Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Quick Hit: Boy Was I Wrong About Gleyber Torres

There are a lot of things you can say about me but one thing you will never be able to say about me is that I cannot admit when I am wrong. Both in my blogging life and in my personal life I am always the one to admit fault and take responsibility for it when I am wrong, and that is exactly what I am going to be doing here. Why? Because a couple weeks ago I opined what the Yankees should do when both Greg Bird and Brandon Drury return off the disabled list. I suggested that the team should designate Neil Walker for assignment, something I can still get behind, and I also stated that it made the most baseball sense to send down Gleyber Torres for some additional work and seasoning. Insert foot in mouth here please.

In the post I described how foolish it would be for the New York Yankees to send down either Miguel Andujar or Tyler Austin when the aforementioned duo returned from the disabled list because both had earned their spots on the club respectively. At that point in the season Gleyber was still freshly called up and had not yet hit the ground running, but what a difference a week or two can make. Torres has not only found his stride at the Major League level, but he is now beginning to show what has made him once a top prospect in all of Major League Baseball.

Gleyber is showcasing not just an ability to defend, run the base and hit the ball, but he is showing a true baseball knowledge at the plate that may be well beyond his years. Gleyber is showing a maturity that no 21-year old should possess at the Major League level as well as an ability to adjust not only at-bat by at-bat, but pitch-by-pitch. Gleyber is showing that he no longer has anything left to prove down at the Minor League level, and he is also proving that I was a fool for ever suggesting that he go down to make room for either Bird or Drury.

Gleyber has proven that he is the real deal, and he has also proven that I can be wrong every once in a while, (which I have proven more times than I would like to admit). Gleyber is for real, and Gleyber is here to stay. Robinson Cano who?


  1. It didn't help that Walker can't hit , Bird got hurt and Drury can't play because of headaches.
    Torres has the right approach even on the walk off homer he hit.
    Instead of try to hit ot oit of the park he just wanted to make contact and he got results .
    Judge at times will cut loose but the double he hit he just put bat on ball .
    Stanton and Sanchez and Didi and Andujar need to pay attention to how Torres , Judge and even Torreyes just ty to make contact.
    Now something I want to vent on, why is MLB playing games in London, I mean really.
    They have terrible security on London and that is a risk I would not want players subjected to.
    The union should had stopped that nonsense.
    There is a reason it is called America's game.

    1. Rob Manfred wants to grow the sport, you can do that internationally. London seems like a great place because baseball isn't as big over there. London security sucks, but how many major sporting events and such have gone over there without a hiccup? I am sure it will be fine, and I am sure MLB will send plenty of their own security. The Yankees and Red Sox will as well.

      This is America's game but I would venture to say that half or more of the players playing it were not born in America. This is an international game. Japan, China, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela, all over Europe, South America and North America. The game is everywhere now.


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