.
      No, IF CC and Nova are beaten out of a starting role by anyone (Mitchell?) then send CC to the DL or Cut him but more likely just send him down for a few weeks. Nova can try the BP long man job.
      OK, ok, Yes, sometimes I am an optimist!

    6. I always find that the individual performing best should play. Especially when the current player is performing so poorly. If you're pitching to a 6 ERA or batting under .200, over the course of two months, you should be taken out, because something isnt right.

      And unless you are in "win now" mode, ie say you are renting David Price for a year, or losing a star to free agency, younger players should be given more playing time IF they earned it. If the guy is smoking hot in AAA, but the player in the Bronx is playing good enough, then tough. but if you're tremendously underperforming, then there should be worries.

      These guys are professionals, and Cashman constantly says this is a business. The only business that I know that runs like this is the government lol.

    7. Ok Ok Ok, Ill stop my pessimism. I get it. We play the contracts. Stupid, it's what we call a sunk cost, but whatever.

      So Ill give pitchers 5 starts before I complain again, and position players 2 months. Fair?

    8. You can have the best pitching staff in the league and you still need/want a long man. Rain outs happen, double headers happen, pitchers have bad nights, extra innings etc. There's nothing wrong with having a long man and having a long man has no bearing on the starting rotation.

      And to agree with patrick, give the 5th spot to Mitchell. They won't but then again why would they? They preach spring competitions and then send the best guys down or in remedial roles while the contracts dictate the playing time.

      It's the new Yankee way.

  5. Nova sucks and CC is beyond sucking. I'm no Mitchell fan as he wet the bed last year, however I'm sick and tired we aren't spending money to upgrade this team, so that being said Hal and Elf start practicing what you preach and use the farm system. If that means giving Mitchell or any other youngster a shot I'm all for it. Cut bait and move on with these two scrubs

  6. All you guys are my opinion!
    We have a dilemma...
    Every game counts for the Yankees this year as always. The team must find two pitchers in place of CC and Nova...NOW!
    Nova can work out of the BP, but CC must get out of town, it is only $25,000,000 this year and next year. Or find a way to DL him for over 35 days, if so we only owe him for this year.
    Mitchell is a good pitcher and unless we have someone that is better (at Warrens' job) he should get the chance to be the swing man. We have a pitcher, or five, just waiting for a chance to be the #5 starter. Not everyone can be a good swing man, so it may end up being a trial and error situation.

    1. stop ganging up on Reed! Lol.

    2. As it is us three with Patricks help, we must gang up on someone...have fun and do your best it is time to have fun guys!

      It is almost like there are people out there that think there are more important things then Baseball...!?!?

      Why, I don't understand!
      The world is going to go to hell no matter what we do...that is history people. But I have faith in the People of this country once they wake up.

      So let's get going on something we can all yell and beat ourselves up 2016. Thanks to Daniel!

      I have no idea who is the best choice for #5 starter or the Swing man. I do know I don't want any part of CC for sure and Nova...maybe!
      Anyone have any ideas?

    3. I can tell you one thing, the best option is not going to be CC Sabathia. He may be the most inspirational and the greatest leader that leads be example but he just doesn't have it anymore. Thank goodness he's a fifth starter.

      New York will likely skip his start once or two at the beginning of the season just because.

    4. That is where we disagree a lot Daniel,

      I would even go with Jordan Montgomery in the 5th spot over CC. He is 23 and left handed...and rated as a sure thing #5 starter or swing man.

      Ian is 21 years old and has shown good talent and we need a left hander in the starting rotation. IF he can do the job let him do it, he can be babied along for maybe 20+ starts this year. In fact he and "Kappy" Kaprielian could be interchangeable on the "Gong Train".

  7. Burch if the Yankee way as you state continues you will see a mass exodus of fans especially if they continue to not make the playoffs or just make the play in game like last year. Refsnyder should be called YOYO as thats what the yanks do to this kid. They are ruining him and others right before our eyes. Its the same thing with Lindgren and by the way Hal the genius baseball mind stated all winter Pazos was untouchable and the real deal for what triple A? These clowns running this organization make it very difficult to feel good about the direction this team is headed.

  8. What a fine pick-up last season.

    The Yankees sent reliever Kelly, to San Diego, for what was thought
    to be an injured young pitcher....named Johnny Barbato. This could be a heist.
    Barbato throws mid nineties, with a good hard slider, and the
    real killer...his curve. Terrific !
    Barbato, like his curve, has been outstanding all spring.
    Love the young additions auditioning.

    * Sabathia will never be Sabathia again. It will only get worse.

    * Nova' ship has sailed. Maybe even sunk. Like watching a B rated movie
    for the second time. You know how it ends.

    1. This Yankee thing has got to be changed. I don't care what a player has done in the past...we all loose it sooner or later and CC has lost it.

      This team can't afford to lose any games that they have a chance of winning...none, not one, nada, and cobbant!

      Putting CC out there for even 16 games means we may win 5/6 of those games and use up our BP. Having Mitchell pitch 20+ games means we have a better chance of winning 15+ games...he also can pitch more than 4/5 innings.

      Those 8/10 games CC loses could be the turning point in the season, the difference between play-off and going home.

      Like I said way up there somewhere, #5 pitcher is open for any but not CC (or Nova, yet)!

    2. MY KNEES ARE SHAKING !...The tournament is over ? Dam!

      Has it come to this...a battle of powerhouses for the fifth spot
      has been decided ?
      Sabathia has risen to the top of the mountain ? By pitching four innings ?

      Some now say he has defeated the great Nova. Are they afraid to
      tell Sabathia that it is a draw ? You both stink ?

      Did they lower Sabathia's bar ? To be better than Nova, who will not be here next year, nor even in the near future ?

      Bottom line...the Yankees release, and absorb his salary,....
      .....which contending team are they afraid of will sign him ?
      Dodgers ? St Louis ? Houston ?.....answer : No one.

      Slot the young arms in, and lets get the F- moving in a
      positive direction. So simple.

    3. Talking to the wrong people Patrick....
      Try Hal, but that is a waist of time too!
      All told, it would be about $50,000,000 owed to really believe Hal would pay for nothing? He won't pay for a star player why would he do it for CC? I would, in a heart beat.


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