Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Game Thread: New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox 5/8

And just like that it is game time here in the Bronx as we renew this rivalry once again here for the 2018 season. Tonight the New York Yankees and Yankee Stadium welcome the Boston Red Sox to town for a three-game set. In the opener of the series we will watch as Luis Severino takes the ball for the Yankees while the Red Sox counter with Drew Pomeranz. The game will be played at 7:05 pm ET inside Yankee Stadium and can be seen on the YES Network, MLB Network and NESN if you’re in that disgusting Boston Red Sox network. You can also follow along with the game on MLB TV, with the MLB At-Bat app and by tuning into the Yankees radio broadcast with John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman on WFAN.

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What I've Seen So Far

It's hard for me to say that I'm more excited for this year's team than I was for last year's.

On the one hand I loved last year's team, and had so much fun watching them, because they did not have any big expectations. For proof, take a look at the predictions being made before the 2017 season. Over at ESPN, only nine of 35 "experts" picked the Yankees to even make the postseason (five of them had the Yankees as the 2nd wild card team). But not only did they come within one win of the World Series, they had a ton of fun getting there. It was such a joy to watch them.

Then we come to 2018, and this team has all sorts of expectations. This time around 21 out of 29 ESPN "experts" picked the Yankees to win the American League East. Only three of them believe the Yankees will win the World Series (that honor goes to the Astros with eight votes), but the fact of the matter is they are no longer underdogs. Yet watching them play you'd never know there was any pressure on them.

Aaron Judge is having another extraordinary year, Luis Severino looks like a Cy Young Award candidate again, Didi Gregorius is having an MVP-like season, Aroldis Chapman has been the best closer in the entire league, CC Sabathia has been a stud, Domingo German's MLB debut was record breaking, and Gleyber Torres could very well bring the Yankees back to back AL Rookie of the Year awards.

Then you have Gary Sanchez (arguably the best hitting catcher in baseball), Giancarlo Stanton (I believe he's in for a huge second half), Miguel Andujar (even though he's gone eight games without an extra base hit, I still believe in the guy), Chad Green (a stud more often than not), and David Robertson (outside of an awful outing on 4/1 he's been nothing short of awesome).

And don't forget about the guys who should be healthy sooner or later... Greg Bird, Brandon Drury, Tommy Kahnle, Jordan Montgomery, and Adam Warren.

Here are some of their team ranks in the American League...

Home Runs - 2nd (tied)
Runs - 1st
RBI - 1st
OBP - 1st (tied)
SLG - 2nd

What about the pitchers? Well...

The only starting rotation that's been better in terms of fWAR this season has been the Astros, while their relievers have easily been the best.

The greatest part about all of this is that we're not talking about a group of older players. Check this out...

Position Players (with ages)
Catcher - Gary Sanchez 25
1B - Neil Walker 32 Note: Greg Bird (25) is not far away from returning and taking over regularly. Not to mention Tyler Austin, who is 26.
2B - Gleyber Torres 21
SS - Didi Gregorius 28
3B - Miguel Andujar 23 Note: Brandon Drury (25), who could take over the hot corner, is returning soon.
LF - Brett Gardner 34
CF - Aaron Hicks 28
RF - Aaron Judge 26
DH - Giancarlo Stanton 28

Starters (with ages)
Luis Severino - 24
Masahiro Tanaka - 29
Sonny Gray - 28
CC Sabathia - 37
Jordan Montgomery - 25
Domingo German - 25

Did you ever think you'd see the day when Brett Gardner was the oldest regular, positional, starter on the team? And by the way, Gardner will most likely be let go into free agency after the season, leaving left field to somebody that is also under 30 (Clint Frazier is only 23). Furthermore, Masahiro Tanaka may be only pitcher in the starting rotation on Opening Day 2019 that's 30 years old (It wouldn't be a total surprise if CC Sabathia retired after the season... World Series title or not).

Yeah, this is the old guy.

All of this has left me dumbfounded as to what the Yankees will do before the trade deadline.

I still believe the Yankees will acquire a big-time starting pitcher, but it will be very interesting to see how that guy fits into the rotation.

Can Sonny Gray build on his last two decent outings?

How will Domingo German fair after his stellar MLB debut on Sunday?

Will Jordan Montgomery's flexor strain linger and lead to Tommy John surgery?

I mean, there's a chance that the Yankees will already have six good to great starting options. And don't think you can just shove one or two guys into the bullpen. Yeah, on the surface that may seem fine, but when you're talking about a bullpen already filled with Aroldis Chapman, David Robertson, Chad Green, Dellin Betances, Chasen Shreve, and a soon to return Tommy Kahnle, there aren't many innings to go around.

And don't forget that there are some very nice prospects not far away from the big leagues. Guys like Justus Sheffield, Albert Abreu, Estevan Florial, Chance Adams, Dillon Tate, Thairo Estrada... the list goes on. Some of them are going to be used to trade for that aforementioned starter. But where do the others fit?

That's a question that keeps me up at night. Those players could fill in nicely should the Yankees suffer another injury, but I'd hate to see any of the current Yankees get hurt. Or those players could be used in other trades even though there are no holes that need to be filled, which means this team could keep getting better and better... which is mind-boggling seeing how they're playing already.

For the love of God! I haven't even brought up the fact that the Yankees can afford to bring in a Bryce Harper or Manny Machado in the offseason.

Okay, Bryan, settle down now. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

What it Means to be a Yankees Fan: Sarah Ancelet

Another day here in the Major League season, another day of blogging here on The Greedy Pinstripes, and another day where a fan of the New York Yankees gets to tell their own story of fandom and what being a fan of this great team means to them. Today’s fan of the New York Yankees is Sarah Ancelet, a fan of not only the team but of the blog as well. Sarah reached out to us on Twitter wanting to showcase her fandom, so here it is.

What makes you a fan of the New York Yankees?

I’ve always watched and played sports growing up, and I usually liked the same teams as my dad.  I like the history of the Yankees, players like the Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, and Mickey Mantle.  Even the ones we got to see like Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter, Bernie Williams, Andy Pettitte, and Jorge Posada were easy to love and watch.  Hearing stories of old players and how great they were always stood out to me. 

What is your earliest memory of the New York Yankees?

My earliest memory of the Yankees that I can remember would be watching the 2001 World Series with my dad.  I was 11 years old and in the 6th grade, I’m sure I watched games previously, but I can for sure remember this time.  I was heartbroken when Luis Gonzalez blooped that single over Derek’s head to win.  I was young, but that day I fell in love with Mariano Rivera.  I cried when he tore his ACL, I was an hour away at college, when I saw that he was hurt.  I called my mom crying and she thought something was wrong with me.  I was not only sad that he was hurt, but we were planning a trip to NY that summer and I knew I wouldn’t get to see him pitch in pinstripes.  I cried when he left the field at Yankee Stadium for the last time, again when he signed a baseball for me at Minute Maid Park in Houston a few days or so later.  I’m sure I will cry next summer when he’s inducted into the Hall of Fame. 

What is your fondest memory of the New York Yankees?

Like all Yankee fans I have many fond memories, but the one that stands out to me most would be the 2009 World Series.  That one is special to me because my dad and I got to watch it together.  After Robinson Cano made the play to Mark Teixeira at first base my dad and I jumped up and hugged each other.   In 2008, my senior year in high school, my dad was diagnosed with cancer.  So, it was special to watch the last championship together.  He passed away in 2010.  I also have enjoyed watching them play in several parks along with three trips to Yankee Stadium.   I hope this season will be as special as 2009.  I’m from Louisiana, about 3 hours east of Houston and I’m already tired of hearing crap from my friends who are Astros fans. 

What do you think of when you see the interlocking NY of the Yankees?

When I see the interlocking NY, I think of history of New York as a whole.  It’s not just baseball, but the city as well.  Everyone around the world knows New York City and the Yankees are very popular globally as well.   

Thank you for taking the time to do this for us, Sarah, and we hope you enjoyed doing it as much as we enjoyed reading it. If you want your words and your story showcased here on the blog like Sarah, then answer these four questions and submit your stories to me personally at danielburch1102 at yahoo dot com.

Yankees 2018 Statistical Leaders Through 34 Games

The New York Yankees were off yesterday after sweeping the Cleveland Indians at home over the weekend in the Bronx which gave us the perfect opportunity to check in with the boys in Pinstripes. Who is doing the most damage? Who can beat their chest the most like LeBron James after a buzzer-beating one-handed floater in the NBA Playoffs after this post goes live? And who should be worried with the impending returns of Brandon Drury and Greg Bird off the disabled list? Keep reading to find out…

The Yankees Offense

At Bats:

Giancarlo Stanton – 132


Giancarlo Stanton & Aaron Judge – 34 each


Aaron Judge & Didi Gregorius – 37 each


Miguel Andujar - 12

Home Runs:

Didi Gregorius - 10


Didi Gregorius – 30

Batting Average:

Didi Gregorius - .311

The Yankees Pitching


Luis Severino – 5


Masahiro Tanaka & Sonny Gray – 2 each


Starters:  CC Sabathia - 1.39 ERA
Bullpen:  Aroldis Chapman - 1.80 ERA


Starters: Luis Severino – 52 K’s
Bullpen: Aroldis Chapman – 30 K’s


Aroldis Chapman – 7 saves


Luis Severino – 1

While it is still early, and the sample sizes are still pretty small it is easy to see who is carrying both the Yankees offense and the pitching staff right now. Didi Gregorius has gotten off to a red-hot start while Aaron Judge continues to be, well, Aaron Judge. Luis Severino is the ace of the staff and Sonny Gray still hasn’t quite figured it out yeah. That’s all well and great as long as the team keeps winning, so keep winning. Enjoy your day and get ready to renew this rivalry tonight here in the Bronx.

Quick Hit: Boy Was I Wrong About Gleyber Torres

There are a lot of things you can say about me but one thing you will never be able to say about me is that I cannot admit when I am wrong. Both in my blogging life and in my personal life I am always the one to admit fault and take responsibility for it when I am wrong, and that is exactly what I am going to be doing here. Why? Because a couple weeks ago I opined what the Yankees should do when both Greg Bird and Brandon Drury return off the disabled list. I suggested that the team should designate Neil Walker for assignment, something I can still get behind, and I also stated that it made the most baseball sense to send down Gleyber Torres for some additional work and seasoning. Insert foot in mouth here please.

In the post I described how foolish it would be for the New York Yankees to send down either Miguel Andujar or Tyler Austin when the aforementioned duo returned from the disabled list because both had earned their spots on the club respectively. At that point in the season Gleyber was still freshly called up and had not yet hit the ground running, but what a difference a week or two can make. Torres has not only found his stride at the Major League level, but he is now beginning to show what has made him once a top prospect in all of Major League Baseball.

Gleyber is showcasing not just an ability to defend, run the base and hit the ball, but he is showing a true baseball knowledge at the plate that may be well beyond his years. Gleyber is showing a maturity that no 21-year old should possess at the Major League level as well as an ability to adjust not only at-bat by at-bat, but pitch-by-pitch. Gleyber is showing that he no longer has anything left to prove down at the Minor League level, and he is also proving that I was a fool for ever suggesting that he go down to make room for either Bird or Drury.

Gleyber has proven that he is the real deal, and he has also proven that I can be wrong every once in a while, (which I have proven more times than I would like to admit). Gleyber is for real, and Gleyber is here to stay. Robinson Cano who?

Game Preview: New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox 5/8

Good morning Yankees family and welcome back to baseball tonight as the New York Yankees face off with the Boston Red Sox. I have to think that the worst thing a red-hot team like the New York Yankees could do while they are streaking is to take a day off, but with a team this deep, young and talented the “norm” may very well be thrown out the window at this point. Looking to keep the good times rolling for the Yankees is Luis Severino who will toe the rubber against Drew Pomeranz for the Red Sox. Let’s get to it here in the Bronx.

Severino heads into this start tonight with the Red Sox fresh off the first complete game shutout of his career limiting the Houston Astros to just five hits on Wednesday. Severino has made four starts since seeing the Red Sox earlier this season and is sporting a 1.24 ERA with five walks and 32 strikeouts in 29 innings of work during that span.

Pomeranz has made three starts for Boston since coming off the disabled list and will make his fourth start since the DL trip tonight in the Bronx. Pomeranz has a career 3-2 record inside Yankee Stadium with a 3.12 ERA, a trend that hopefully worsens tonight in the Bronx.

The game will be played at 7:05 pm ET inside Yankee Stadium in the Bronx and can be seen on the YES Network locally, MLB Network nationally and on NESN if you are living behind enemy lines. You can also follow along with the game on MLB TV, with the MLB At-Bat app and by tuning into the Yankees radio broadcast with John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman on WFAN.

Enjoy the game, renew the rivalry, and go Yankees!!

Hello… All Moved In & a Return to Normalcy

Good morning everyone and welcome to a return to normalcy. The moving is done and the unpacking, arranging and then re-arranging has officially begun! Fun, fun, fun. I was a poet, and I didn’t even know it. Anyway, I will stop blowing your minds with my amazing rhyming skills and I will stick to what I know best, baseball and blogging.

The Yankees are still red hot, something that I hope also becomes common place and normal for us fans, and they are doing it all against the better teams of the league. There are no “they are just beating the teams they are supposed to beat” argument here, this team is good, and this team is for real. I am loving it.

And I love you. I love you more than I have ever loved anyone or anything in this world. Stay you and thank you for being mine.

This Day in New York Yankees History 5/8: Alex Rodriguez Returns w/ a Bang!

On this day in 2009 Alex Rodriguez made his season debut and wasted no time hitting a three run home run on the very first pitch he saw. The blast helps the Yankees beat the Orioles 4-0 and snap the Yankees five game losing streak.

Also on this day in 1961 the Yankees trade fire-baller Ryne Duren, relief pitcher Johnny James and outfielder Lee Thomas to the Angels for right hander Tex Clevenger and outfielder Bob Cerv. This would be the third time that Cerv would be a member of the Yankees. Duren would spend two seasons with the Angels and post an 8-21 record but would set an AL record for striking out seven consecutive batters with the team.