Monday, September 3, 2012

Add Robinson Cano To The List of The Walking Wounded

We all were watching when Robinson Cano let that ground ball past him and allowed the eventual game winning run to score for the Rays. We were all also watching when Cano was seen grimacing afterwards in obvious pain. Cano has been diagnosed with a mild hip strain after that play and is day to day. He iced it down after the game and will get treatment tomorrow before the Yankees decide if he will play or not.

If he can play and not be a total liability or risk hurting himself more seriously I really think he has to play right now. We have Alex Rodriguez back and Curtis Granderson should be back tomorrow before Mark Teixeira arrives on Thursday so the team is starting to take shape and we cannot afford to lose Cano for ANY period of time.

Derek Jeter Appreciation Post

As we all know Yankees short stop Derek Jeter is chasing Red's Pete Rose for the all time hit list in major league history. Baseball has it's share of black eyes right now, especially at the top of the record books. Barry Bonds holds the all time home run record in history but has the whole steroid allegations at his back which could keep him out of the Hall of Fame. Pete Rose has the all time hit record but was banned from baseball for sports betting and will probably also never see the Hall. Derek Jeter has the opportunity to make people forget about one of the two major league black eyes.

Derek Jeter has been the poster child , not only for the Yankees but, for all of Major League Baseball. He never argues, never gets into trouble, always plays hard, and has a smile on his face. He runs out every ground ball, is respectful to every person whether it be a rookie to an umpire, and simply just does everything right. He has held the Yankees together since 1995 with his clutch hits and his fist pumps on the way to five World Championships.

The only thing, in my opinion, that can keep Jeter from getting to Rose and passing him is himself. Does Jeter want to play that long? Does Jeter have anything left to actually play for and motivate him into his mid 40's? If I know Jeter like I think I do then I think removing the black eye around the all time hits record will be motivation enough for Jeter.. and I would not expect anything less.

Thank You Derek Jeter for a great career and we will be behind you as you take down Pete Rose!

Andruw Jones Should Be Replaced By Chris Dickerson

If you ask anyone that knows me they will tell you that I am not one to really mince words or beat around the bush so let us get right down to it. Andruw Jones sucks and is really showing his age while we have a huge upgrade waiting in the wings that is not being utilized in Chris Dickerson.

About Sums Up His Season In One Picture..
Andruw Jones was signed this season to bat against left handed pitchers in a platoon position and be a 4th outfielder, none of this stuff he has actually done this season. Andruw Jones has batted a robust .205 against left handed pitching this season, as opposed to .197 against right handed pitching, and somehow has a lower OBP, SLG, and OPS against left handed pitching then right handed pitching. This is no longer a slump or a bad week this is an aging veteran that cannot even be platooned anymore and is a nightmare in the outfield and on the bases.

"My Binder Still Says NO"
Chris Dickerson, and yes I know that these are minor league numbers but that is not his fault so bear with me here, has absolutely obliterated anything and everything that he has seen this season. Chris Dickerson is left handed but actually has a higher batting average, .328 against LHP and .312 against RHP, and a higher OBP in about half the at bats. He also has speed and that youthful energy that the Yankees are really lacking these days. It was apparent when he hit a two run home run in yesterdays game to give the Yankees the lead and then robbed a home run keeping the Yankees in the game for the time being.

"See Ya Andruw!!"
Leave Andruw Jones off the post season roster, hell if we even get there, and put Dickerson on the roster. I do not want to see Andruw out of absolute necessity or in garbage time again this season and do not want to see him on this team ever again. I am tired of aging veterans who just are not getting things done and it is time for another youth movement and it starts with Chris Dickerson. Leave your binder behind Girardi and actually get something done that needs to be done.

Yankees @ Rays 9/3/12

Alex Rodriguez is back ladies and gentleman and will be our DH today. Granderson is ok to come back but they want to give him the DH spot on the turf and that goes to ARod so he will be out again today. Let's see if the "A Rod effect" holds water.

Yankees down 1-0 after 2 IP
Eric Chavez RBI Sac fly and Raul Ibanez triple ties the game at 2-2!!!
Russell Martin infield single off the pitcher scores Ibanez to give the Yankees a 3-2 lead
We're tied at 3 after 5 IP
Yankees lose 4-3

The Yankees AL East lead is shrinking by the day so let's not beat around the bush, we need to win and we need to win NOW. CC Sabathia is on the mound so this is as close to a must win as you are going to get for the Yankees here on labor day but he will be facing off against big game James Shields as we begin a three game series with the Tampa Bay Rays. The game will be televised on MLB Network at 1:05 pm ET and on the YES Network. Happy Labor Day everyone!!


Derek Jeter SS
Nick Swisher 1B
Robinson Cano 2B
Alex Rodriguez DH
Eric Chavez 3B
Raul Ibanez LF
Russell Martin C
Ichiro Suzuki RF
Chris Dickerson CF

Go Yankees!!

Alex Rodriguez Appreciation Post

Heeee's Baaaaaaack!! Alex Rodriguez will come off the 15 day DL today and make his return to the Yankees lineup as the DH in Tampa against the Rays. The Yankees are a .500 team without Alex Rodriguez and a much better team with him in the middle of that lineup, producing or not. Alex gives us a right handed power threat in the middle of the lineup that was seriously lacking in the weeks that we have missed him. He has kept in shape using various exercise programs, throwing footballs, and running to keep his legs in shape. All we have to worry about now is when Alex can get his timing back.  He struggled to even make contact on the ball in the minor leagues but either way Alex is back and I hope he brought the winning with him!

This Day In Yankees History - 9/3/12

Alex Rodriguez hit a towering fly ball in Tropicana Field in 2008 that hit a cat walk behind the left field foul pole. The call was immediately called a home run by the umpire but for the first time since instant replay was implemented by Major League Baseball the call was under review. Eventually, 2 minutes and 15 seconds later to be exact, the call was upheld and instant replay was official in the MLB.

In 2007, then Yankee, Roger Clemens allowed a home run to, now Yankees, Ichiro Suzuki for Ichiro's 200th hit of the season. This was Ichiro's 7th consecutive season with at least 200 hits joining Wade Boggs with the Red Sox and the Orioles Wee Willie Kieler as the only three men to achieve the feat.

In 1961 on this day Mickey Mantle belted his 50th home run of the season making him and Roger Maris the only teammates to ever hit 50 home runs in a single season. As we all know this is the season that Roger Maris broke Babe Ruth's single season home run record, asterisk and all, with 61 home runs.

Umm... What?

It boggles my mind, and I can't believe I haven't read more about it. They have the 5th worst run differential in the American League. They are 15 games above .500, and no other team in MLB is within 5 games of .500 while having a run differential in the negatives. Yet the Baltimore Orioles have the 4th best record in the American League, and are only 2 games out of 1st place in the AL East. There has to be something else in the numbers to show what's going on in Baltimore.

The Orioles lineup is far from intimidating, but perhaps they are hitting way over their heads. Let's see...

fWAR - 9.9, 13th in AL (Yankees - 23.6)
wRC+ = 92, 13th in AL (Yankees - 111)
wOBA - .311, 10th in AL (Yankees - .339)
BA - .245, 10th in AL (Yankees - .262)
OBP - .309, 10th in AL (Yankees - .333)
SLG - .410, 8th in AL (Yankees - .453)

Well those numbers surely wouldn't lead you to believe this team is even in the playoff hunt, let alone so close to winning the toughest division in the American League (okay, that's arguable, but go with it). So their hitting must be pretty darn good, right? Right?

fWAR - 12.8, 9th (17.9)
FIP - 4.27, 8th (3.94)
SIERRA - 3.98, 7th (3.58)
ERA - 4.04, 8th (3.84)
WHIP - 1.32, 9th (1.28)
BAA - .253, 8th (.253)

So you're telling me the Yankees are better in every hitting and pitching category here, except for being tied in batting average against, but the Orioles are still threatening to take over the division lead from the Yankees?

The Rays must having the letters "WTF" swimming around in their heads as their run differential is +77, while they're in 3rd place. What do you think the Angels are thinking? They have a run differential of +45, but sit in 3rd place in the AL West with a 71-63 record. Over in the elder league, the Milwaukee Brewers have a run differential of +23 but are 16 games behind 1st place Cincinnati.

This makes more sense.

If this were June I wouldn't give Baltimore a second thought, as I'd never in a million years believe a team with stats like that could be a problem. But it's September 3rd, and although there's still time for things to right itself in the standings, I'm wondering if we're seeing something incredible here.

Pedro Feliciano Completes 9th Rehab Assignment Game

Pedro Feliciano pitched another scoreless inning in his rehab assignment, this time for the Staten Island Yankees. He allowed two singles and struck out a batter in his scoreless inning, his 9th so far this rehab assignment. The two singles that he allowed were both to right handed batters so Feliciano is definitely a LOOGY at this point.  His 30 day window is over on September 9th so he may be Joe Girardi's to use and abuse as soon as tomorrow.

Happy Labor Day From The Greedy Pinstripes

Happy Labor Day from everyone at The Greedy Pinstripes! Have a great and safe holiday full of family, great food, and Yankees baseball!