Sunday, November 18, 2012

List Of Yankees 2012 Arbitration Eligible Players

It is that time of the year where the Yankees, and all other clubs for that matter, have to go through the arbitration process with their eligible players. This season the Yankees have 8 players that they will go through the process with and a couple of them will not be cheap. Let's take a look at the list and MLBTR's projected salaries.

Boone Logan RP (4th time eligible) $2.8 Million
Phil Hughes SP (3rd time eligible) $5.7 Million
Joba Chamberlain RP (3rd time eligible) $1.8 Million
Brett Gardner OF (2nd time eligible) $2.8 Million
David Robertson RP (2nd time eligible) $2.7 Million
Eli Whiteside C (2nd time eligible) $600 K
Jayson Nix UTIL (1st time eligible) $900K
David Herndon RP (1st time eligible) $600 K

I do not know if we should be thankful or not for injury riddled seasons by Joba Chamberlain and Brett Gardner but the past is in the past now and MLBTR does not expect a raise for either of these men due to missing so much time in 2012 so that helps. I know Joba made $1.675 million in 2012 and to go up to $1.8 million is obviously a raise but I did not think it was noteworthy. Boone Logan would be getting around a $1 million raise after making $1.875 million in 2012 which is not much at all if he pitches like he did in the first half of 2012. Phil Hughes made $3.2 million in 2012 so he would get a $2.5 million raise for 2013 which is pretty significant for someone who pitched like a 4th starter for most of the season. David Robertson made a bargain $1.6 million in 2012 so the jump to $2.7 million seems like a bargain for us looking at the Boone Logan jump. Eli Whiteside is a non tender candidate and will not be receiving a raise from his 600 K salary of last season and David Herndon would only be receiving a $125 K raise from 2012. Overall if MLBTR is close on these numbers I think they are very much in the Yankees favor so let's hope for the best.