Sunday, November 5, 2017

Deeper Thoughts... New Yankees Surprise Manager.....

Hello, Greedy Pinstripe Fans

I am Jay(James) your new writer/blogger here.  I have been a Yankee fan since birth (1980) and look forward to my new found opportunity here.  Any questions and or comments can be sent to JamesCPalma @ Gmail dot com  I would love to hear from you all!

Okay with out further ado lets get to it..... Deeper Thoughts........

So as many of you know after a game 7 loss in the ALCS the Yanks and Mr. Cashman have let Joe Girardi new contract for the man that has been at the helm for 10 years now. I myself could not be happier as it was time for a change. Which brings me to my choice and dark horse to be the new skipper....Drum roll please(beat..beat...beat........)   Alex (A-Rod) Rodriguez.  I know lol what am I crazy? But hear me out.  A-Rod brings a lot of what Cash wants and at the same time this job offers both the Yankees and A-Rod a chance to continue to FIX the damaged name of A-Rod. Thus repairing the brand which is Alex Rodriguez.

To touch on the first point i bring up Alex brings a lot of knowledge of the game to the table.
He is young, respected by the young guys in Yankee Land, has all the know how, and do's and do nots of being a Yankee. The Steinbrenner's still love him as even after all the A-Roid nonsense.
Alex loves being around the game, and will do the front offices biding. Now I can go on and on as to what A-Rod brings to the table as far as the up front things go but now on to the other matter I have brought up.

A-Rod is an all time great. However he has ruined his name with the steroid scandals!!
So how do the Yankees and A-Rod fix him the new Skipper!!
If A-Rod is able to handle the job(which I say he can) it will totally repair his image which in return benefits the Yankees GREATLY! 

1. A-Rod wins a few Rings as  manager he is almost guaranteed induction into the Hall of Fame.
2. With this comes tons of ways for the Yanks to market Mr. A-Rod once again.
3. The retiring of the number 13 = more jersey sales.....Alex Rodriguez DAY :)!!!

The list goes on and on with what this hiring can do for not only the Yankees but the repairing of the A-Rod brand.   On this level it makes perfect sense to pull the trigger and SHOCK the Baseball world. Now I am not saying the Yanks should not, and will not consider other options what I am saying is don't be surprised if Cash and the Steinbrenners have already thought what I have and Shock the Baseball world with a name not to many people if anyone at all has mentioned........
Alex A-Rod Rodriguez.

James C Palma
The Greedy Pinstripes