Monday, May 5, 2014

Series Preview: New York Yankees at Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Just 2 weeks ago the Angels were in the Bronx to visit for a 3 game series, the Bombers took 2 out of 3. That series included one blowout loss, and 2 nail biting wins that came via hold on for dear life mode. Let's take a look at how this series stacks up.

What have they done lately?

The Angels come in with an even 15-15 record with a run differential of +28 which equates to the 3rd best mark in baseball. Odd. Their Pythagorean record states the Halos should be 18-12. They are nearing the end of a 9 game homestand which saw them sweep Cleveland and lose 2 of 3 to the Rangers.


The Angels score about 5.3 runs per game which is the 2nd best mark in baseball behind the Colorado Rockies. That is a rather astonishing mark since they're missing Josh Hamilton. He is not expected back for this series, as he is still rehabbing a torn UCL. David Freese was placed on the DL on May 3rd, and Kole Calhoun is rehabbing a sprained ankle is also not expected back. 

Mike Scioscia is getting production from other places though. Mike Trout (161 WRC+), Albert Pujols (160 WRC+) as well as Yankee killer Howie Kendrick (160 WRC+) pace the offense with Hank Conger (147 WRC+) and Chris Ianetta (122 WRC+) putting up solid numbers in split catching roles. 

Pitching Matchups:

Monday: David Phelps (vs LAA) vs Jered Weaver (vs NYY)

Jered Weaver has been alternating so-so starts with good starts and one bad one sprinkled in. He owns a 4.00 ERA (4.83 FIP) in 6 starts with 36 innings pitched. His K rates (7.00 K/9 and  18.8 K%) and his walk rates (3.00 BB/9 and 8.1 BB%) are just plain average, while his home run rates (1.50 HR/9 and 11.3 HR/FB%) are just really poor. Weaver has just been hit hard this year so far, with lefties (.327 wOBA) hit him just a bit moreso than righties (.290 wOBA). Weaver has a mid 80's 4 seam (51.83%) along with a high 70's change-up (22.6%) and a high 60's to low 70's curveball (16.3%). He also throws a slider that averages in the high 70's that he throw about 9.3% of the time. Weaver, ala CC, has definitely lost a ton of velocity in recent years.

Tuesday: Hiroki Kuroda (vs LAA) vs CJ Wilson (vs NYY)

We saw CJ Wilson just a few weeks ago when the Halos were in town, he fared very well. He owns a 3.18 ERA (3.43 FIP) in 6 starts with 39.2 innings pitched. His K rates (9.30 K/9 and 26.1 K%) are magnificent and walk rates (2.95 BB/9 and 8.3 BB%) are good as well. CJ has given up a few longballs (0.95 HR/9 and 11.9%). CJ throws a high 80's to low 90's 4 seam (55.0%), a mid 70's curveball (17.5%) as main offerings while mixes things up nicely with a low 80's slider (9.2%), a high 80's cut-fastball (8.2%), and a mid 80's change-up (9.9%). He certainly mixes things up well with all five pitches. 

Wednesday: Vidal Nuno (vs LAA) vs Hector Santiago (vs NYY)

This was the pitching match-up just 2 weeks ago in the Bronx that yielded both pitchers failing to complete 5 innings of work. Fun. Santiago has been downright terrible this year, he owns a 5.01 ERA (4.99 FIP) in 6 starts with 32.1 innings pitched. His K rates (7.79 K/9 and 17.9 K%) are league average while his walk rates (4.18 BB/9 and 10.6 BB%) are poor. He has walked a ton of guys so far. He has also given up quite a few home runs early on (1.39 HR/9 and 10.2 HR/FB%). Santiago throws a low 90's 4 seam fastball (65.5%), a low to mid 80's change-up (18.1%) as his main 2 offerings and throws a mid to high 70's slider (8.2%) and a mid 80's cut fastball (6.6%). Apparently he also throws a mid to high 70's splitter (1.6%) that he tinkers with from time to time. Don't expect to see many of those. 

Bullpen Status:

The Angels bullpen isn't too rested after yesterday's blowout loss against the Rangers. Ernesto Frieri (7.10 FIP) is no longer the closer after a terrible start to the season. That role is now occupied by Joe Smith (2.28 FIP). Michael Kohn (3.68 FIP), Fernando Salas (4.45 FIP), Kevin Jepsen (4.28 FIP), and Nick Maronde (4.73 FIP) anchor the Halos 'Pen. They probably need some length out of Weaver tonight, as the bullpen hurled 6 1/3 innings yesterday while giving up 3 runs. Ouch. 


  1. Welcome to the family John! Great post sir.

  2. Good job John Balas, very well done!
    And I also, would like to welcome you to the Daniel Burch family of writers.

  3. Thanks Kent and Daniel. Go Yankees. Hopefully we can snap out of this offensive rut!

  4. GENERAL QUARTERS, is sounded in the navy, when your ship is preparing to engage an enemy,
    or a catastrophic event has befallen your vessel. You live, or die, by your speed to reach battle
    stations. No exceptions, no excuses. Period.

    A catastrophic event is occouring, for this 2014 Yankee team.
    This Yankee organization had better respond to General Quarters, or all is lost. 2013.

    Lets look at this years pitching rotation, as a naval squadron. As it moves into harms way.

    USS Nova...sunk.
    USS rudderless, and adrift from the engagement.
    USS Kuroda...listing to the starboard side. Black smoke starting to appear from lower deck.
    USS Tanaka... returning fire, and holding off the enemy.
    The Flag Ship...USS Sabathia...leaking oil, listing, no longer a force

    That is your battle group, on May 5th, as it engages the USS MLB. Looks like crap.
    Sound...General Quarters !.......You don't think so ? You want more ?

    C.C. Sabathia, and his Alex Rodriquez contract, I wish I could hit the delete key on this guy.

    Since the start of the 2013 season, Sabathia holds a 4.94 ERA in 251 ²/₃ innings pitched. Of all major-league pitchers who have thrown 200-plus innings in the past season-plus, only two pitchers — Edinson Volquez (5.43) and Edwin Jackson (5.02) have tallied worse ERAs than the Yankees’ titular ace.

    Gentlemen, we have a problem. Only one fifth of our rotation is truly operational.
    If they do not sound General Quarters today, and correct this thing. Then, you can write this season off.
    It may be too late already.

  5. QUESTION : For all the reasons stated in my above post, regarding CC Sabathia.
    I ask....Can he be sent down to the minor leagues, to attempt to correct himself ?
    He can not cut it here, at this level. The team loses every game. ( Remember 2013, also. )
    NO ? If not, than for the next four years, figure every 5th day a loss, or dam close to it. Release him.

    1. I don't know of a way off the top of my head where he can be sent down. He would have to first accept the assignment, which he wont, and he would have to clear waivers and be sent off the 40 man roster since he has no options left, which wont happen.

      He could be phantom DL'd I guess but he could only go down there on a rehab assignment for no more than 30 days.... and that's not how you want to be known by potential free agents.

    2. Sabathia :
      I repeat...every 5th day is a loss, or close to it, bullpen damage, not withstanding.
      It's all about monies owed. Otherwise, he would have been DFA.
      He is not going to morph into a Greg Maddux in my lifetime.
      He only gets worse every time out.

    3. Exactly. With his A Rod contract DFA is not an option and neither is trade. We're stuck. Light a candle.

  6. KENT SEVEN....end this dumb charade. Your name is Ken Reed, or Ken.
    Anyone with a half of brain, knows it is you posting.
    Why you think Twasp is fooled by your pretending, is idiotic. He must laugh at you.
    Not meant to offend you, only to make things right. Try name is patrick. Easy, right ?

  7. GREEDY PINSTRIPES, and what could have been,

    The best poster in baseball, Twasp, is not here today because of petty nonsense.
    Warts, and all, he was here. He was trying, maybe stumbling, but he was trying.
    True, he faltered. Maybe he did not fit in right. A new venue had him flustered? Who knows ?
    It could have been worked out.

    I don't care what reasons were given, for the cold shoulder.
    He was a top notch poster. Someone that could carry a site. His resume showed that.
    You had the best, in your palm. Nurturing is a word, some here should have investigated.

    I watched, and read all that went on here.. It was correctable. So silly, and harmless.
    Unless what was really wanted all along, was a thinly staffed posting team.You have that now.

    It is not his fault that certain posters left, and returned when the coast was clear.
    I'm not his mouth piece. He does not speak with me any longer. But, I do know right, from wrong.
    Everyone is different. Some need more embracing.

    This truly could of been.....a victory garden.

  8. It wasn't for lack of trying Pat. I did everything I knew to do. You can bring a horse to water but sometimes he just stands there making jokes about being fat and forgets to drink and dies of dehydration.

  9. Brendan Ryan....the next fall guy ? Not from my view point. But, he will be.
    Ryan, has done nothing wrong. He is just someone, who can play defense better than others.

    When the Yankees got him from Seattle last September, their infield defense tightened up.
    Remember the cast of characters who played the infield last year ? I can not. Nor will I try.
    The Yankees GAVE him a two year two million a year. More money than I make.
    Ryan did not hold a gun to their heads. Nor, could he.

    Now he is back. He still can not hit much. But, he is good at what he can do. Play the field.
    As this season, as is now showing early signs of circling the drain, the long knifes will be out.
    Rants of..'he pushed Anna out'. Or, Ryan is taking time away from Derek's farewell tour, Etc.
    This poor guy has done nothing wrong, but he will be treated as if he did.

    The pitching has to be there, to carry this squad, as presently constituted. Or, forget it.
    You see the cards, as I do. At this point in time......we are holding jokers.

    1. When we signed Ryan we did not know what we had in Anna and I don't believe he was even on the team yet but I won't swear to that. Also we didn't have Solarte in the fold either. It was a dumb signing but we didn't know what we had, story of our life.

  10. GREEDY....I stand by all my words last night, regarding the one called twasp.
    Yes, the horse was brought to the water, drank it, and acted like he was out of sorts.
    The internal politics of..." if he stays, I'm out of here "...killed the whole deal.

    If you are out of here because you are thinned skinned, then nice knowing you.
    Men post here, not pubescent hand wringers. Get over it.

    All the ducks were lined up here, to really give the Greedy a helping hand. But, the stupid pettiness,
    and the goal of driving away others....killed everything.
    This has angered me for months. I doubt I can ever bring this back together again.
    The magic was ready to reappear...."But, he made fun of me, poor me "...ruled the day. Stupid.

    Did you ever have an idea, that really could have blossomed, only to have it thrown to the curb ?
    I stand by my words, and will, against all that challenge them.

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    2. Patrick...
      Why bring up things that are over and done? I thought we had decided to let it go?
      You are better than that, and don't have any idea of that which you write! Stand by your words all you want but, leave it be
      If my name bothers you, don't think about it! It 's not my name, it is my user name...I don't use my name!
      I shall not write of this matter again! And hope you show respect for the other fans on this blog, by following suite...they deserve better than that!
      Have a cold one and relax, life is too short!


  11. have picked up the ball that was handed off by TWASP ..... Your posts show an analytical baseball brain and are filled with humor. TWASP's leaving had nothing to do with Ken, Daniel or yourself. TWASP just had no interest in trying to create the iYankees magic at GP. The real world is taking up his time now. Good luck.....keep Ken in line.... ;-)

    1. Nobody asked twasp to move mountains here, just asking to talk Yankees baseball. I think that's something we all love to do...

      Whatever he decides though I have the utmost respect for him.

    2. Daniel..... Don't take TWASP's lack of posting as anything more than what Ken said I had told him...... a lack of enthusiasm for following this years team and having to get more involved in the real worlds drama.

      As TWASP has said before ...your blog is both informative and entertaining. Commenters with an edge, with tongue in cheek humor and baseball knowledge will help GP grow. Patrick has learned to be that type of commenter from following TWASP on iYankees and YFU. He can now be GPs TWASP. Good luck .....

  12. KENT SEVEN, and the dunce, called patrick.
    Hmmmm ? Because I write about a past blogger at this site, while another does not, I am
    therefore showing disrespect to the ' other fans on this blog ? ' ....I don't get it.
    They do not deserve anything better, than what I post up. I did not know that I am posting here,
    for the silent masses......I hear no out cries. Do you ?

    No, your faux name, does not bother me. The reason why you use it, was my point.
    When I posted as Father Jerome Ginty, it bothered many , yourself included. But its different now ?
    Ballpark, a idiot poster from the past, used to lecture me on baseball correctness.
    Please don't walk in his shoes.

    1. Patrick...
      No, I was not upset with your many names and people. In fact, if you were to go back and check, I was one of the few that played along with it! It was funny stuff, and I had fun. If you had the opinion I changed my name to fake out the bug you are wrong. I had to set up a new account, therefore the new user name change. No big deal, I told you that in an e-mail, weeks ago.
      What the bug does or doesn't do is no business of mine, he told me he hasn't got the time nor the enthusiasm for this team as he once had!

  13. ALFREDO ACEVES.....they say he is just what the bullpen needs. DUH !
    The list of names DFA, was growing like an invasive plant, before they put him on the 25.
    Lets look at this set of numbers.

    IP K% BB% ERA
    Top Five Relievers 64.1 260 1 27.7% 8.8% 1.96 2.15
    Everyone Else 37.2 191 8 22.5% 12.6% 7.41 5.50

  14. Fat Boy Slim / Twasp.....when ' the real world ' becomes too much....and, you need to perform.
    Stop by, and interact.

  15. Replies
    1. Bring it on Bug! You are as welcome here as I am...that ain't saying a lot!


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