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Hello there Fans. In folllow up to my post a few days ago, titled Paulie Paulie, I have decided to poll the Yankees Fans. So the question is should the Yankees retire the number 21? 

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Fan Time 8-20-2108 

Hello again my fellow Yankee Fans, it is that time again. Today our Yankee fan comes from Maryland. 😎 Yes Yankee fans are all over the place. 

While today’s guest is only 14 years old, I think it is very refreshing to hear from our youth. Baseball news, and chatter is almost always reported by adults, so getting the viewpoint from a younger fan should be fun.  Without further ado lest get started.  

Jay: Hello there my young sir. Kindly let everyone know your name. 

I am Jonah Halper. 

Jay: Great to Have you Jonah. 

How long have you been a Yankee Fan ?

Jonah: Ive been a Yankee fan since birth, my dad is from the Bronx.

Jay: Very cool. Glad to see even with living in Maryland you are still a Yankee Fan! 

1st Yankee memory you remember ??

Jonah: Just watching games with my dad at home and the occasional trip to Orioles park to see the Yankees. 

Jay: That must be a nice experience. I myself want to see the Yankees play there. How is Orioles Park? Anything that stands out? 

Jonah: A beautiful park with a terrible team. The people are nice and the park is well kept. Cheap to go to as well. I would love to go back when I can.  

Jay: Sounds like it would be a pleasant trip, can’t wait to check it out for myself. 

Biggest Yankee memory you have?

Jonah: Going to Severinos first win at yankee stadium. It was my first trip to Yankee Stadium. Jay: That must have been awesome!! I remember watching that game on TV.  How did you like the Stadium? 

Jonah: The stadium was very pretty and well kept. Crowded but worth it. It’s very expensive but the ticket were given to us. Jay: Yes attendant Yankee game can be very expensive, but worth every penny.  

Favorite all time Yankee and Why?

Jonah: My favorite all time Yankee that played in my life would be Rivera, Jeter or Rodriguez. I have fond memories of all three.Jay: I can see how it would be hard to choose between the 3.    

Would the Yanks be better if Joe was still the manager or was Boone the better choice?

Jonah: Joe was a fine manager and I loved his style and I do believe we would be better with Joe as the skipper.

Jay: Very fair point. I was happy that he was replaced however. It was time for a change. 

In your opinion what’s the Best trade deadline move the Yankees made ? 

Jonah: I think the obvious answer would be the acquisition of Happ or Lynn. Both have pitched well for the bombers.

Jay: I am leaning more toward Happ myself. I just feel he brings a little more IT factor with him. However very happy we brought them both in. 

With Judge and Sanchez both on DL what would your lineup look like now ? 

Jonah: I would like to see Hicks Leadoff Torres 2nd Andujar 3rd Stanton 4th Gregarious 5th Romine 6th Bird 7th Walker 8th just figure out 9th depending on who deserves it. 

Jay:  Hmm very interesting.  Only thing I’d have to consider swapping is Stanton back to 2.  Having him 4th might mean 1 less at bat.  At the moment he is our best hitter and should be giving any extra at bat possible. 

Who from next years free agent class do you sign? 

Jonah:  I would like to see one big free agent like  Machado this year or Trout after the 2020 season. 

A pitcher would be great as well.

Jay: I would love to see Mike in pinstripes, however I don’t see him leaving the Angels. 😰

What is your all time Yankee team using only players you have seen play ? (Tv or live) lineup and all. Full 25 man roster.....players can’t play out of position.  

Jonah: 1b-Tex 2b-Cano (not convicted) ss-Jeter 3b-A-rod cf-Gardner RF Judge LF Ichiro c-Posada DH-Swisher 

P1-Sabathia P2-Tanaka P3-Pettitte P4-Hughes P5 Sevy

R1-Chapman R2-Rivera R3-Warren R4-Betances R5-Chamberlain 

B1-Toe B2-Romine B3-Mccan B4- Elsbury B5 Higashioka B6 Eduardo Nunez

Jay: Some very interesting choices.  The next set of questions is the True or False part of the interview. 

Sonny Gray deserves another start?

Jonah: False 

Jay: Stanton Hits 50 HRs ? 

Jonah: False

Jay: The Yanks should be giving Justus Sheffield a start now? 

Jonah: False

Jay: The yanks break the record for team Home Runs?

Jonah: True 

Jay: Yankees have 4 players with more then 30 Home Runs?

Jonah: True

Jay: Yankees Win the World Series?

Jonah: True

Jay: Greg Bird should be benched?

Jonah: Truish 

I feel that bird has potential but his performance not showing that of a 3-4-5 hitter. He needs to be lower in the lineup.

Jay: Brett Gardner is a Yankee next Year? 

Jonah: True

Jay: Miguel Andujar is the AL ROY? 

Jonah: True

Jay: Any Final thoughts on the Yankees this year or next? 

Jonah: I think Boone will improve this season and  next season, and I believe the Yankees will get very hot while Boston cools down, thus leading to the Yankees winning the World Series. 

Jay: Thank you for your time Jonah, it’s been a pleasure. 

Jonah: Thanks for selecting me. It’s been fun. 

Thanks to all that follow The Greedy Pinstripes & took the time to read. If you want be my next interview I can be reached at JamesCPalma@Yahoo.Com or on Twitter @JamesCPalma. Oh and can’t forget Let’s G⚾️ Yankees!!