Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Yankees Are Not Run By Imbeciles

There are a lot of very intelligent Yankees fans, some of which regularly comment right here at The Greedy Pinstripes. Their concerns involving decisions made by front office members and management tend to be justified, and their solutions well thought-out.

However, there are also a lot of Yankees fans whose intelligence seems to be on par with the mulch millions of people will soon use for their gardens. And very few of them will concede to the fact that they know little to nothing about the Yankees and/or the game of baseball. They just like to use comment sections and other avenues to rant and rave, even though doing that just makes their lack of knowledge more apparent.

"According to YankeezzFan1981, as well as many others, we have a combined IQ of 82... which is also how many games he thinks we'll win this season." - Girardi

"That seems kind of low, don't ya think?" - Cashman

"How should I know? I'm not smart enough to remember to breathe." - Girardi

It wouldn't take me long to repeat some of their idiotic comments, and debunk them. You can go to Twitter, search "Yankees", and see enough moronic comments to make you lose faith in humanity. However, I want to concentrate on the two men within the Yankees organization that get the most flak, and don't deserve it.

"What's in a rum and coke? It's a shot of vodka and a splash of cranberry juice, right?"

While some people may think that he was just some nerd that lucked his way into his position with the team, allow me to point out that Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman started all four years at the Catholic University of America, where he played second base. Brian is not an example of somebody that studied statistics and just happened to like baseball enough to take a job as some type of assistant (a la Jonah Hill's character in Moneyball). Cashman was a player first.

In 1986, three years before graduating from college, he was an intern for the Yankees. From 1986 through 1994, he worked under general managers Clyde King, Woody Woodward, Lou Piniella, Bob Quinn, Harding "Pete" Peterson, and Gene Michael. He then spent the next couple years as the assistant general manager for Bob Watson.

Finally, in 1998, Brian Cashman was named the Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Yankees. Due to his inexperience at the position (some teams would just hire GMs from other teams, as opposed to giving a newbie the job), many believe that Brian's time at the position would be short-lived. However, he not only lasted longer than expected, but he is currently the second-longest tenured GM in Yankee history (Ed Barrow, the original GM of the Yankees, spent 24 years at the position).

In 2005, when it looked like Brian may leave the Yankees due to being unhappy with ownership, the Washington Nationals were primed to hire him to be their General Manager. But Cashman and the Yankees were able to work out a new deal, in which the GM was given more power over the team.

Cashman was selected as the MLB Executive of the Year in 2009 by the Boston Chapter of the Baseball Writer's Association of America. Speaking of awards earned, back in 1999 Brian was named to Crain's New York Business 40 under 40 list. Furthermore, he was involved in the development of the video game MLB Front Office Manager.

See, Brian Cashman is not some dumb schlub that's been able to hold onto his position thanks to the team's deep pockets. He's a very intelligent person that's seen baseball from the field and from the front office, and thus earned his spot in the game.

"I just have one question for you, Mr. Umpire! Who should I bring in from the bullpen, because I've been told over and over again that I'm a damn fool?!?!"

The other guy that gets more hate than he deserves, as if you couldn't tell by the above picture, is Joe Girardi.

Girardi attended Northwestern University, and earned a bachelor of science degree in industrial engineering. While some kids get into colleges, that they don't deserve, due to them being athletes, Northwestern is not known for pushing athletics over academics. From Wikipedia...
Consistently ranked as a top national and global university, Northwestern is classified as a leading research institution, attracting over $550 million in sponsored research each year. In addition, Northwestern has one of the largest university endowments in the United States, currently valued at $9.8 billion. In 2014, the university accepted 12.9% of undergraduate applicants, making Northwestern one of the most selective universities in the country.
But Joe isn't another example of a geek that happened to be in the right place at the right time, as he played 15 seasons in MLB as a catcher.

By the way, if you've ever played baseball you'll know that the catcher is basically the quarterback of the game. He will guide pitchers by not only selecting what pitch they throw, but where they throw it, and will talk them through issues they may be having. Furthermore, the catcher will also check and make sure his team mates are properly aligned in the field, and call things such as pick-off plays. 

If the catching position weren't so freakin' important, guys like Jose Molina, with their career batting line of .233/.282/.327, wouldn't have appeared in 947 MLB games.

So Girardi's playing days make his resume look a little better, right? But what about his coaching experience? Okay...

In 2006, Joe Girardi was named the National League Manager of the Year, while he guided the Florida Marlins and their league-low $15 million payroll to a 78-win season. I'd like to take this time to point out that a dozen players made more than the entire Marlins' team that year (five of them played for the Yankees that season). So Joe certainly didn't succeed thanks to high-paid superstars.

And the Yankees aren't the only team that's been interested in Girardi as their manager. The Washington Nationals, Chicago Cubs, and Baltimore Orioles have all either had strong interest and/or offered Joe a contract to run their teams. 

And let's not forget that Joe hasn't always had it easy. In 2011, with the team plagued by injuries to a number of key players, Girardi was still able to guide the team to an AL East crown.

Finally, I'd like to point out that Joe Girardi is not somebody that necessarily wants to lean on veterans, while young players get the shaft.

In 2004, before becoming the manager of the Yankees, Girardi hosted the youth-oriented Yankees on Deck, which received good reviews. Joe actually turned down a larger role on the YES Network the following season, as well as a bench coaching spot and a guarantee to become the manager with the Marlins, in order to take a bench coach spot with the Yanks. By the way, during Spring Training, Girardi continued to host of Kids on Deck. So keep that in mind the next time you want to bash Girardi for playing Stephen Drew ahead of Rob Refsnyder or Jose Pirela. Perhaps there's another reason for doing so.


I don't mean to say these two guys never make mistakes. Like any of us in our jobs, they certainly do mess up. But they are not "incredibly stupid" or "embarrassingly incompetent". While it's subjective, I can accept that they aren't tops at their respective jobs. But I'm not about to call for either man's removal while acting like I should be running the team. Nor do I think you'd be any better.



    For one to say that certain Yankee fans, who's intelligence is on a par with bags of mulch,
    thrown blindly into ones idiotic....Why, because they have an opinion ?

    How awful that they use a comment section to voice their opinions.
    Should they be sent away to voice their words on the walls of a bathroom stall ?

    Because they use the comment section...their lack of knowledge is so ..."more apparent "?

    By who's standards are they being judged by ?....The imbecile ?
    My guess....the imbecile himself. An imbecile, who's feet are made of mulch.
    Just my opinion. Nothing more.

    1. And that was my opinion.

      What was that phrase?

      Oh... I know... DEAL WITH IT

    2. MULCH MATTERS..............
      Yes, we know that was your opinion. That was already known.
      I just critiqued it. Plain, and simple.
      You need not tell me deal with anything.

      Your deal with it.

    3. You didn't give your opinion or critique on the topic at hand. You responded with a guilty conscience, as if the mulch-headed people I was talking about are you. Sorry, but me and my writing don't revolve around you.

      If you'd like to add to the conversation that this article started that would be great. But if your intention here is to simply "poke the fire", then please... move on.

      Me, and my guilty conscience, are now relieved that your writing does not revolve
      around myself. That worried me.
      As for me ' moving on.' Unless you've been assigned here, to tell others what they
      can, or can not do.......then you should simply learn to deal with it. A phrase you
      seem fond of.

    5. So let's see about your theory on Cashman being a smart guy. Does the name George W Bush ring a bell Brian? Yale graduate and former President of the United States. Let's not get him confused with really smart people like Einstein. He isn't known as one of the smartest President's in US history no matter if you like him or not. Just because your alleged smart doesn't mean you have a clue. Some of the smartest people have no common sense.

    6. I don't believe Cashman is stupid. Ivy League, community college... Whatever. I was introducing reasons that could support that opinion.

      As for Bush, and for the record I lean Democrat and loved Clinton, I don't think he is or was stupid, either. A president is only as good as those around him... He can't do it by himself. Which, by the way, is one reason why things never get done. But I digress...

      Besides, the Yankees have won plenty with Cash at the helm.

    7. Bryan you have a great weakness in as much as you are a Democrat! Just kidding!
      Bush is and was very smart, he unlike some others in all walks of life, surrounded himself with smart people. Clinton was also smart and the best politician I have ever seen other than Ragen.

      Baseball is a game that NO one man can be the "Do it all" guy. There is just too much for one man to do, and make every decision himself, a smart leader will bring in people with his same view of things and can do the job!

      When given the freedom to do what the most GMs and Managers do...their jobs...without interferences from others in the organization they can do their jobs. GMs/Managers are interviewed before they get the job, and only get the job if they meet the requirements of the owner. The people hired must show they have the same ideals as the boss wants in a GM or Manager. After being hired, one can't micromanage the people and change things from day to day.
      That is one reason The Yankees, over the years, haven't been able to hire the best people...because they are hampered by the "Want-to-be GMs" in the organization and can't do what they are hired for!

      So, in a roundabout way I agree with your article. Both Cashman and Joe G have played the game well or been around baseball for many years and know what they are trying to do, let them do their jobs!

    8. Just for the hell of it...Einstein was a true mathematical genius, but failed in many subjects in the classrooms. Being smart in one subject doesn't make one smarter than others if most other subjects are close to failing.
      Wrong again Ken H!

    9. No one stays at a job like his with the New York Yankees for as long as he has if he doesn't have something working for him. Brains, dirty pictures of Hal's side chick, something.

    10. Reed if you had have of Einstein's brain you might be considered dangerous. Sorry I'll take Einstein over Cashman in brains any day of the week

    11. Einstein didn't even know what the infield fly rule was. Honestly though I have seen complete and utter idiots know more than me about baseball and I have seen people that don't have a clue about anything that a text book didn't tell them. That's the nature of the beast and finding a happy medium is both ideal and a harder and harder to find.

    12. Ken Hans, I was considered Very Dangerous for a good many years KH!
      So I must thank you for the complement...thanks!
      You are in good form this week KH, good for you.

  2. You had me until you brought up the game MLB Front Office Manager... that game was the biggest waste of $60 in my life.. and I've been to strip clubs.

    1. Well, he didn't design the game. They only asked for his input on it. That's got to mean something, as I'm sure they didn't ask any and all GMs.

    2. ^This is what happens when you don't check to make sure the girlfriend isn't logged into Google first.

    3. Damn I thought we had a new person lol. I know he isn't the video game designer and you should know a video game wouldn't negate your entire argument, especially with me.

  3. Damn, I leave for a few days and you guys go at each other, almost like home to me! I mean knives, clubs, tire irons and chains are legal tools, no guns allowed! Been there, done that...not fun!

    So, shall we all be PC and get along!? All of us love the Yankees, we just differ in our way of thinking!
    Patrick and I have been through the dangers of getting argumentive with one and gets to the point of name calling and anger.

    Naw, not gonna happen here, there is too much class among you guys for such a thing!

    Have fun and critique all one wants but, keep it civil guys! Let the best go north...Cashman!

  4. ROCKET REED....where have you been ?

    In the Catskill Mountains, for a romantic weekend, with Mrs. Reed ?
    Champagne, and Geritol ....on ice ?
    In the Elvis Suite, with the hot tub in the shape of a guitar ? I'm right ? You old dog.

    You saw the comments posted while you were away. No name calling. Not by me.
    Even when implied that I am a 'Mulch Head', I held my fire.
    Talk latter.

    1. Patty Boy, I believe that article was probably addressed more towards me from the Cashman standpoint. Unlike Bryan I think Cashman isn't worth S _ it. I do find it funny that he can post a preponderance of stupidity, yet we can't express our opinion. Do you understand me mulch head?

    2. I personally didn't take it as this was directed at anyone here. The complimentary parts mentioned TGP specifically where as the mulch heads were mentioned more generally. You have to remember Bryan and I came from sports forums where the inmates ran the asylum with Playstation type trades including our worst three prospects for Mike Trout on a daily basis.

      That absolutely does not happen here and I don't think Bryan was implying it. I could be wrong but I don't think that I am. You guys are very much allowed and encouraged to comment here and express your opinion, for better or worse lol.

    3. KEN HANS..............good evening.

      I never once thought that that post was directed towards me.
      I did think of you though.

      I got annoyed, that because others have a difference of opinion, that their
      intelligence was compared to a bag of soil mulch.
      Using the writers own words, is how I went about my critique.
      The words / phrases I used to make my point were taken from the opening lines of that post.

      You on the other hand, Mr. Hans, must be one of the mulch headed people he was talking about. Glad to be in your company.

      I'm a big fan of natural cedar wood mulch.

    4. Now isn't that more fun? lol

    5. Patrick had to speak at a party...another one bit the dust! Damn, I am running out of old-time buddies. After all my years, I still have some left but, not many!
      You should have been there Patrick, you would have laughed your head off. More lies and exaggerations were told than anyone could ever believe. It is funny how one remembers the funny things and forget everything else!

    6. KENNETH...............
      It would have been my pleasure to sit next to you. I'm sure I would enjoyed myself.
      I have been to too many Irish burials / dinners....the lies, and exaggerations are
      all part of the tapestry.
      It's all part of the good-bye.

    7. First of all, do you guys not agree that there are idiots among us on the internet? Some of which are Yankees fans.

      Second, if anyone thinks the insult was directed at you you must have a guilty conscience. I would not insult my readers... Even those that hate me.

      And I never said anyone's opinion was unwelcome... Here out elsewhere. I don't know where that's coming from.

    8. Anyone with a Twitter account would know that there are idiots on the internet. Especially if the Yankees are losing because they didn't bring in Betances for the fifth straight day.

  5. I like my track record on Cashman. I think he is a terrible evaluator of talent and the farm system has said so. I think the farm is better than it was, but still no great shakes. I don't by the crap of drafting at the end of the rounds because all you have to do is look at the Cards and Roid Sux who won more WS in the last 10 years than we have and the Giant's. All three have top flight farm systems.

    I do believe the elf did a good job last year dumpster diving and would give him an A for that, however the signings and trades of guys like Vasquez twice, Pavano, Felciano, Igaw, Wright, Weaver, to name a few are never talked about.

    I am a believer on Stick making the farm what it was for Cashman's WS victories. It was a dolt article written by a person that has no FC. Talk to you later Brown Mulch head

    1. It's undeniable that Cashman rode the coat tails of Stick from 1998 - 2001, maybe through 2004 minus Alex Rodriguez. Cashman can be credited with the 2009 World Series but still without Andy, Jorge and Jeter it still may not have happened.

      We can go back and forth all day about ownership signings that has handicapped the organization and limited the team in free agency and at certain trade deadlines. Cashman isn't Billy Beane but Cashman hasn't been terrible either.

      Cashman has had a ton of crap thrown at him, the luxury tax, profit sharing, draft restrictions, IFA restrictions, etc. While many have adjusted, the Giants, the Red Sox, the Cardinals, the Rays, etc. the Yankees have not. Not yet anyway. It looks like the team has finally seen the error of its ways and is at least giving the whole not signing 35 year old players to five year deals and $200 million contracts. They also at least seem willing to show some restrictions in the trade market.

      We're not there yet but there are some things to be encouraged about at least.

    2. Burch, valid point on 2009. That's the only one he gets from me. I don't he is the worst GM in baseball, I believe he is in the 2nd to 3rd tier. Unlike Reed who thinks Einstein is stupid because he failed at somethings, Hey Reed if it wasn't for Einstein you might be eating Sushi every night. He was the one who said the atomic bomb could be built. Pretty good for a guy who failed at some things.

    3. In the past with the Yankees fiscal superiority 2nd tier was good enough. The team could always throw money to make a mistake go away or make up for a mistake. That's not the case anymore and the Yankees have failed to catch up with the rest of the league.

      I truly think Cashman and company are finally catching up to the rest of the league. They are avoiding the seven year plus deals on guys over 30, they are building up the farm system and they are holding onto their guys, not trading them away for those same over 30 guys. New York is instead going four years or less on all their deals and making good decisions, for the most part anyway.

      He's not the best GM, not by a long shot, but I think it's finally starting to click in his head that what he is doing is not working anymore.

    4. Agreed, Farm is better but from all that I read it is still in the 20 plus range of all the teams. I know other people on here think we have a top farm system, I just do see it. I do like Bird and Refsnyder as far as his hitting goes. He is not going to be an infielder much longer. I could see them eventually trading Girlie Boy Gardner away and Pirella to second base and Refsnyder to LF

    5. I've seen Kylie McDaniels go Top 10 or 11 and he used to be a scout for the Yankees. He may be bias but he also knows the system more than most. Even if it's near 20 the team is used to being in the 25-30 range. Another year of Refsnyder, Bird, Judge, Severino etc. etc. etc. and the rest of the league may be forced to take notice.

    6. Damn KH, why write things that are untrue? I never said he wasn't smart, I was trying to point out the fact that one can be very smart in one subject but not in others. Yes, he was a genius in Higher Mathematics but failed in Addition and Subtraction...can you believe it? I hope you have read enough books to know it is true!

    7. Reed he Einstein is smarter than you and me and Cashman in my opinion isn't smart. He maybe smarter then Mulch head

  6. If I remember right there are something like 20 years of Cashman as GM and in those 20 years he has had to answer to King George and then Hal/Hank and the Tampa Cabal, all of whom are his bosses. Untill Geroge was band and Stick was in charge of the Yankees, there was NO farm system at all. We have never had a GM that could get around George except Stick (once in a while)!
    So, why all the hate with a guy doing what he is told to do.
    Maybe some have a job where they can disregard the bosses orders, not many have such a job.
    Let me reiterate, Nobody with real talent evaluating, in their right mind, would take a job where they can't do what they are paid to do. Thus, Cashman has not been able to get the best talent evaluators. There are very few GMs that do their own evaluations anyhow, why does Cashman have to be different?
    As Cashman gets the blame when something turns out bad, he gets the praise when they go right! His job is to take it and live with it.
    Have you ever had a Vice Principle that was hated by one and all, and when he/she became the Principle turned out to be a very good guy? Use your head, people have a job and must do whatever the job entails, or quit!
    How many GMs have been on the job for 20 years or more without making many bad deals?
    He may not be the best but, he is ours and not as bad as some may think!

    My opinion only, and taken from experiences of my own!

    1. That is true, Cashman is not a scout. Cashman trusts his scouts when he makes signings and trades. Maybe his scouts suck.

    2. Burch which leads to a question I have for you...Who is in charge of all baseball operations on the Yankees? Hint he wears an elf costume. This is a performance based job like most and when you fail you usually go bye bye. If he hired those scouts then he along with the scouts should be shown the door. In Yankee land we win WS or its a failure. When your hated rival has won 3 in the last 10 years you shouldn't be around. We can argue till we are blue in the face. I think he sucks, others think he is great. Everyone gets an opinion in this country and I'm sticking by mine.

    3. Honestly I'm not sure if Brian Cashman is hiring all the scouts, he very well could be and I have to concede to you on that because I honestly do not know. One thing I do know is that, no matter what they may stand up at the podium and say, this is no longer a World Series or bust mentality. Not with Hal, maybe with Hank.

      This isn't George's team anymore, this team is here to make money. This team seems content with merely making the playoffs and making their money off ceremonies and jersey number retirements.

    4. The way this team is constructed so far I don't see the playoffs happening this year as well.

    5. KH, you asked Daniel a question..."Burch which leads to a question I have for you...Who is in charge of all baseball operations on the Yankees?"
      The answer is very simple for anyone reading more than the stats pages, Randy Levine is President, Trost is COO (Chief Operating Officer) running the operation with Cashman as the Senior Vice President & GM.
      Now tell me, The Tampa Cabal is in charge or is it Cashman?
      By the way, I don't know of many here that ever said Cashman was Great, he is good enough to get the job done if let alone!

    6. Buzzer sounds that's another incorrect answer Reed. When discussing with Burch the question it was in relation to who makes all the decisions do to baseball operations down on farm and with scouting. As much as a nit wit Levine is he doesn't hire the scouts or decision makers concerning the drafts. Has Cashman been overruled by Levine, yes the case in point was Soriano and I believe Cashman said no, yet Levine actually was correct because Sori saved our bacon when Mo blew out his knee. He isn't good enough to get the job done because he hasn't done so. Sorry in my opinion you don't pass go or collect $200 dollars but thanks for playing.

    7. While I agree/disagree KH, I believe you may have missed the point. My point was this team (after George became sick) has been run by the Tampa Cabal. On more decisions than one may believe, they have been the ones to hold-up trades and personnel hiring many times over the years. Some have worked out fine, but some haven't but, the point is Cashman gets the blame no matter what...if they go bad!
      I am not a Cashman lover as some of you are haters of him, he has to do his job the hard dragging the bosses along to the new way of doing things. The guy is not a dummy and has been in the forefront of many of the innovations the Yankees have made over the years. He made a promise to Stick and Watson to keep the Farm growing, well he was not Stick and had to bide his time. Now look at the system, he has slowly been working to get things in order, and has made the system one of the top 10+/- one or two places!
      Bringing up one of the plethora decisions the Cabal has made has not made the case at all!

    8. Reed I'm not sure what you're your drinking but I would like some. Though it may be written as you say (has made the system one of the top 10+/- one or two places) I don't see it. They have some better pieces than in the past. I think more like 20-25. Again I say to you and anyone else that franchises that win have top 10 systems.

      Giants, Cards, Roid Sux. I don't ever by the crap people say...well look where the Yankees draft all the time. BS... The Rays pitching staff has been drafted in rds 2 and beyond which means the Yanks could've drafted their pitchers. Cashman is a third tier GM and has been able to buy his way out of his lack of farm system and lets not kid anyone, he has had the full run of the farm for years. Just admit it already???? Just because you don't agree with me doesn't mean I am wrong. You and I never agree on anything nor will we so lets just agree to disagree.

    9. What the heck KH, if we agreed what would be the fun in that. I don't agree with many things written on this site or others, but that's ok, even when you are wrong you are not 100% wrong. The idea with disagreement is making others think, well the honest ones may rethink a position but not the haters.
      Just stick around, we agree on many things and not on many more! So what, it's fun! lol

  7. SOUTH PARK..........since you address no one by name, South Park is your name.

    Yes, it is true...when you said " I never said anyone's opinion is unwelcome. Here or else where."
    I can not dispute that.
    However your words below say views other than yours, are no more than bags of filthy soil mulch.
    Take the time to read what you wrote below........slowly.

    ".... there are also a lot of Yankees fans whose intelligence seems to be on par with the mulch millions of people will soon use for their gardens. And very few of them will concede to the fact that they know little to nothing about the Yankees and/or the game of baseball. They just like to use comment sections and other avenues to rant and rave, even though doing that just makes their lack of knowledge more apparent."

    If we don't fall in line, we are dumb ? That's my read.
    Your words. My skirmish with it.

    1. This isn't the only comment board I've been to. That comment made no specific reference to you nor anyone else.

      I really don't know why some people feel I was referring to them. Have you never spoke with an idiot on the net before? Somebody that, regardless of how ill-informed they clearly are, will not "give it up"?

      If I insulted you then I would apologize, but that's not what happened. You read into it. Sorry, but that's not my problem. My problem is people takling about me as if I'm some a-hole with a blog.

    2. If everybody thought like me I wouldn't bother conversing with them, as that would be pretty damn boring.

    3. SOUTH PARK.............

      No reason to apologize. As you say...that's not your problem.

      No one is talking about you like you are a rectum.
      You've heard that ? Not here.
      The skirmish line has been disbursed.

    4. I don't think anybody insulted me, but I have been misunderstood, and that bothers me.

    5. Bryan, Not misunderstood at all. Sometimes telling the truth hurts, but then it may open the eyes of some of the fans that only know how to read stats but not the man, or in some cases, read the man but not the stats, only the records. For example; who is the all-time leader in HRs? Easy answer right? "Hammering" Hank Aaron! I don't count cheaters, what is good for one is good for all.
      Keep on keeping on Bryan.

    6. Greenies ran rampant as bad, or worse, than steroids during Aaron's time and are now banned. Just because they weren't testing for it and he never admitted it doesn't mean Aaron never did them. You have to include one or all of them and you have to admit that AT LEAST one Hall of Fame player and ONE all-time record holder has cheated the game in one way or another.

    7. True Daniel, only Greenies didn't help one hit the ball or give one more power, they gave one energy not power. One should check and see how many times Willie Mays passed out in a game or got so exhausted he had to be replaced in games.
      One must remember they didn't have the strength and conditioning they have now. And they played many double headers etc!

    8. The fact remains though that with greenies you're catching up to that fastball late in the game from the high powered relief pitcher. Without them you're fatigued and you might not. Same can be said on the defensive side and the baserunning side. It's not all the power sometimes it is simply catching up to the ball or having the energy to take the bat off your shoulders and swing.

    9. The pitchers used them also, so what is the advantage other than having everyone wide awake for the whole game?

    10. The same difference between both doing steroids like we saw for much of the 90's and 2000's. If they are both as widespread as we think then there is no difference which is exactly my point

    11. True, from one viewpoint! But again, the greenies don't do anything other than keep them playing, whereas Steroids help one with power and many other they say!
      Greenies and Steroids are not much alike at all. Both are banned, so it is bad stuff either way and cheating! I know one thing if I had the talent to be a player in either era, I would have been their worse nightmare!

  8. SOUTH misunderstood ? And, it bothers him !

    I can help you, brother.
    Today you analysed me...." I have a guilty conscience."...let me return your effort ?

    Creedmoor Psychiatric Center, Queens, New York....awaits you.
    Use promotional code..'South Park', for a room better suited for you.

    1. Why stop Patrick? Things are going along just fine. Even KH said so, which I think was just great, he hit the nail on the head.

  9. Happy St. patrick Day (not a typo) everybody. Let's try and get along for all the gingers in the world including my youngest son.

  10. DANIEL....nice touch with the little...p. Glad to be part of this crew.
    I failed to note your son's birthday, and your warm words regarding the young man.
    Hold onto these years with him. They will be like sands sifting through your fingers.

    I have two best friends also, called sons. They will test you as they grow into men.
    My reward....they always finish their phone calls to me...with a " I love you, dad."
    That's your end game, Ellijay.

    You need not worry about people getting along here. Skirmish lines happen, and just
    as quickly disappear.
    Anyone for mulch ?

    1. I have been using black mulch in my garden the last few years. It really pops the landscape.

    2. Thank you patrick. If/when I get to that point I will know that I made it, I was just going for him making it alive to 18 lol.

    3. Also brings scorpions, which I have had a problem with in the past inside my home. Took a while to get rid of them, when I first bought it I would find 2-3 in the house a year. Usually the hard way.

  11. BLACK MULCH HANS...............
    I have a dilemma. I wish to write about the great Nathan Eovaldi, but I know what will happen
    regarding Mulch Hans reaction.
    Therefore I offer the suggestion, that he be tethered. Joined by a rope, to a fixed object.

    1. Two Words for you SPRING TRAINING! Go get me my Mulch now please

  12. From now on my readers will be called "Mulch-heads".

  13. a softer moment, I said that I would subscribe/allow to being called
    a 'Mulch-Head', when being a reader of South Park Van Dusen.

    I amend that. Being a 'Mulch-Head' makes me a follower. I can't do that.
    Call me what started the skirmish line....a bag of dirt soil mulch.
    I prefer that.

  14. AN EASY ONE ......
    I am a big fan of underdogs. Ones, that others have written off. Thrown under the bus, etc.
    I was always impressed with Andrew Bailey. He was good. Very Good.

    And then he got hurt in Boston, and the Yankees grabbed him, and nursed him along.
    Fact is....people due get over injuries. What if he has ?...Tonight vs Atlanta, his shoulder did not fall off. Rusty ?...Yeah, sure!...Who would not be, but he threw 92-94.
    Fact is....Bailey has 80 something MLB saves. More than anyone on this staff.

    Another power arm, with experience in this bullpen ? How great is that.
    He is my underdog.

    I got hammered at another site, for saying the same thing about Michael Pineda, when
    he first came over to the Yankees...and developed a sore shoulder.
    How does he look now ?....People do get healed.

    That other site...'Yankee Fans Unite'...screw them, and then call Roto-Rooter.

    1. I'll buy into the Bailey hype . If he is healthy, and he damn sure looked healthy last night, he turns a top 5 bullpen into the best bullpen in the league, hands down.

  15. ON THE BIG STAGE.....All by myself !...Heaven help me.
    Oh, it's Thursday.....non-posting night.
    Lets try to mix, and match.

    It is Thursday night, on Long Island, New York...First day of spring is tomorrow, and
    we have snow & wind warnings tanning lotion is collecting dust.

    Daniel has scorpions in his mulch ? How odd.
    I must sell thousands of bags of that stuff, but no scorpions. Mine, maybe a white fungus.
    Check where it is produced on the bag.....Mexico ? Florida ? Mine are from the northeast.

    Is this the Yankee team that heads north ? Maybe, maybe not.
    Do they pull off a trade for a good, young pitcher ? A good, old pitcher ? Not sure, but if
    they they open a slot for a young player to step in ?

    ie: Do they trade Gardner, and prospects ? That's your best set of chips.
    I say sure. $ 50 million goes away, and you can name anyone, of many young players
    who can slot in. Picture Judge staring in LF ?
    A proven pitcher coming in, allowing a young bat to step up. And we may have a contending
    team on our hands.
    Don't light candles for Bret Gardner. I like him. But, he will not advance the cause.

    From mulch, to trades. Not bad for a snow storm, on the eve of spring.
    Your turn.

    1. I have a valid excuse for my absence. I am still putting together Lego's from the other night and straight talk (my cell phone carrier) has this nice little hidden trick where they turn your auto refill off and don't tell you until your phone is disconnected and you have no internet... nice huh?

  16. I think Gardner is overrated and I know I am in the minority but to me is a great defender who can't run the bases i.e. (steal) has a weak arm. He had some pop in his bat last year but to me he is a punch and judy hitter and bats about 260. He is your best asset in trading and I agree with Mr. Mulch Patty that I would insert one of the young kids and let them have a go at it. Maybe we can get a pitcher or a real 2nd baseman in the trade and no I don't have any names in mind

    1. I haven't been impressed with Gardner for quite some time, especially on the base paths. Strikes out a lot and doesn't have much power. I think 2014 was the exception and not the rule in the power department. He is overrated by Yankees fans, that's about it. Not to say he isn't a good and gritty player.

    2. I disagree with you guys on Gardner. I think he's actually an underrated player. I think he's a poor man's Ellsbury making $10 million less. That being said, I agree that it's time to trade him. Leftfield is easily filled by one of Judge/Austin/Heathcott. Not to mention Pirela or Refsnyder.

    3. Ellsbury is overpaid, no one will dispute that. At least Ellsbury has the timing, the intuition and the balls to steal a base. Gardner's best asset used to be his defense in CF, now it's his legs. If he's not stealing bases, not taking a ton of walks, and not hitting above .260 because he strikes out so much then he's a poor man's #8 hitter in the National League that got lucky with his power last season.

      And this coming from a guy who loves Gardner on the team and loves to watch Gardner play. If he doesn't trust himself enough to steal early in the count or he doesn't get those doubles and triples with the bat that truly make good use of his speed then he's an average hitter overall and a below average hitter for his position.

    4. I'm not going to say Gardner got "lucky" hitting those homeruns or not. Time will tell. All I know is that 17 homeruns put him in the top 10 for leftfielders, and probably in the top 20 for all outfielders. Add the 21 stolen bases and outstanding defense he plays, and he is very productive outfielder on a very team friendly deal. But again, I am agreeing with you that it is time to trade him. His value may never be as high as it is right now.

    5. Time to get off the Jeff Levin bandwagon of agreeing lately. I'm with Burch on this and if you guys go back and check my posts I have said time and time again that Gardner was overrated. The HR's were a fluke last year and he K's almost like Grandson. He has a water pistol for an arm and his only asset is his legs as mentioned above. Sell high because he is a 250-260 hitter with 10-12 Hr and can steal you 40 bases but if he had a clue could steal you 75.

    6. He is too undisciplined at the plate to hit 17-20 home runs consistently. That's my opinion of course.

  17. You guys are reading the first sentence of my comment and then seeing red. For the third time, I'm all for trading Gardner. I'm just saying he's more valuable then the center fielder we're paying $22 million a year for. And also, in this day and age, who cares about strikeouts? The AL MVP struck out 187 times!!!! Stop mentioning strikeouts!!! In an era where offense has decreased, Gardner has increased. But still, trade him while his value is high. He is replaceable.

    1. I can only speak for myself but I am far from seeing red Jeff. I am not saying you are against trading Gardner. I am merely stating that I think the 17 home runs in 2014 was a fluke. I am also stating that I disagree that he is more valuable then Ellsbury. The better bargain? Sure, Ellsbury is overpaid. Maybe the better value but definitely not more valuable. He's only valuable if he's playing center field or stealing 30-50 bases a season. He's great as a center fielder but he's playing a premium offensive position and his career numbers are not premium.

      Trout struck our 187 times but his OBP was still .377 and almost 100 points higher than his batting average. You're also cherry picking Jeff. I mentioned his strike outs along with his lack of walks, his lack of stolen bases, his low OBP and his lack of doubles and triples at a premium position.

  18. I agree with some parts of what everyone has stated above. He is not overrated at all, everyone knows what one will get with him. Last year (until he was injured) he was the leading hitter on the team (fact) but, he played a few weeks with the injury and the team and he suffered from it.
    He is not good at getting a jump on the pitcher, his arm is Average for LF/CF, and his speed getting to the ball helps him have a few assists.
    Is it time for him to be traded? Yes! We have many players ready to step up and do a good job...if not better.
    Batting behind Ells, is a better place for him because he is a good bunter and with his speed it is hard to double him up.
    I have been a big, if not the biggest fan of his for years but, that was before we had the amount of good OF on the Farm. Other teams need a player such as he is for CF.
    As for trading him, ok but for what? We don't have a need for anything we don't already have. A Pitcher, who? A second baseman, Who? Why not for AA/AAA type players!

  19. COLE HAMELS...His name surfaces in Bean Town again, and don't count the Yankees out.

    He's back ! ...Cole Hamels name is spoken all around Boston today. The fans want!
    Boston fans are the same as New York's...very passionate. Very impatient.
    I went digging for the facts, and found the Yankees in the mix. ( that we've known )

    Boston has poor pitching, and does not want to finish last again.
    The fans / radio callers are screaming for a Hamels trade, as the largest priority.

    Here's the problem...The Phillies want Boston's top rookie, catcher Blake Swihart...along
    with Mookie Betts...just to start talking. But they are close with those two. A few more chips.
    The problem, Hamels is owed $ 94 M over the next four years. Stalemate.
    The fans are not placated...too bad. Drink your Sam Adams, and Cow Boy-up.

    Enter the sleeper. The Yankees have kicked the tires on Hamels, and made an offer.
    An offer from the budget minded ...'young Steinbrenners'?
    The below quotes came out of Boston...from the very anti-Yankee Boston Globe.

    "..... the Yankees were the closest to acquiring Hamels............
    It's hard to say who the Yankees offered, but a package that included, say, Gary Sanchez and Rob Refsnyder would be closest in matching the trade that Boston turned down. Of course, anyone from Luis Severino, Aaron Judge, and Greg Bird could be made available to acquire someone like Hamels, but hopefully Brian Cashman is crafty enough to know that, while the Phillies could simply decide not to trade their ace, he shouldn't give Amaro everything he asks for.
    Of course, this could also all be talk in order to get the Red Sox to commit to a deal before their rivals ( Yankees ) get a new weapon."

    There you have it.
    A 31 year old Ace, in Philadelphia, who pitched last year to an ERA of....246. over 200 innings.
    But is owed a kings ransom.
    You want to save your young crown jewels, as I do...but George would get this guy.

    First day of spring ! I wore five layers today.

    1. Let Boston have him, I really don't want him. I mean I do want him because he would make the team exponentially better, but not at the cost. The cost in prospects and the cost in dollars and years.

      This is not the type of trade Boston makes, this is the type of trade they talk about that forces us to pay more. Don't fall for it again.

    This Greedy site has covered every off season piece of Yankee information, from
    October, to now.....twelve different ways from Sunday.
    Therefore it is understandable why we are having a 'stand down' night.

  21. 91 COMMENTS...on South Park's 'Imbecile' page.... 91 !....Crazy.
    Speaking of the a Gravatar...... South Park image, that screams for change.

    Bryan, wants all his readers to be called 'mulch-heads'. Beyond idiotic.
    After that mulch head thing....he stops posting?

    I look around, and I see no one with bags of dirt soil mulch on their heads, waiting
    for his next post.
    Cuban cigars, to mulch, to.....? Fix that Gravatar.


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