Wednesday, November 6, 2013

All Time New York Yankees Team - Position Players

1B: Lou Gehrig
2B: Tony Lazzeri
SS: Derek Jeter
3B: Graig Nettles
LF: Joe DiMaggio
CF: Mickey Mantle
RF: Babe Ruth
C: Yogi Berra
DH: Reggie Jackson

Obviously Lou Gehrig, Derek Jeter, Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, and Babe Ruth are absolute no brainers here. They would probably be on a All Time Team if we included every single team and player in major league history so they need no explanation here as why they are on the list.

First of all I know many of you are probably jumping up and down because Joe DiMaggio played the bulk of his career in center field, and yes I know that, but he also played left field and I was not going to put one of him or Mickey Mantle on the bench so frankly... get over it. :)

I had to include Graig Nettles because I simply did not want to include Alex Rodriguez on this list. If he was clean he may have finished the best baseball player of all time, sorry to all those Babe Ruth fans out there but it's the truth. While I forgive A Rod and I support A Rod he should not be on this list. Yes I know Andy Pettitte is on this list but Andy did not do it twice, Andy did not make the Bronx is Burning ESPN mini series look like a tutorial to causing havoc in a clubhouse, and Andy is a class act and a gentleman. Plus it's my list so get over it, again. :)

The DH position was hard because the Yankees have not had an eye popping, long termed guy at DH. I thought about putting Ron Blomberg in there as he was the first DH in Major League History, I considered guys like Chili Davis, Don Baylor, Ruben Sierra, even Jason Giambi but ultimately I ended up settling on Reggie Jackson. I did not want to put him in the outfield or on the bench but thought his World Series and post season numbers, and the fact that in only four years his number was retired by the Yankees was enough to include him on the list.


  1. Not bad Daniel.....

    But I got to go with the Roid over Nettles. Graig had a very good glove and some power but he is no where near Arod . Even without the PEDS Arod is head and shoulders above Nettles in talent. Im not clear on why you didnt pick him.

    and Cano is head and shoulders above Lazzeri . Jeez , Lazzeri never even made an All Star team.

    1. I agree with you, I picked A Rod over Ruth for best all around player remember, but much like the pitching I tried to stay as close to all the career Yankees with these lists as I could.

      Cano is better, sure, but I still went Lazzeri.

  2. PS.... i like your move of putting Reggie at DH. Ego and all he has to be on the team....he WAS the Yankees in the mid to late 70's. he was the straw that stirred the drink.

  3. Daniel...did you know Blomberg's bat is in Cooperstown?

    Did you know that after being pulled over by the police, Joba Chamberlain told the officer that Yogi Berra was a midget? He then was attacked in Cleveland by a swarm of midges! Coincidence?

    1. Yes I did. The first of everything basically goes into the Hall though Wasp... That's about the only reason there.... And no I don't believe in coincidence, I believe in karma lol.

  4. In the picture that accompanies your article Daniel, Ruth has Gehrig in a headlock. Why? And why did they never name a disease after Babe Ruth? Were they afraid he would catch Gehrig caught Lou Gehrig disease?

  5. Daniel - three Yankee players have had candy bars named after them....who were they?

    1. Reggie, Babe, and..... Hank Aaron.

      Gonna have to get harder with the questions.

    2. ha ha ..... Henry was never on the Yankees.

      Baby Ruth was named after President Glover Clevelands daughter Ruth according to the manufacturer.

      Oh Henry was marketed years before Hank Aaron was born.

      M&M's were originally intended to be marketed as Mickey Mantles favorite candy , however , the Hershey Company refused to give into Mickeys demand that they taste like Pabst Blue Ribbon.

    3. Reading at 5 am apparently I missed the Yankees part lol. My bad.

      And that's horse shit seeing as m&m's came out in 1941 and was named after Mars and Murrie. Unless the Mars company knew about Mickey when he was 10 yrs old.

      Making up shit on the internet makes you lose all credibility, I am just saying.

    4. Ha ha...... thats two "shits" in one comment.

  6. t-ball...let the disease thing go. Not in your best interest. Turn the page....Stay strong.

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  9. Patrick......

    Just explain to TWASP ....of all the diseases in the world......what are the odds that Lou would catch Lou Gehrig disease? The probability of that happening has to be at least 10-1.

    1. Surely you do, but now I feel the need to check, that the disease was named after him AFTER he contracted it and AFTER he died of it right?

  10. Jesus, t-ball...let this go. It paints you as someone you are not.
    The fans on the conveyor don't like it, and this is beneath you. You are to smart for this...move it !

  11. Is there a disease where people give unsolicited advice and direction...... ?

  12. is TWASP's favorite All Yankee team

    CF. Mickey Rivers
    LF. Johnny Damon
    RF. Oscar Gamble
    3b. Celerino Sanchez
    SS. The Great Jeter
    2b. Robby Cano
    1b. The Gambino
    DH. Godzilla

    Catfish Hunter
    Ed Figuora
    Jim Bouton
    Ron Guidry
    El Duke

    Lindy McDaniel
    Steve hamilton
    Sparky Lyle
    Dave Righetti
    The Goose

    Billy Martin Mgr

    1. Not including Mariano Rivera makes this team not even worth it. Come on you can hate the man but you cannot omit him from a list like this.

    2. My team (those I have seen play);
      Ricky Henderson-LF
      Joe "D" RF
      Mattingly-1st Base
      Cano-2nd Base
      A-Rod-3rd Base

      Starting Pitchers;
      Red Ruffing
      Vic Raschi
      Whitey Ford
      Mike Mussina/David Cone
      Sparky Lyle

      Manager; Casey/Billy Martin

      A-Rod has tested positive ONCE, before it was banned!
      Billy wouldn't really have a chance with all these guy and their EGOs.
      The Chief would hang him out the window up-side down and shake him like a rat. Joe "D" would tell him to mind his own business. Casy is the only guy that could handle them, and did!

    3. A Rod tested positive again in 2006.... Just reported that earlier in the week

    4. Yes Arod has been an obvious consistent user......anyone who believes otherwise needs a tuneup.

    5. Olddentures07...

      I like your team did a good job here. Add Clemens and Reggie at DH and Ill buy it.

    6. Mo almost made my team but got edged out by Lindy McDaniel's forkball and Steve Hamilton's folly floater. Both pitches were more unhittable than Mo's cutter. As Mel Allen said " you can look it up". Or ask the great OldYankee07 Ken.

    7. I disagree but it's your team.

    8. If he tested positive in 2006 of a banned substance, he would have had a suspension would he not? The story of his positive test from 2003-2006 is old hat. The stuff wasn't banned until later. So, if he were to have been found guilty of a banned substance this time, it would still be a 1st offense...50 games!

      It is hard for me to forgive anyone that cheated and lied about it, as did A-Rod and Andy. Yes, I know and understand how most of you can forgive Andy but not A-Rod. Andy is the All American boy etc., but if one condemns one for cheating and lying, they must also do so with the other one.

      If one is the best, they must also be the most PC...since when have we gone down this road of discrimination. Now we discriminate not because of race etc, we even go after them for their life style. News flash is their life and unless they break the law, they can do whatever they want to!

    9. He tested positive for a stimulant which would be anonymous the first time and the suspension would come from the second fails test...

  13. A fact : Last season the Yankees used 159 players at short stop. That ended when they claimed
    Brenden Ryan off waivers, from Seattle. The best of the bunch. True, hitting is not his strong point.
    So why....all this Steven Drew talk ?

    1. Stephen Drew is more of an offensive short stop and offense is sexy!

    2. Mr. are right. After I posted, I did my homework. My fault.
      Sexy is good, and so is his offense. Still, Ryan was a terrific pick-up. The monies for a Drew,
      can be used by the Yankees, to right this ship......that's my point.

    3. No way he is worth the draft pick though. I am quite comfortable bringing Ryan back in for one more year as a back up.

  14. Wake up OldYankee.....Aroid was on PEDS when he hit all those HRs with Texas and he was on PEDS when he hit all those HRs with the Yankees. Your defending a guy who is a pathological liar and cheater. Switch to a great guy Jeter and you will not have to worry about the seedy world of the walking 'roid.

  15. Twaspering, in the graveyard....... If you were not allowed to write about steroids / PEDS, you would
    probably be writing obituaries on some entry level blog site. Your once great talent is eroding daily.
    Instead of insulting Ken Reed, try listening, and learning from him.

  16. A-Rod didn't get tested in 2006, it was in 2005 but released in 2006, it was I wrong with that? Almost everyone on the list were tested between 2003 and 2005! That is what I read in the report, mayhap, I misunderstood the report?

    Don't say things as a FACT unless you can back it up with more than hear say or your opinion!

    As for Jeter, why should I praise a guy that is playing for a record and not to help the team. If you think he will not ask for an extension after 2014, good luck! Hopefully he will have a very good year for 2014, but no contract after that.

    I have said, how many times, I will not forgive A-Rod for lying and cheating but, as long as he is a Yankee I will have his back and be the lone voice playing Devils Advocate for him. I will not trash a player while he is a Yankee. I will state my opinion of his play, good or bad, but what goes on off the field is their business.


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