Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Raicel Iglesias The Latest To Defect From Cuba

We have seen an absolute flurry of guys defecting from Cuba this offseason haven't we? Maybe it's just me, anyway Raicel Iglesias has defected from hit native Cuba in hopes of coming to the United States to play in the major leagues. This is actually Iglesias' second attempt after his first attempt ended with him running out of food and water while hiding in the mountains but this time Raicel took to the seas and fled the country. The 23 year old right handed starting pitcher is said to currently be in Mexico trying to figure out the whole Visa and getting approved thing.

Iglesias has a fastball that sits comfortably in the 92-95 MPH range and also possesses swing and miss stuff  on his breaking ball. His only concern right now is his control, which is considered to be questionable right now, and will likely start his professional career in the minor leagues. Iglesias being 23 years old and having more than three years of professional baseball means that he will not count against your teams International Free Agent spending cap and is a true free agent.

I think the Yankees should definitely take a look at this guy as he would presumably not be that expensive if he were to start in the minor leagues. Also he may become our most major league ready starter in the system right away and depth is never a bad problem to have. Sign me up!

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