Friday, December 19, 2014

Jake Peavy to the Yankees Rumor: Take w/ Grain of Salt

Edit: this was written before he re-signed with the Giants. Carry on.

Once or twice a year I get a text from a friend who is very low level inside the New York Mets organization about a potential signing, rumor etc. and truth be told he is either wrong or the rumor doesn’t come to fruition more times than not. When my guy is right though my guy is right. I had the Curtis Granderson signing to the Mets last year about a week and a half earlier than anyone else and received no credit for not only breaking the news but getting the dollars and years down EXACTLY. That’s fine though. My guy also told me about three hours before the Mark Teixeira signing, pre-blog years, although for every Teixeira and Granderson we have the news that the Yankees were close to a deal with Francisco Rodriguez last season for the bullpen.

Just to drive my point home here is when I REPORTED IT from my source on December 4th. Here is when Joel Sherman "FIRST" REPORTED IT according to MLB Trade Rumors. What a crock, this actually got the blog blocked from Mr. Sherman on Twitter when we disputed the "who had it first" concept. Childish. FYI This post was on December 9th, not December 4th, but Sherman had it

With this blog I am simply reporting and reiterating what I have been told. I’m not saying it’s true and I’m not saying it’s not but I am saying it comes from a guy that I trust that has been proven to be right in the past. I’m also not saying that a contract HAS been offered and I am not saying that a contract WILL be offered, again I am simply reporting what I have been told from my source.

The text said (beside the friendlies) “Yankees serious about Peavy.” To paraphrase subsequent texts followed about the Yankees liking his sinker ball, the fact that he was a veteran and the fact that he misses enough bats to survive in New York. I’ve also been told that the team likes him on a one year deal and all signs point to Peavy wanting to stay in San Francisco and get at least two seasons. Again, this is all paraphrasing and coming from the source. This is not confirmed, this is not reporting etc. it is what it is. Take it with a grain of salt.

I have been sitting on this information for a couple days now pondering whether to run with it or not. I went on twitter and asked out followers what they thought and the negativity surprised me. I could have responded with how Brandon McCarthy “sucked” or was “terrible” before he came to New York but I didn’t, I don’t like to fight losing battles. If something comes of this and I hear about it I’ll be sure to pass it along. If nothing comes of it I still stand by my source, before anyone asks, and I stand by this post. I can do that with confidence because it is what it is, it’s not confirmed and I’m not an insider, but if it does happen I would appreciate a little recognition this time around. Not sure my ego could withstand another Granderson situation. I kid, but really…

Also, notice that this text happened before the Chris Capuano signing. That could put this entire thing to bed. Again, stay tuned. 


  1. Pardon my language, but you have got to be shitting me Cashman! Prado AND Phelps for an unknown pitcher and below average first baseman! Are we actively trying to get worse? I don't know about you guys, but my boss certainly would've fired me by now.

  2. We traded Prado? Are you effing kidding me?

    And we "fix" our pitching problem by trading Phelps for a pitcher, a prospect, and a back up first baseman?

    No words.... no words.

  3. I'm just dumbfounded by this move. Essentially, it breaks down like this. We gave up our best offensive weapon from the second half of the season, and an 26 year old pitcher for an 24 year old pitcher and a first baseman that I believe we dfa'd a couple years ago. I wouldn't have made that move for Prado straightup.

  4. I was too pissed off to check before I ran my mouth off. Phelps is 28, not 26. Jones was never dfa'd by the Yankees. And we did receive a third player in the deal. Who cares. It's still a stupid move.

  5. Guy's I have been telling you for a while that we have in inept GM. He trades a pitcher in Phelps who was 5-5 last year with a 4.38 and career record of 15-14 with a 4.21 and a very good player in Prado for a pitcher who is 15-35 with a career 4.07 era and record of 6-14 last year and a 4.37 era in the National league let alone. Phelps at least through to 9 hitters and a journey man first baseman and an alleged prospect. Believe it or not this is a salary dump move as well. Hal really needs to sell this thing before we are cellar dwellers and that should be in 2015/2016

  6. Domingo German is the prospect and he has a ton of upside with a huge arm, problem is he spent 2014 in LOW A BALL.

  7. Jose Campos has a ton of upside too. Just saying. Again, we gave up way too much in this deal. If it is in fact a salary dump like Ken said, it better come with Scherzer attached to it.

  8. Phelps will win 12-15 games next season with Miami while Eovaldi will lose that many.

  9. Terrible move by a terrible talent evaluator and GM

  10. I understand the frustration guys, but let's give this deal a chance.

    Eovaldi throws hard and just has to learn to control his pitches before he gets better. Jones is a consistent power hitter who will fit in nicely in the Bronx when Teixeira goes down. German's just a prospect, but you never know how good he can be.

    I'll miss Prado, he was my favorite player this fall. But the team needs pitching right now, and David Phelps doesn't seem to have the potential this new guys does.

    Plus, this move opens the door for Refsnyder.

    Just saying. Cashman's not trying to make the team suck, he's rebuilding. This is what a lot of fans wanted this summer.

  11. I JUST KNEW.....what I would find here, when I clicked on today.
    You guys should take a strong dose of Maalox, and relax.

    I think it is actually pretty good trade. The new young pitcher runs it up at 95-96.
    So he lost 14-15 games on a bad team. You can't teach power pitching.
    Jones has pluses also.

    Refsynder, and Pirela ( whom many of you wanted anyway ) are both smiling..
    I see the glass as half full.

    Now......double down on that Maalox, and get that cleansing breath going.

    1. Thank you, Patrick. Now I'm not the only one

    2. Well the trade gets worse. We're also sending $6 million dollars. As far as Eovaldi goes, I understand the upside. It's not the win - loss record that concerns me. It's the era for a national league team in a pitcher friendly park, and the high walk/low strikeout totals he posted. 143 k's in 193 innings pitched isn't making me feel very good.

    3. I don't think I am going to calm down. The pitching gets even more thin and weaker while we acquire a back up first baseman... Thought that was Headley?

  12. Jeff you are dead on. I'm not sure what people are missing here. The guy has thrown to 8 batters every game meaning National league lineup,and has a career 15-35 with a 4.07 era. Just because you bring it doesn't mean its not flat. Lets look at Mr. Farnsworth who brought it and how did that work out for us. Flat and 95-97 is not movement and 90. movement wins all the time. Cashman calls Miami's gm and says give me a pitcher back that is basically a wash to the pitcher I give you and I will take a journeyman infielder/OF and give me an alleged prospect so i can show my fan base I am building a farm system since I can't draft one of my own and by the way take my jack of all trades and starting second baseman and I will kick in 6 million. How does that work for you? Miami GM let's get the paperwork started.

    1. Eovaldi has plenty of time to figure it out if you're looking for an inkling of optimism here. I don't believe he will in 2015 though.

    2. This is NY where you don't have plenty of time. No playoffs again in 2015 will result in more mass exodus of the fans going to the stadium or watching on TV. Hal has entered into a slippery slope with keeping Cashman and allowing him to construct this weak excuse of a roster. This team in my opinion is worse off from last year. Offense wins games more times than not over D and we have none. Here are the IF'S in the lineup in no particular order. CC, Pineda, Nova, Eovaldi, Tanaka, Tex, whoever plays 2nd base is. Didi Beltran and McCann. Ok guys tell me how this team makes the playoffs. We will be fighting Tampa for last

    3. I agree attendance will be way down in 2015. It was way down in 2014 and 2013 and they had a couple farewell tours going on. No one is leaving this time around, unless we get lucky with A Rod.

  13. I'm not disagreeing with you Daniel. At 24 years old, Eovaldi certainly has a chance to improve. But come on, stop pissing on us and say it's raining. If Cashman is rebuilding, then say so. We aren't even making an attempt to go after top tier free agents. We're letting our own players go. And now we're dumping salary to acquire players that "might" help us later. If it's a rebuild, then call it that and I'll accept it. Don't feed us this bs that it's a failure if we don't win the World Series when this is the product you're putting on the field.

    1. Well it damn well sounds like you're disagreeing dammit! I'm kidding. This sounds like a rebuild on the fly. Sign Miller and Headley to bring people to the stadium while getting younger and evaluating the farm system.

      My problem is when the team was out of contention the last two seasons they should have been doing that, not in 2015.

    2. Daniel no one is going to the stadium to see Headley or Miller. I have season tickets and I don't really care about going now. I am so disappointed in this regime that I wish I could back out again and cancel my tickets but I do a package with a guy so I am stuck. I was listening to Michael Kay and he says Hal treats this as a business, well if thats the case then he is screwing his customers with putting this type of product out on the field. His franchise use to be the top valued franchise in all of sports, well he now is number three and I believe if George was still alive this crap wouldn't be happening and Cashman would have been gone years ago. I don't know who set this franchise back more years, George's passing or Hal being in charge and allowing the rappelling elf to keep his job. I am Joe Girardi I am losing sleep at night with this roster. He will be on the hot seat this season and that's not fair. It's like Idzik and Rex. Rex is the one that is getting screwed for the roster Idzik put together just like Cashman.

  14. INSANE ASYLUM ?........are some of you nuts ?

    This was a good trade. A trade about getting a 25 year old pitcher, who made 30 plus
    starts last year ! And has a power arm. Who on this team made close to that many starts ?

    Pitching coach, David Rothschild, has a way of correcting pitchers. No ? Shane Greene was retooled, as was McCarthy. As was Phelps, why not Eovaldi ?
    Eovaldi throws 95, have him work on his change-up, a cutter, etc.

    Someone compared Evoldi to Phelps today. That is nuts. Phelps was a card to be dealt. He was what he was. He was not going to morph into a James Shields.
    The young pitcher named German, Dominican pitcher, could be the steel. And, a fast riser.

    Garret Jones to me, is what they would want from Alex. Numbers, and position.
    If Alex can not play any longer, we will know in ST. Then Jones slots right in.

    This squad needs pitching, make no mistake. And young pitching comes at a premium.

    Prado moves out. Refsnyder, or Pirela move in. Good. You wanted youth anyway ?
    The Yankees are now a better team.

    1. I usually agree with your Patrick but your on the building rappelling down with Cashman on this one. Terrible trade

    2. sorry for the typo, you're on the building not your

    3. It was interesting to see that Refsnyder projects to have a 1.7 WAR in 97 games in 2015 and a 2.5 fWAR in 2015. Prado? He projected to have a 2.3 fWAR in 2015.

      Projections mean nothing, I get it, but WAR factors in defense a little too much in my opinion and Refsnyder's defense is his biggest concern. Goes to show you what he can do with the bat.

    4. Not a terrible trade. Larry Rothschild has done more with less in recent seasons. I just hate banking on it like we did with Kevin Long and every scrub the Yankees acquired mid-season.

  15. BRIAN CASHMAN...Don Quixote ?...I think so.
    A very good off season so far. Lets look closer. ( First take a sip of your Maalox . )

    There is no way not to be excited as we move forward, into winter.

    -Justin Wilson - cost: Francisco Cervelli
    -Chris Young - cost: $2.5mm
    -Didi Gregorious - cost: Shane Greene
    -Chase Headley - cost: $52mm 4/years
    -Andrew Miller - cost: $36mm 4/years
    -Nathan Eovaldi - cost: Martin Prado/David Phelps
    -Garret Jones - cost: Martin Prado/David Phelps
    -Domingo German - cost: Martin Prado/David Phelps
    -Chris Capuano - cost: $5mm
    -Gonzales Germen - cost: Unknown small cash
    -Jose Campos - cost: resign to minor league deal
    -Esmil Rodgers - cost: $750k

    + 1 draft pick #31

    Total cost is somewhere around $100mm including the difference in the Prado deal.
    The Yankees have gotten younger, and with higher upside players for a low (in baseball) cost.

    Brian Cashman, got all this accomplished for the same price of Sandoval alone.
    Not bad for an elf.

    1. My question, though, is why did they trade Prado to give Refsnyder a shot at the big leagues when they could've just given Ref the shortstop job? They could've kept Greene

    2. Ref couldn't play shortstop. Second baseman are second baseman for a reason. Their arm strength isn't great, their range isn't great and/or their instincts aren't great. Not everyone can be a MLB shortstop and as much as I love Refsnyder he isn't a SS.

  16. Ok you take a sip of Scotch because all the names you mentioned above except for Miller are exactly the reason why we will fail. I would rather see someone from the minors pitch than Capuano. Why waste 5 million. I'm so aggravated I can't continue lol

    1. $5 million's not that much. Besides, you can't say Capuano wasn't good last year. As long as they take him out after the sixth he should do alright

    2. Jack if we dumping salaries then I would rather see a triple A pitcher than Capuano. 5 million for him is too much

    3. While I didn't want Capuano it's hard to argue against his IP total and what he will bring the team as the 5th starter. The Dodgers 5th starter is much less of a "sure thing" and costs twice as much in Brett Anderson.

  17. KEN HANS.....I'll pass on the scotch. A Coors Light will do fine.

    This is not about an Elf, or George, or Hal, or an 18 year old in the Dominican.

    This is about reloading a team that is being strangled by bad expiring contracts.
    Mix in the injuries to the rotation, and a bad move here, or there.....and it's where this is at.
    Monies could fix this quick, but after last years $ 500MM jumble, they have to go slower.

    I know you know what I mean. I am spoiled also. But, I understand what I'm watching take place.
    The Elf is not finished, nor is it even Dec 21...the first day of winter.
    Give Brian time to put things in place. They need pitching.

    That said....have you got any pretzels ?

  18. Patrick when I have a spare ticket you my friend will be invited. I have no pretzels as I am watching the carbs. I understand the retool but the bottom line is the elf is not the right person to take on this delicate procedure. He has a terrible track record with pitchers. Vasquez twice, Igawa, Pavano, Brown, Wright Weaver, Feliciano to name a few so I am concerned when he makes a move on a pitcher who by the way throws very straight from all the scouting reports I read. Plus arm straight ball. Rothschild is good but lets not open the gates to St. Peters just yet.

  19. Okay guys, I've finally calmed down a little bit. Granted, it took half a bottle of Captain Morgan and a couple of conversations with my Dad. Who is without a doubt, is one of the most knowledgeable National League guys I know. Him and I actually argued about this deal for about an hour. He assures me that the Yankees actually got the better end of this deal despite what it looks like on paper.

    1. I think everyone knows Eovaldi has the upside and is a project. I think a lot of us just wanted more of a sure thing. If we had traded a Capuano equivalent (veteran for young guy) we would have been more excited than giving up a 28 year old home grown player.

  20. Jeff and of course my dear Patrick I go by numbers which never lie and thats all you can go by face value and the way the deal is presently constituted we got fleeced. There is an old saying that actions speak louder than words and just because one has potential doesn't mean you will reach your potential. I am all for letting young guys play, however you don't trade a given commodity for an unproven one. The whole idea of getting DD was to sure up your D because your pitching is suspect. Lets go with this idea right now. Prado listed D wise as an above average defender and bat and great clubhouse presence, so you have a good glove good bat with him. You now not only weakened your D and O you added a suspect arm meaning he has great arm that throws straight and reading a National league talent evaluators assessment was that he would throw 20 pitches 15 which were un-hittable and then grove 5 down the middle of the plate straight.

    The deal makes sense on two fronts. Youth and Money. The Yanks are streamlining and Hal only cares about the money and not the Championships because if he did you wouldn't be seeing this type of product they are putting out there. Let's look at this logically around the horn.

    C- Should be better than last year

    1B- Selfish player that doesn't understand that if he hit to the left side put some bunts down he would not only raise his average he would force teams to change the shift a bit. Always injured and a waste

    2B- Two rookies that are weak with the glove good sticks apparently. No body of work other than Pirella 7 games last year.

    SS- 2 awesome glove guys that hit between .190-220 that are going to platoon. Not what I would call stellar. Why trade a decent arm to get another Ryan which you already had? Again the idea is to stop runs so why make the trade when you had that on your roster already?

    3B- Headley I like what he brings to the table. Not worth what they paid for him but I get it why they did.

    LF- Gardner a poor mans Ellsbury. Great defender, weak arm .250-275 hitter that has terrible base running instincts and found some pop last year.

    CF- Great ability, probably has the most ability of all the Yankees and had a decent year last year and for the most part stayed healthy. He isn't a three hitter so I think that affected him some. Expecting a big year from him.

    RF- Beltran needs to step-up this year. Injured a great deal last year with bone spur expecting big things from him if not we are in trouble.

    Starting Staff- CC injury waiting to happen, Tanaka sooner or later ligament will pop, Pineda another injury waiting to happen and has no clue i.e lets cake ourselves in pine tar and lets let all of America see it on TV. Eovaldi pitches to a 4.37 era last year in the National league and Capuano who I shouldn't have to say anything because there is nothing there except sending him out there every 5 days. Nova wasn't that good to begin with and coming off TJ surgery and it is said it takes 2 years to fully comeback so this year is a waste. Manny B all the potential now in his second year after TJ surgery, a mystery. Adam Warren who like Dellin B was a starter but couldn't cut it so they moved to the pen and had success early last year and floundered at the end.

    Guy's these moves are counter productive because your either sending out pitchers that can't get it done and letting your good D gobble up everything or Good arms and weak D. Greene wasn't CY Young but he had a nasty sinker that would've played into the Ryan at SS thing. So you give him up and get Ryan's twin basically and give up a decent arm that also is young and eats innings.

    Where is the sanity Patrick? This team will be younger and cheaper but that does not constitute to a better team. I just read an article with how bad the Knicks are how much money they are losing from people not going to the games and the TV revenue. This will happen again to the Yankees and the losses in dollars with be 10 times what the MSG losses are.

    1. Looking at fWAR numbers Robert Refsnyder projects to have a better offensive season than Prado does in 2015. The double play defense with Didi and Refsnyder who both need work scares me to death but the offense will/should be better in 2015 looking at the numbers.

      Also Mr. Hans did you see my BIP locations and posts about LD%, baBIP etc. on Didi? He is in a prime position for a breakout season in 2015 if given an every day, or close to it, shot in the Bronx. As long as he doesn't get in his own way anyway.

    2. I did see your projections Daniel. It was very informative and I always appreciate your insight. I do disagree that this team is better than last years team. What scares me to death is we traded away two pitchers one who is young, has a nasty sinker and eats innings and did a nice job for us for the same type of SS we have on the roster and second we traded a back end of the rotation pitcher that know's how to pitch and still had a better era then the guys who replaces him as well as better record.

      With our current staff we need good D and in the infield we are going to pay at 2nd base. I like the kids but Cashman's plan makes no sense other then to lower payroll and get younger. Again I say just because you have potential doesn't mean you will reach your potential and at least with Prado you know what you have.

    3. Refsnyder and Pirela's defense is pretty good except Refsnyder has issues with footwork, double plays etc. The same crap we saw Stephen Drew fix pretty good when he came over.

    4. MY DEAREST KEN HANS.....are we going down the road to being showering buddy's ?
      Probably not, but to some it may sound that way.
      You are starting to show humor in your posts. A great addition. Seriously.

      Just read your article from this morning. Sounds like you want the Yankees to drive
      a stake through the heart of this emerging 2015 squad. Everyone on the roster got
      the ' Han's Treament.' Do they start from scratch ? Is it 2014 all over again ?

      Are executions in order ? Like in Cuba ? ..Oh, I'm sorry, I'm not allowed to say that here
      according to some posters wearing tight jockey shorts.

      Try this one, it may improve things for you.
      My latest new Yankee meteor is..........Garret Jones. Aside from his knock-out wife,
      speaking of showering with someone, Jones is going to electrify the stadium.
      He may hit 35 home runs this season. A pull hitter, from the left side. The steal of the Prado trade.
      I'm sure you know that the Yankees have been trying to get him for years.
      They wanted him included in the A.J. Burnett trade with the Pirates.

      Prado is gone....and the sun came up this morning !
      You sir, take care. Talk soon.

    5. Jones could get a ton of home runs with New York. With him and Chris Young on the bench we may be able to have that one or two guys that every team has that can come up in the bottom of the 9th and hit the three run home run to tie the game.

      See Raul Ibanez circa 2012.

    6. Oh Patrick I am glad that my humor has allowed you to have a few laughs. I am actually a very funny guy, as far as showering buddy I am in agreement with you there kind sir. I believe my little tid bits on all the players were actually very fair and dead on. I ask you or anyone else to tell me what I wrote that was not true?

      Again I must say that just because Cashman wants a player in the past doesn't mean that they will perform in NY. My biggest problems with this organization starts with Hal. As Daniel has pointed out and I am in total agreement with him don't tell us its WS or we failed and then you put this product on the field. You're trying to pull the reach around on me and I don't like it unless your a hot chick.

      Second You decide to have fiscal responsibility and go after 3rd and 4th tier players to fill holes. I sound redundent with the DD trade but why give up an arm that performed for us and is better than Capuano when we had the same exact player on the roster in Ryan. DD hit about .30 points higher and lets not kid ourselves what does .30 mean across a season. Two maybe three extra hits?

      Hal the supposedly numbers geek didn't learn his lesson from 2012 when he did the same exact thing and stop spending and the Yankees lost about $85 million in revenue. This will happen again and I predict this team will be a 4th place team at best.

      Third is that Cashman is not the right guy to rebuild this franchise and his talent evaluations to me are extremely poor. How many players have we grown from the draft that are studs? OK Betances is that one guy right now and I would say to you and anyone else that even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every once and a while.

      This roster has more holes then swiss cheese and if any of you feel this is a contender then I want to know what flavor kool aide your drinking.

  21. Why all the negativity, it is only December 21st 2014?
    We can put the blame on anyone on the team and also the leadership. Hal is a bad Yankee owner, The Tampa Cabal are interfering to much. The GM could be better and the Manager could be better, some of the coaches could be better also. Is anything written so far wrong?
    Everyone knows the problem is the contracts we have given out over the last few years.

  22. NEGATIVITY ?...NO .....I think after two dismal seasons, by Yankee standards, the posters here
    are very anxious to see what the rebuilt 2015 team will look like.
    The Yankees are not the Mets, and it is time to put a strong team on the field again.
    Pieces are falling into place, but the rotation is the Achilles Heal. No doubt about it.

    Kenneth...every thing you wrote is correct, nothing is wrong. Glad your back.

    The Prado trade deal, was a Yankee grab. Like it a lot.
    James Shields, or another trade for pitching, or both.....could be the next moves.

    Here we go, the kiss of death again. But, Soriano should be the Yankee closer.
    A two year signing of Soriano, would give Dellin Betances time to master his craft.

    Soriano did fine here, a few years back..................Look at last season :
    2014..32 saves ( 9th MLB ) ..3.19 ERA...59K-62 innings
    A deadly bullpen. Now lets find a starter, or two.

    1. Agreed, bring me Soriano and the starter has to go five innings, max.

  24. Patrick I hope your holiday shopping is going well? Cashman thinks his is as well, but I along with a few others disagree. Not sure if any of you guys got a chance to read Bill Madden's article on the recent trade. It seems that Mr. Madden most of been reading my posts on Greedy because he too feels the same way. If you haven't had a chance to read it I am pasting it.

    It is probably a good thing Brian Cashman has the security of a new three-year contract and unwavering support from Hal Steinbrenner because after all his head-scratching moves so this offseason the Yankee GM has taken some huge gambles, which belie the organization’s long held win-now, World Series or bust philosophy.

    I certainty get — and agree — that throwing $200 million at Max Scherzer (which computes to almost double that when the luxury tax is factored in) would be idiotic, just as I get not wanting to go anywhere near the four years/$48 million the Dodgers foolishly gave Brandon McCarthy, who only twice has pitched over 170 innings. And at least Cashman has resisted the temptation to trade any of his top prospects for overpriced plug-in rental veterans like Jimmy Rollins or Howie Kendrick. But starting with letting David Robertson walk after turning down the Yankees’ qualifying offer — and deciding that Andrew Miller and the accompanying first-round draft pick were worth more than a homegrown Yankee Stadium battle-tested pitcher whose ERA was the second-lowest (behind Atlanta’s Craig Kimbrel) of any closer with 55 or more appearances in each of the last four years, and culminating with Friday’s even more confounding deal that sent the valuable and versatile Martin Prado off to Miami, along with the serviceable David Phelps (who conceivably will thrive in the NL and Miami’s pitcher-friendly ballpark), here is what Cashman has so far done:

    Replaced McCarthy and sinkerballer Shane Greene, the Yankees’ most consistently effective starters over the second half of last season, with Nathan Eovoldi, who had a 6-14 record, 4.37 ERA, and the most hits allowed in the National League last season, and oft-injured, 36-year-old lefty Chris Capuano, who is 76-87 with a 4.28 ERA for his career. Greene, who was one of the few homegrown starters to come out of the Mark Newman farm system, demonstrated he could pitch under pressure in Yankee Stadium, was sacrificed for Didi Gregorius, the acrobatic, 24-year-old shortstop whose struggles against lefthanded pitching. Cashman readily admitted Gregorius will probably be relegated to platoon status, at least starting out, with Brendan Ryan. But now, making the transition to a new team and replacing a legend in Derek Jeter, even tougher for Gregorius, Cashman has dealt away the 31-year-old Prado, who would have been a perfect second base partner and mentor for the kid. And the GM is now apparently prepared to team Gregorius up with a rookie, Robert Refsnyder, who only just began playing second base midway through last season at Triple-A Scranton.

    You could make the case that Prado, who hit .316 with seven homers and 16 RBI in 37 games after coming over from Arizona last year, was about as valuable a player as the Yankees had, factoring in his .291 AVG./.340 OBP, hitting consistency, versatility, along with the energy and clubhouse presence he brought to the table. Besides what he would have meant to Gregorius at second base, he was the Yankees’ insurance for 37-year-old Carlos Beltran in right field and Chase Headley’s worrisome back at third base. Now he goes to the suddenly imposing Marlins, replacing Casey McGehee at third base, and completing the makeover of their infield — their biggest weakness in recent years — in which they previously acquired second baseman Dee Gordon, the major league leader in stolen bases last year, and signed Michael Morse to replace Garrett Jones at first base. The Marlins were greatly disappointed in Jones, who hit .246 with 15 homers for them last year, but for the Yankees he’ll merely be a backup insurance policy for oft-injured Mark Teixeira. (Whatever happened to A-Rod?)

    1. KEN HANS....Bill Madden ?
      I thought he was dead, or in some home for the mentally
      diminished. Sadly, his ship has sailed...leaving him to ramble sentences that make
      no sense. He hated George Steinbrenner. And lacks knowledge of what he speaks.

      On top of that, he is probably an old Irish communist. Lupica, is also the same, except
      he was not fortunate enough to be born Irish.
      You'll learn more from the comics.

  25. Hans,

    I have a post I am working on for tomorrow scheduled just for you... watch out for it. You will know it when you see it. Enjoy ,lol.

  26. Guy's I can post numerous other authors who feel the same exact way. Make fun of Madden all you want he happens to be correct in his assessment on this. We have given up knowns for unknowns. It's blatantly obvious

    1. They call that rebuilding on the fly, I don't think that's the question here.

    2. Tell my wallet that when I am out about $350 every game I go to and I have season tickets so you can do the math. Don't tell me it's WS or we failed, don't tell me that potential wins games. The back of one's baseball card possesses numbers and numbers don't lie and the people we traded away for the people we got is not what I call good trades. Only time will tell but please don't tell me WS, tell me we are rebuilding and it will take sometime. I was born at night, just not last night

    3. I'm telling you we're rebuilding, Hal owes you the explanation.

    4. Damn Ken H...that's a lot of money for a, the drinks and snacks! One can look at it another way also...which is a may see the first game of a future star for the Yankees. The Likes of Jeter, Andy, Posada, Mo and Bernie or maybe better! We can all Hope!

    5. Hal owes it to all of us. Lower ticket prices and do the right thing Hal.. Ya I know its a pipe dream

    6. Ken Reed thats with the food parking, tolls and gas. $120 a ticket times 2 then dinner at hard rock parking is $30 bucks. Beers, pretzels, peanuts it gets expensive. I don't care what all you guys say about this 2015 team I think it is worse overall and Hal will see midway in July when the stadium is dead and YES isn't generating revenue from commercials since no one is watching that this route wasn't the way to go. I am all for implementing youth but not all at one time.

      I am a broken record because I don't understand the DD trade or the Prado trade and please don't tell me it was to get younger because every scouting service reports that the guys we received are ok and not worth the gamble. I'm not saying we gave them CY Young or Cano but we gave them guys that were young and were able to handle the NY market. Obviously I have stated numerous times that numbers don't lie and these guys make no sense. You have Ryan that does the same thing as DD and you have Greene who you know can pitch in NY because he did a decent job and he was getting better. From all reports I read Eovaldi has a bad attitude and doesn't listen to coaches so what makes you all think he will start listening now. That's like saying Manny would listen.

  27. McCann--BA-.272/RBI-96/HR-26
    That's the back of the cards for these guys...IF, they can all hit their Cards, that would be nice! And yes, the back of cards tell history, not the future. I for one would like to see all of them hit the back of their cards but...not gona happen, Tex won't change, Beltran is a year older (I have hope for him), McCann started hitting at the end of the season. Ells and Brett are the only ones that hit or exceeded their cards. Anyone going to count on Brett/Ells carrying the team? Not much chance!

  28. Here is something I finally found. I remembered reading it a while back;

    Daily News’ Bill Madden Defends Yankees Story, Says Sale Buzz ‘More Than Just Rumors’

    NEW YORK (WFAN) — Yankees fans were jolted by Thursday morning’s edition of the New York Daily News.
    There it was on the front page: “BUY, BUY, GEORGE? YANKEES SALE RUMORS SWIRL.” On the back page, “The $3B QUESTION.”

    Seriously? Could the Steinbrenner family really consider selling The Boss’ beloved franchise? The story caused such a stir that Yankees brass quickly delivered a strong two-pronged denial. Managing general partner Hal Steinbrenner dismissed it as “pure fiction” in a statement. On WFAN’s Boomer & Carton morning show, team COO Lonn Trost called the report an “absolute fabrication.”

    Faced with the brushback, Daily News writer Bill Madden called in to WFAN to defend his story, which cited a source that said there’s been “chatter” about a potential sale “for a couple weeks now.”

    Though no insiders told him “anything substantive,” Madden said these are “more than just rumors.”

    “We don’t just talk to people on the street,” he emphatically told Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton. “I talked to four or five extremely prominent, plugged-in baseball people, all of whom told me, ‘I have heard the same thing.’ That the Steinbrenners are considering selling the team. They all said the same thing to me.”

    Madden said there’s been much talk in New York’s financial circles — and around Major League Baseball — about the Yankees possibly looking to sell in the wake of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ recent $2 billion-plus price tag. It has been estimated that the Bombers could go for up to $3 billion.

    To the writer, the story was balanced — and the buzz was certainly reportable.

    “So I have (Yankees president) Randy Levine’s denial in the story,” Madden said. “But the very fact that baseball people don’t seem to believe that — or at least in their minds, there is something to this story. And that’s all this story says.”

    He added: “We could have very just easily ignored this whole thing. But every time we called somebody else in baseball, we got the same thing.”

  29. I pray the Stein's sell the Yankees. Hal has been nothing short of a joke as an owner and it is evident to us die hard fans that he does not posses the love of the team like his dad. I want an owner like Mark Cuban who invests in his franchise no matter the cost. He is George's mini me. We can only pray for Hal to sell

    1. From your lips to Gods ear, Ken H!

      Sorry to say, as long as he can make enough money out of the sale in sight. This is one time I wish Madden was right. Boy how I do, I don't know about seeing the next WS if we just rebuild...2017 is a long way away! LOL.

    2. KR I agree with you on that one, but my Dearest Friend St. Patty has drank the Kool Aide and for him I am concerned. I am not sure if their is detox for Kool Aide drinkers, maybe I can look up in the phone book someone addicted to sugar

  30. Be careful what you wish for. For every Mark Cuban there is 100 Jeffrey Loria's.

    And Reed, don't be so sure. Who saw them selling the YES Network to Fox? Not I, said Sam. They were making money hand over fist on the YES Network.

    1. May I take this hour to start swearing like a drunken sailor? It would take that long for me to finish?
      I lost a fantastic comment for you that would have gotten me a News-Blog Award...maybe not!

    2. It has to be on your end. I've had the issue once or twice but that's it. make sure below the comment where it says "reply as" that you're logged in or you're wasting your talents.


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