Monday, September 3, 2012

Derek Jeter Appreciation Post

As we all know Yankees short stop Derek Jeter is chasing Red's Pete Rose for the all time hit list in major league history. Baseball has it's share of black eyes right now, especially at the top of the record books. Barry Bonds holds the all time home run record in history but has the whole steroid allegations at his back which could keep him out of the Hall of Fame. Pete Rose has the all time hit record but was banned from baseball for sports betting and will probably also never see the Hall. Derek Jeter has the opportunity to make people forget about one of the two major league black eyes.

Derek Jeter has been the poster child , not only for the Yankees but, for all of Major League Baseball. He never argues, never gets into trouble, always plays hard, and has a smile on his face. He runs out every ground ball, is respectful to every person whether it be a rookie to an umpire, and simply just does everything right. He has held the Yankees together since 1995 with his clutch hits and his fist pumps on the way to five World Championships.

The only thing, in my opinion, that can keep Jeter from getting to Rose and passing him is himself. Does Jeter want to play that long? Does Jeter have anything left to actually play for and motivate him into his mid 40's? If I know Jeter like I think I do then I think removing the black eye around the all time hits record will be motivation enough for Jeter.. and I would not expect anything less.

Thank You Derek Jeter for a great career and we will be behind you as you take down Pete Rose!


  1. When I was working at the Yankees stadium, I always saw the kids playing even when they were teenagers betting whose the best! Now, they'll gonna be one of the hall of fame sooner! I bet they'll surely be in the near future.


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