Friday, August 24, 2012

The Greedy Pinstripes Live Chat 8/24/12

Has ended for the night! Check in next time!

Yankees @ Indians 8/24/12


Back to back doubles by Jeter and Swisher quickly make it 1-0 Yankees
Swish Bomb! Swisher has all 3 Yankees RBIs 3-1 Yankees
#UNTUCK Yankees win 3-1

The Yankees come into Cleveland off the heels of a sweep by the hands of the Chicago Whitesox to face the Indians in a three game weekend series. On the mound tonight will be the Yankees CC Sabathia fresh off the DL with elbow stiffness. He will be facing off against Corey Kluber for the Indians. The game will be televised at 7:05 pm ET on MY9.


Derek Jeter SS
Nick Swisher RF
Robinson Cano 2B
Mark Teixeira 1B
Curtis Granderson CF
Eric Chavez 3B
Russell Martin C
Raul Ibanez DH
Ichiro Suzuki LF

Go Yankees!!

Red Sox Close To Blockbuster Mega Deal With LA Dodgers


The deal is being held up because the Red Sox have not got permission from Josh Beckett, who has 10 and 5 rights, or Carl Crawford, who has a partial no trade clause. 

The "top prospect" looks like it is going to be Allen Webster from the Dodgers 

The deal would include the Dodgers sending Rubby De La Rosa (as a PTBNL since he did not clear waivers), James Loney, Jerry Sands, Ivan DeJesus, and another top prospect to the Red Sox

MLB rules stipulate that the only way Carl Crawford can be traded, since he is on the DL, is as a Player To Be Named Later. 

Nick Punto is now attending a clubhouse meeting with Adrian Gonzalez

Adrian Gonzalez has been scratched from tonight's start for Boston

James Loney has been scratched from his start tonight in Los Angeles

Adrian Gonzalez does NOT have the Dodgers listed on his No Trade List.

The Dodgers are talking of including Rubby De La Rosa, Jerry Sands Allen Webster, and Zach Lee in some sort of combination. I do not see all of them going but you never know. 

The Red Sox are close to agreeing  to trade SP Josh Beckett, 1B Adrian Gonzalez, INF Nick Punto, and LF Carl Crawford to the Dodgers after being awarded waiver claims on them. The Red Sox have agreed to send cash to the Dodgers and the Dodgers will be sending prospects to Boston.

The Dodgers new website name is and we are currently in a legal battle for the domain #sarcasm.

Happy 29th Birthday Brett Gardner

Happy 29th Birthday to Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner. He has almost a year for every at bat this season which is kind of sad when you think about it. Enjoy your day Brett!

Looking At The AL East Disabled Lists

My post about the Yankees 2012 Disabled list, seen HERE, got me thinking on how this injury riddled season stacks up against everyone else. Now granted that post took me a very long time to do and I do not plan on doing one that detailed for every team but rather I am going to look at all the teams CURRENT disabled lists and compare them.

Today we're going to start with the AL East. Here is an up to date look at the standings.

These are the disabled list and salaries of every team in the AL East.

Toronto Blue Jays

13 Players Currently On DL
$27.75 Million On DL of $75,489,200
36.77% of Total Payroll

Brett Lawrie - 483 K
JP Arencibia - 490 K
Adam Lind - 5 Million
Jose Bautista - 14 Million
Jason Frasor - 3.75 Million
Luis Perez - 486 K
Robert Coello - 400 K
Drew Hutchinson - 400 K
Kyle Drabek - 486 K
Brandon Morrow - 4 Million
Sergio Santos - 1 Million
Jesse Litsch - 975 K
Dustin McGowan - 600 K

Tampa Bay Rays

4 Players Currently On DL
$8.75 Million On DL of $64,173,500
13.64% of Total Payroll

Luke Scott - 6 Million
Jeff Niemann - 2.75 Million
Brandon Guyer - 400 K
Robinson Chirinos - 481 K

New York Yankees

11 Players Currently On DL
$76.30 Million On DL of $197,962,289
38.54% of Total Payroll

CC Sabathia - 23 Million
Alex Rodriguez - 29 Million
Andy Pettitte - 2.5 Million
Mariano Rivera - 15 Million
Brett Gardner - 2.8 Million
Cesar Cabral - 480 K
Michael Pineda - 528 K
Brad Meyers - 480 K
Austin Romine - 482 K
David Aardsma - 500 K
Pedro Feliciano - 4 Million

Boston Red Sox

10 Players Currently On DL
 $43.08 Million On DL of $173,186,617
24.87% of Total Payroll

Will Middlebrooks - 925 K
Vicente Padilla - 1.5 Million
Ryan Sweeney - 1.75 Million
Daniel Nava - 417 K
David Ortiz - 14.575 Million
Scott Atchison - 510 K
Daisuke Matsuzaka - 10 Million
Rich Hill - 725 K
John Lackey - 15.25 Million
Felix Doubront - 485 K

Baltimore Orioles

10 Players Currently On DL
$21.70 Million On DL of  $81,428,999
26.65% of Total Payroll

Troy Patton - 484 K
Wilson Betemit - 1 Million
Ryan Flaherty - 480 K
Jim Thome - 1.25 Million
Jason Hammel - 4.75 Million
Brian Roberts - 10 Million
Nick Johnson - 800 K
Stu Pomeranz - 570 K
Nolan Reimold - 490 K
Tsuyoshi Wada - 4.7 Million

Is there any correlation between the injuries and the standings? I do not know so you be the judge. Leave me a comment in the comment box because I am always down for baseball debate and banter.

Predicting The September Call Ups

September 1st, 2012. The rosters expand all across major league baseball from 25 active players to 40 active players. This can be a fun time, especially if your team basically has the division locked up, because you see a lot of young guys get their first taste of the show and see injured guys auditioning for next season. Only players on the 40 man roster, seen HERE, are eligible to be called up to the big leagues. No player can be added to the 40 man roster and be playoff roster eligible if added after August 31st. Here is who I expect to see up with the big league club this September.


Pedro Feliciano seems to be recovered, finally, from his shoulder surgery he got before he ever threw a pitch for the Yankees. I do not expect much out of him, especially with two lefties in Logan and Rapada already on the team, but ANYTHING we can get out of him will be nice. He is definitely auditioning for his next contract next season.

David Aardsma is back from tommy john surgery and now back from his latest setback that interrupted his last rehab assignment. The only way he would make the playoff roster would be if he beat out Eppley, which I do not see, or the Yankees decided not to carry both Phelps and Freddy Garcia. It is unlikely but this guy used to be a closer and is used to the big spots so I would like to watch him especially closely this September to see if he can help us towards #28. Reports say that he will not be back this season but he insists that he will so I am going to be optimistic here. 

Ryota Igarashi is not going to come up after being outrighted to AAA Empire State Yankees. This is a real head scratcher in my opinion but if it means more innings for guys like Adam Warren then I am all for it. 

Cory Wade has already had an option used this season and it does not hurt to bring him up and let him regain some confidence. Expect to see him try to rebuild some faith from Brian Cashman before he becomes a free agent. 

Adam Warren may come up and get his feet a little wetter this September out of the bullpen. I do not expect him to start unless we have a double header or we are trying to set up our playoff rotation by giving a guy a day off or two. Option has been used and I do not expect the AAA Empire State Yankees to go very far in the AAA playoffs. After going into the 8th with a no hitter in the minors I think we need to strike on him while the iron is hot.

*Note* We will not see Justin Thomas, Brad Meyers, Cesar Cabral, Mariano Rivera, or Michael Pineda come up or see any action due to everyone but Thomas being on the 60 day DL and done for the season.


Francisco Cervelli has not seen the big league club since Spring Training and will most definitely see them again in September. He can give guys like Chris Stewart and Russell Martin a break and rest those legs for the playoffs.

Austin Romine MAY come up just to get some work in and such after missing much of the season with a lingering back injury. Four catchers is a bit of overkill but what are you going to do. The good thing is reports say he is completely healthy. 

Brandon Laird/Ramiro Pena/Eduardo Nunez all fit the same mold and category. All have very minor experience in the majors but will probably come up and get another cup of coffee. They will be nothing more then late inning replacements or guys used as fillers to give our veterans some needed rest and days off before the playoffs.

Zoilo Almonte would be a very interesting site in Yankees Stadium although I think it may be a bit premature. He seems like the closest outfield prospect that we have to the majors that seems like he will be a legitimate major league player. Many expected him to be ready to fill in for Nick Swisher next year but has not seen AAA Empire State yet so it is unlikely.

Melky Mesa might actually get a call to get his feet wet in the majors, whether he see's time or not is another thing, after getting a call up to AAA. He still has raw power and all the tools to be a major leaguer but is still pretty far away in my opinion. 

*Note* We will not see Corban Joseph, David Adams, or Brett Gardner as they are all too far away or injured in Gardner's case. Although David Adams and Corban Joseph are hitting a lot better lately so you never know.