Wednesday, August 1, 2018

How Much Longer....

How much longer do we Yankee fans have to put up with the dark clouds that have become Sonny not so Sunny Gray. Up and down up and DOWN. 2.2 Innings 7 runs on 8 hits and 2 walks. Absolutely horrible and down right unacceptable. There is no way the Yankees are going to catch Bostonwith performances like that. There was one bright and sunny part of today’s game however , the newest Yankee Lance Lynn was on the money. 4.1 Innings with 5Ks 0BBs and no runs allowed. He did give up 5 hits but I’ll sign up for 0 runs any day of the week. The Yankees just need to bite the bullet and put Lance Lynn in the rotation and move Gray to mop up duty. If Gray plays well out of the pen maybe he can earn coming in in tight spots , however with the way he looked today and how he walked off the field I wouldn’t bet on it.    

If the Yanks don’t want to add Lynn to the rotation there is also the other option waiting in Triple A and no I’m not talking about Luis Cesa......... I am talking about the man that has C.C. Sabathia Drooling.......Justus Kane Sheffield.Sheff is 5-5 with a 2.34 era in 18 games between AA and AAA and may be a huge spark to the Yankees rotation. Justus is a left handed pitcher 22 years old and part of the next wave of Baby Bomber just waiting for his shot to prove it. The Yankees may be wise to give him a shot sooner rather then later it may just add a flare to the whole team. Anyways as far is Gray goes as far as I’m concerned the time is now. Give is Lynn Give is Sheff or Hell let’s see if Chance Adams can give us something. Please I beg you Please just no more Sonny Gray!  Walking off the field with that smile almost says......Yeah I got shelled but who cares I’m still getting paid. Which to me is a sign Sonny Gray is never going to improve. Which goes back to my original question, How Much Longer do we have to put up with Sonny Gray? 

As always I can be reached at JamesCPalma@Yahoo.Com I look forward to hearing your thoughts and questions.Have a Awsome night Yankees fans and Bless You All.