Friday, April 25, 2014

Kuroda roughed up early in blowout loss to Angels

Hiroki Kuroda gave up 6 earned runs in 4.2 innings and recently called up prospect Bruce Billings surrendered another 4 in his major league debut tonight as the Yankees were blown by the Angels, 13-1. From his first pitch in this contest, Kuroda really didn't look like himself, surrendering a total of 10 hits and 2 home runs before eventually being taken out out of mercy in the top of the fifth. 

Anyway, as you can see by that -12 run final score, the Yanks offense was ice cold this evening against Angels starter C.J. Wilson, scoring just once in the sixth when Alfonso Soriano, for the second time in three days, collected the team's only RBI with a line-drive Sac Fly. Besides that play, the supposed Bronx Bombers struggled to even reach base here, putting together just 6 hits while walking 5 times.

Still, I guess you could say Jeter played okay in this loss, going 1-for-2 with a walk. Nothing amazing, but, you know, I guess we might as well take it. I mean, what else is there to do, right?

MLB Changes Transfer Rule Back

I ran a fantasy baseball league for many years, and one thing I absolutely would not do is change a rule during the season. However, Major League Baseball doesn't feel the same way, as they have gone ahead and changed one of their rules.

The rule that was changed had to do with players dropping a ball after it was caught. This is mainly seen during double play attempts, as the fielder at 2nd base receiving the throw would transfer the ball from the glove to their throwing hand. In the past, if they dropped the ball the runner was still out as the fielder had clearly caught the ball first. But before this season the rule was changed so that the runner in that case would be safe. It didn't go over well, and for good reason.

Derek Jeter and the Yankees were only one of many victims of this rule change, which doesn't make any sense to me. I suppose it's like a receiver in football having to keep control of a catch after they hit the ground in order for the catch to count. I mean, the receiver has already caught the pass, just like the fielder in baseball has already caught the ball. So it should be a reception/out.

Well, MLB felt differently than I do and changed it. Key word there is "felt". Recently it was announced that the rule is going back to the way it was and should be. As long as the fielder has caught the ball, the runner will be called out, regardless if the fielder drops the ball or not when transferring it to their throwing hand.

Game Thread: Yankees vs. Angels 4/23

The New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim will start a three game weekend series tonight at Yankee Stadium with Hiroki Kuroda heading to the mound for the Yankees. The Angels will counter with CJ Wilson who has a career 2.58 ERA in 38.1 IP in his career in Yankee Stadium. The Yankees will need to get to Wilson early and get into that weak and full of holes Angels bullpen. The game will be played at 7:05 pm ET and can be seen on the YES Network, on the computer with MLB TV, and on the radio with WFAN.

Join the discussion on Twitter and talk with us during the game by following @GreedyStripes. If Twitter is not your thing then you can always drop us a line in our comments section of the site. Joining and signing up is always free and we won't email you or anything like that, unless you want us to of course. You can also get all your Yankees tickets needs while your here commenting without even leaving the blog. Don't forget that it's not too late to join our mega prediction game where we have been wagering points on whether the Yankees will win or lose all 162 games this season.

Enjoy the game Yankees family and I hope you all have a great weekend.

Are The Angels World Series Bound w/ Albert Pujols?

I think this map.. meme... meme of a map says it all. For all those who failed geography class the one state that said the Angels would win a World Series with Albert Pujols is Missouri, home of the St. Louis Cardinals. Los Angeles didn't even think they would, although the Dodgers fans may have shut out the Angels fans in this voting. Either way, ouch.

Brendan Ryan To Start Minor League Assignment Sunday

Brendan Ryan started the 2014 season on the disabled list but is working his way back from a pinched nerve in his back and an oblique injury and will start a minor league rehab assignment on Sunday with the High A Tampa Yankees. Ryan missed basically all of spring training and the Yankees want him to get at least 50 at bats before coming back to the big league so this could be a week to two weeks assignment by the looks of it.

I've Got Til 5! - Anti-Red Sox Pictures

Being a wrestling fan I'm no stranger to fans holding signs, voicing their pleasure or dis-pleasure with a wrestler or organization. And while some of them are downright stupid, every once in a while you come across one that is incredibly clever and/or funny. The same goes for the anti-Red Sox pictures you see floating around Yankee Stadium or here on the internet.

By now I'm sure everybody has seen pictures like Calvin peeing on a Red Sox logo (and vice-versa), or pictures of people with captions written over the top of them, so I decided to look around and find my favorites. And here are the five I came up with...


I give major props to Chicago Cubs fans. Their team hasn't won a World Series title in over 100 years, and haven't even been to a World Series for over 60 years. Furthermore, not only is that the longest drought in all of the four major American professional sports leagues (MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL), but MLB is the only league that was even around the last time the Cubs won it all. 

Not only are Cubs fans still loud and proud, but they embrace the nickname "The Lovable Losers", like Yankees fans have embraced the nickname "The Evil Empire". But I don't recall a whole heck of a lot of Boston Red Sox fans before 2004. That's probably because they weren't Sox fans, or they were quietly ashamed of being Sox fans.

So while Cubs fans are as true as they come, a large portion of Red Sox fans seem to be of the "bandwagon" sort. Which is why I like this picture.

And yes... I'm ignoring the many bandwagon fans that root for the Yankees. 


One of my favorite websites on the internet is The Chive. Every day they post funny and thought provoking pictures and videos, as well as pictures and videos of beautiful women. But the best part of The Chive has to do with the Chivers (the name given to fans of the site), as they come together time and time again to raise money for great causes

For example, last week they set out to raise $37,000 for Billy Wynne, a helicopter pilot who was the lone survivor of a horrific helicopter crash in Oklahoma City. Well, not only did they reach that goal, but they tripled that goal in just 7 hours. And trust me... that is not the first time Chivers have come through like that.

So that picture may not be the funniest or most clever one I've ever seen, but the ties to The Chive's motto of "Keep Calm and Chive On" make it one of my favorites.

And for the ladies, there is an off-shoot site called The Berry.


While I know that there are plenty of Yankees fans whose IQs are pretty darn low, how can you not laugh at this picture? There are two main reasons I love this pic...
  1. I can understand making a spelling error on Twitter, or any place else where you're not really proofreading things. But if you're going to put in the effort to make a sign like this, or do something else like get a tattoo, shouldn't you make sure your spelling is correct?
  2. Jacoby did the same thing that Robinson Cano and many, many, others have done across professional sports... take more money to play elsewhere. I don't blame Cano for going to Seattle, where the Mariners offered a ton of money, just like Sox fans shouldn't blame Ellsbury for taking a ton more money from the Yankees. It may stink for both sides, but that's the way things are. And you can't tell me you wouldn't change jobs if somebody came along and offered you a butt-load more money to work for them.
So, when Seattle visits New York for the first time next week, I won't be booing Robbie. Instead, I'll look at the Yankees lineup and see the name "Brian Roberts" (or whoever else), and cry a little bit inside.


That image comes from, who ran a poll asking fans if they'd root against their own team if it meant hurting their rival team's chances. The only area where the majority of voters said "yes" came from New England... home of most Red Sox fans. 

Now, this picture isn't a direct shot at the Red Sox like the others on this list, but it shows you a very good reason why I'm anti-Red Sox. You see, I'm Yankees first, which basically means I don't care what other teams do. I don't care that the Yankees farm system is ranked low among all MLB teams. If the system is good enough to help the Yankees win, then that's all that matters to me.* I didn't care when the Red Sox signed Daisuke Matsuzaka, as doing so was not the best for the Yankees at the time. Actually, the only thing wrong about that whole ordeal is the Yankees signing Kei Igawa in response to the Matsuzaka signing. 

*it's not.

In summary, as long as the Yankees do what's best for them, then I don't care what other team's do. And that image above tells me that Red Sox fans care more about the Yankees than they do their own team. I mean, I can see rooting against another team in order to hurt your rival, but to root against your own team... under any circumstances... is ridiculous.


That is a real image, and the man that signed that autograph for this young Red Sox fan is Shelley Duncan. While Duncan wasn't very good for the Yankees (.219/.290/.411), or any other team he played with for that matter (.231/.309/.430 for Cleveland, and .182/.297/.309 for Tampa Bay), that autograph is awesome. 

Now, I'm sure some of you are thinking "that is a terrible thing to do to a young fan", and maybe you're right. After all, I think some people take the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry a bit too far. But if you're going to go up and ask for the autograph of a player from the Yankees, while wearing a jersey and hat for the Red Sox, then you can't be very surprised when you get something like this. 

I have a hunch that if you went up to Sarah Palin, while wearing a pro-Obama t-shirt, then there's a good chance that you wouldn't get acknowledged, let alone get a handshake or autograph from the former governor of Alaska. And if you went up to a Sarah Palin fan, while wearing a pro-Obama t-shirt, then you'll either get dumb comment or an offer to fight.

I have yet to get any ideas for future lists sent in, which is disturbing. And what's even more disturbing is that nobody has put their own additions to my lists in the comments. What's up with that?

Lineup Analysis: Angels @ Yankees 4/25

The date is April 25th 2014. Today the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are in the Bronx to face off against the Bronx Bombers; a nickname that should be taken quite literally today after having scored 45 runs in the last 7 games. These 45 runs were scored against two teams with good offense; the Red Sox and Rays, the latter having one of the best pitching staffs in the big leagues.

Tonight the Yankees face the ostensible Angels ace in C.J. Wilson. To be fair, C.J. Wilson's stats since linking up with the Angels back in 2012 are far from crummy but they just don't quite seem like Ace numbers. Despite this, he IS the ace and he IS hurling the ball tonight against the Bronx Empire. So far my pitcher analyses, rather predictions, haven't been too great. His WAR since joining the Angels is 5.4, not including this year. He averaged a 7.84 K/9, 3.82 BB/9, 0.75 HR/9, .291 BABIP since 2012. This year his K/9 is up at 9.82, his BB/9 rate is still high at 3.16 but so far is the best he has had it in his career, obviously it is very early so that will be something to watch. His 1.40 HR/9 and .323 BABIP are quite a bit higher than his average, something else to watch. His ERA is at 4.21 while his FIP indicates it should be around 3.94.

So with that said, tonight's lineup fabricated by none other than the mastermind in Joe Girardi
cumulates as such:
1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
2. Derek Jeter, SS
3. Carlos Beltran, RF
4. Alfonso Soriano, DH
5. Mark Teixeira, 1B
6. Brian McCann, C
7. Brett Gardner, LF
8. Brian Roberts, 2B
9. Yangervis Solarte, 3B

Jacoby Ellsbury is 4-14 vs. Wilson with a .286 AVG, 1 XBH in a 2B and 1 RBI. Jeter, 8-21 with 1 HR, 2 RBI and 3 BBs and 6 K's. Beltran just 1 AB and 1 hit vs Wilson which went for an RBI single. Alfonso Soriano rakes against Wilson smacking him around for 5 hits in 9 ABs amounting to a .556 AVG with 1 HR, 3 RBI and 1 BB. The walk is notable as it is Soriano. Tex is 2-17 with a .118 AVG with 1 HR, 2 RBI, 3 BB and 2 K's. McCann is 0-1 vs Wilson with a popout. Brett Gardner is 2-13, a .154, against the lefty with a triple and 4 K's. Brian Roberts hits .263 against C.J. with 1 of each of the next 3: double, homer and a walk. He has also drove in 2 RBI. Solarte obviously has no ABs vs the 33 year old lefty as he is a rookie.

It seems like Joe is set with this lineup for the next few days and i say see why as it has provided some decent results. Yesterday's stats back this up. Ellsbury was 3-6, Jeter 2-5, Beltran 1-6, Soriano 2-5, Teixeira 1-3, McCann 1-5, Gardner is on a bit of a cold streak; he went 0-3, Roberts is picking it up; 2-5, Solarte is getting it going again after going 2-5 as well.

My reappraised lineup for shapes up like this:
1. Brian Roberts, 2B
2. Derek Jeter, SS
3. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
4. Alfonso Soriano, DH
5. Carlos Beltran, RF
6. Yangervis Solarte, 3B
7. Brian McCann, C
8. Mark Teixeira, 1B
9. Brett Gardner, LF

The guys the Yankees got this year have an optimal effect on slotting in in almost any spot in the lineup and doing well.

Brian Roberts with decent numbers against Wilson and decent numbers over the last few games he has earned the leadoff spot. Derek Jeter's numbers speak for them self and they are perfect for the number 2 spot. Ellsbury is 4-14 vs Wilson and has continued his great hitting to start the season off, as the best hitter on the roster right now he should stay at 3rd. Soriano is perfect where Joe put him going oppo-taco lately plus whilst having sparkling numbers against the ace. Beltran is 1-1 and i have him down at 5th instead of 3rd or 2nd is thanks to a very limited sample size against C.J. and hasn't been too too great from the right side of the plate. Solarte is flashing his discipline which i love and has picked it back up so i slotted him at 6th. McCann is McCann, he went 1-5 last night and is 0-1 vs Wilson. I feel bad for Teixeira but his numbers have been horrid to say the least vs Wilson. His 1 HR is nice but it doesn't overpower the .241 season AVG and .118 Wilson AVG. Gardner's numbers vs CJ are pretty bad and his AVG on the year at .243 is average.

Brett Gardner NEEDS to be in either the number 1 or number 9 spot for the sake of his game, Michael Kay along with other analysts have said Kevin Long has been trying to change up the 5'11 LF's game but having him pull more balls and to try and hit for power but that is not Gardy's game. Gardner is a gritty AB, BB, Slap hitter type guy. He is almost like a mini Ellsbury except less AVG ability, less power, less RBI but more walks/discipline, speed, around the same SB ability and a better fielder. Brett Gardner is one of my favorite guys to watch and it's no fun when he is struggling in a bad offense lineup spot like 7th.

Ichiro is not much better against CJ going 9-49 with 2 2B, 1 RBI, 4 BBs and 12 K's. Johnson is 1-6 with 3 K's and 1BB. Ichiro playing for Gardner for the night in LF wouldn't be too much better and Johnson for Tex wouldn't be too good for defense OR offensively either.

As always, it’s a long season so remember that one game doesn’t make the season! Enjoy 
the game everyone!

Preview: New York Yankees vs. Los Angeles Angels 4/25

The New York Yankees will host the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim this weekend at Yankee Stadium for a three game set. The Yankees will send Hiroki Kuroda to the mound to face off with CJ Wilson for the Angels tonight. The game will be played at 7:05 pm ET and can be seen on the YES Network, on the computer with MLB TV, and can be heard on the radio with WFAN.

Hiroki Kuroda struggled a little with his command and effectivness last time out against the Tampa Bay Rays in a Yankees loss. Kuroda pitched 5.2 IP and allowed seven hits and three runs on 99 pitches. Kuroda struggled with command all night long but only walked two and struck out two. Kuroda will look to improve on that last start tonight against the Angels.

CJ Wilson struggled in his last outing against the Detroit Tigers giving up four runs, albeit only three of them earned, on seven hits and three walks in only five innings pitched. Wilson is a bit of a Yankee killer though, especially at Yankee Stadium, sporting a career 2.58 ERA in 38.1 IP in New York.

Go Yankees!!

Angels @ Yankees Series Preview April 25th-27th

Angels come to town for a 3 game set

This will be the first of 2 3-game sets the Bombers will face the Angels this year. They also play the Halos at Anaheim in a little over 2 weeks. As you and your dog surely know, they have the best player in the game: Mike Trout. The Angels used to give the Yankees all sorts of fits, but that is just not the case anymore, winning only 7 of 22 games in the new Yankee Stadium.

What have they done lately?

The Angels have just split the first 6 games of their 9 game road trip, dropping 2-3 to the Tigers and winning 2-3 against the Nationals. They were a 4 run blown save courtesy of Ernesto Frieri away from sweeping the Nationals. The Angels have an odd record at 10-11 but own a +17 run differential, which is 2nd in the league.  


The Angels may have the best player in the game, but they will be missing Josh Hamilton for this series. He broke his wrist sliding into first base a while back. He was off to a very hot start, sporting a .444/.545/.741. They are also missing Kole Calhoun. Good thing we won't be seeing him. Other than that: The Halos are one of the very best offensive teams in the game so far, averaging 5.1 runs a game. Albert Pujols is off to an amazing start with 8 home runs. He's still not the old Albert, but this version is pretty dang good (171 WRC+). Mike Trout is doing Mike Trout things with his (172 WRC+). 

Pitching Rotation:

CJ Wilson vs Hiroki Kuroda

CJ Wilson has probably been the most undeserving hated guy in the big contract spectrum. He's been a reliable workhouse for the Halos when they don't really have many. He comes into this start sporting a 4.21 ERA with a 3.94 FIP. Righties have gotten to him a little more than the lefties this year, which is completely normal. The guy is normally tough on lefties. He has 5 pitches, a low 90's fastball, upper 80's cutter, mid 80's change-up, low 80's slider, upper 70's curveball. He had a very rough start in his first start this year against the Mariners. Been pretty solid since.

Hector Santiago vs Vidal Nuno

Santiago is one of the 2 young lefties in the Angels rotation. He was a part of the 3 team deal that sent Mark Trumbo to the Diamondbacks. He has a 3.68 ERA (4.17 FIP). Santiago, as usual, has a very good strike-out rate (8.19 K/9 and a 21.1 K%) and a walk rate (4.91 BB/9 and  12.6 BB%). He has a pretty low grounder rate at 29.5%. Santiago has a very odd pitch mix, something people like to call a # and a half mix. In his case it's a 3 and a half. He'll use a low 90's 4 and 2 seam fastballs to set up his low 80's change. The half I was referring to is a low 70's screwball he'll use on rare occasion. 

Garrett Richards vs Masahiro Tanaka

Richards, 25, is the 5th starter for the Angels and by all accounts is pitching the best thus far. He has a 2.52 ERA (2.92 FIP) in his first four starts with a very strike out rate (8.64 K/9 and 24.2 K%) along with a stellar groundball rate (51.7%). While those starts are really good, Richards has a problem with the control bug, it has plagued him for most of his career. This year: (5.04 BB/9 and 14.1 BB%). He's essentially a two pitch pitcher, relying on the mid 90's fastball and a mid 80's slider. He'll throw a few curveballs a game, but not many if at all. He's allowed 2 runs combined in 3 of his 4 starts, the other start he got roughed up by the Athletics. 

Bullpen Status:

With the Angels having an off day yesterday, they are about as rested as one could think. Even with Frieri blowing the 4 run lead on Wednesday, he is still the closer (8.80 FIP). RHP Joe Smith (2.33 FIP) and RHP Kevin Jepsen (3.57 FIP) are the primary set up guys. The Halos really only have one lefty reliever in Nick Marrone, and have used him sparingly (0.69 FIP).

The rest of the Halos bullpen, is quite interesting to say the least. RHP Yosnan Herrera last appeared in a big league game in 2008 before being called up a few weeks ago (4.03 FIP). RHP Fernando Salas (4.58 FIP) is a former closer for the Cardinals back in 2011, but back problems have hurt him the past few years. Michael Kohn is just your middle of the run middle reliever with a (3.71 FIP).

Is Masahiro Tanaka Vulnerable To The Home Run?

Masahiro Tanaka has made four Major League starts since coming over from Japan to the New York Yankees and are we finally starting to see what we can expect from the 25 year old right hander? We all know about the stats he put up in Japan, 24-0 with a minuscule ERA, but over here it's a whole new ball game. Tanaka has proven that he can make major league hitters look silly with that split finger fastball while racking up strikeouts this season but has Tanaka become vulnerable to the home run ball? For a guy who plays his home games in Yankee Stadium I sure hope not.

Tanaka's debut in the states was against the Toronto Blue Jays and promptly gave up a home run to the first batter he faced in Melky Cabrera. In his second start Tanaka gave up a big three run home to the Baltimore Orioles Jonathan Schoop. Tanaka completely shut down the Chicago Cubs but really I think I could at this point, at least over a few innings, and I threw in the 90 MPH range when I was 13 years old. Tanaka had a true test against the Boston Red Sox and gave up back to back home runs to David Ortiz and Mike Napoli thus begging the question, is this becoming a trend?

Tanaka has great stats including a 3-0 record with a 2.15 ERA, 35 strike outs to only two walks, an ERA+ of 189, and a WHIP of 0.818. Tanaka does have a HR/9 ratio of 1.2 though and this is very concerning. I remember all of us were ready to run Phil Hughes out of town for his home run tendencies last season and the seasons prior and his HR/9 ratio was 1.5 in 2013. Take away those eight shut out innings against the Cubs and these numbers would look even worse.

I'm not comparing the two I am just saying this is something we need to keep a close eye on and monitor before it gets out of hand. Tanaka is great and is definitely the real deal but I worry about his home run numbers in a home run friendly Yankee Stadium. Hopefully I am not the only one, but maybe I am.

First Month: Masahiro Tanaka 2014 vs. Yu Darvish 2012

When the news broke that Masahiro Tanaka was going to be posted the Yu Darvish comparisons began almost immediately. Long story short obviously the New York Yankees paid the $20 million posting fee and retained Tanaka's services for seven seasons, not including the opt out clause. From the beginning almost everyone across the board said that while Tanaka was good he was playing second fiddle to Yu Darvish. Let's compare the first month of Masahiro Tanaka and his four starts for the Yankees this season to Yu Darvish's five stars in his first month with the Texas Rangers. 

Darvish's April of 2012 included five starts, 33 IP, 33 strikeouts, 17 walks, a 2.18 ERA, and a 4-0 record to begin his major league career. 

Tanaka's April of 2014 includes four starts, 29.1 IP, 35 strikeouts, two walks, a 2.15 ERA, and a 3-0 record to begin his major league career.

As you can see these two have very similar numbers aside from Tanaka's control and command is much better. While I do not expect Tanaka to challenge Carlos Silva's nine walks in a season in 2005 but the 24-0 record is still attainable. I kid, maybe.  

Quick Hit: Don't Pitch To Albert Pujols

Do not, I repeat, do not pitch to Albert Pujols. Just don't do it if you want to win these three very winnable games against the Angels at home this weekend. Josh Hamilton is out of the lineup and Pujols has no protection hitting behind him once again, sound familiar St. Louis Cardinals fans? If I am the Yankees I think I would rather attack Howie Kendrick, Yankee killer and all, than a red hot Pujols right now.

The Angels are coming off a great series against the Washington Nationals and Pujols is hot after joining the 500 home run club. You don't need a binder to see this, don't pitch to Pujols this weekend and try to keep Mike Trout off the basepaths. Oh and score more runs then the Angels do, then the Yankees sweep.

Sounds easy enough, now just do it. Happy Friday everybody, have a great day.

Tyler Austin Headed To The AA Disabled List

The Trenton Thunder, Double-A affiliate of the New York Yankees, announce outfielder Tyler Austin has been placed on the Disabled List Thursday morning with a lower body injury.

Austin, the No. 17 prospect in the Yankees system, is batting .250 on the season in 14 games played and most recently went 0-for-2 Wednesday night in right field with 2 BB, 2 SB, RBI and R. In his last four games, Austin had been 5-for-14 (.357), 3 BB, 3 RBI, 5 R. 

With Austin being placed on the DL, RHP Joel De La Cruz was transferred back to the Thunder roster prior to Thursday’s 10:35 a.m. first pitch. De La Cruz, 24, who was signed by the Yankees as a minor league free agent in 2010, is expected to be the starting pitcher Thursday morning. De La Cruz has a 2-1 record and a 2.95 ERA with nine strikeouts and four walks over 18.1 IP in his first season in Double-A.

In his most recent start, April 17 against the Erie SeaWolves, De La Cruz tossed 5.2 innings of shutout ball on six hits and two walks.

Claiborne & Anna Down, Billings & Greene Up

My apologies for being late to this party, I was at the hospital with my mother in law all night last night so I am a little behind. Just to get you caught up in case you missed it Shane Greene and Bruce Billings have been called up to the Yankees bullpen. To make room on the 25 man roster Dean Anna and Preston Claiborne have been sent down. To make a 40 man roster spot for Billings the Yankees added Ivan Nova to the 60 day DL. Caught up?

Trenton Thunder Game Recap 4/24

Roller's Blast Not Enough in 4-1 Loss to Akron

Akron starter Kyle Davies struck out nine over six and ⅔ innings to lead the RubberDucks to a 4-1 victory over the Thunder on Thursday afternoon at ARM & HAMMER Park.
The former Atlanta Brave and Kansas City Royal allowed only one run, a solo home run by Kyle Roller, on his way to his second win of the season. Shawn Armstrong, Giovanni Soto and Jordan Cooper combined with Davies to strike out 14 batters.
The Thunder earned just four baserunners over the first six innings before Kyle Roller broke up the shutout with a solo home run to right center.
Roller now has five home runs in his first nine games in 2014. He tied the league lead with Altoona's Stetson Allie with his shot to left-center. Roller finished 2-for-4 and has nine extra base hits in nine games this season.
Joel De La Cruz suffered his second loss of the season as he allowed four runs in five innings. Akron scored the first two runs of the game on a two-run double off the bat of Justin Toole in the second inning and Francisco Lindor drove in two more with a triple in the fifth inning; he went 3-for-4.
Jairo Heredia and Pat Venditte combined to throw four shutout innings of relief, allowing just one hit and four strikeouts.
The Thunder embark on a seven game road trip beginning in Portland on Friday night at 6:00 p.m. The Thunder will start LHP Matt Tracy (3-0, 2.20), the Sea Dogs will counter with RHP Mike Augliera (2-1, 3.79). Listen live on 91.3 WTSR and beginning at 5:45 p.m.

Being posted with permission from the Trenton Thunder. The original article can be seen HERE

Charleston Riverdogs Game Recap 4/24

Smith Strikes Out 13 Shorebirds in RiverDogs Rout
Southpaw Caleb Smith quiets Delmarva with record-setting outing, backed by consistent offense

SALISBURY, MD - A career-high 13 strikeouts from Caleb Smith in six shutout innings highlighted a 6-0 Charleston RiverDogs win over the Delmarva Shorebirds on Thursday night at Arthur W. Perdue Stadium in South Atlantic League action. Smith's 13 strikeouts is the highest total by any RiverDogs pitcher since Charleston became a New York Yankees affiliate in 2005.
After its first shutout of the season, Charleston is now 11-9 overall and 3-1 during this seven-game road trip. Delmarva's record drops to 9-11 following its fourth loss in its last five games.
Charleston scored early and often against Delmarva, but Smith was even more efficient. The southpaw struck out at least two Shorebirds in each frame, including three strikeouts in the fifth inning. Smith allowed just three hits and also retired eight straight batters in a stretch from the end of the first inning into the fourth. Smith also has 11.1 consecutive scoreless innings pitched, the best RiverDogs streak at any point this year.
The RiverDogs started their offense with back-to-back hits against Delmarva's Mitch Horacek before putting across the game's first run. Abiatal Avelino doubled and reached third base on a Jose Rosario single. Avelino scored on a double play off the bat of Aaron Judge, giving Charleston a 1-0 advantage in the first inning.
An early RiverDogs lead grew to 4-0 during the second inning. Gosuke Katoh's bases-loaded double scored Michael O'Neill and Miguel Andujar for a three-run lead. On the next pitch, Kale Sumner came in after a passed ball.
Charleston added runs in the third and fourth for a 6-0 advantage. With the bases loaded, Sumner's sacrifice fly brought in Judge during the third. In the fourth, Mikeson Oliberto collected a leadoff triple and was driven in by a single from Rosario.
Smith moved up to 2-1 after earning the victory in a record-setting appearance. Horacek was the losing pitcher for Delmarva, falling to 0-2. Jordan Cote followed Smith with three shutout innings to finish the game and claimed the first save of his professional career.
COMING UP: Game two of this four-game series is scheduled for 7:05pm on Friday evening. Charleston RHP Rookie Davis (2-0, 2.75 ERA) will pitch against Delmarva RHP Sebastian Vader (1-1, 2.84 ERA). Starting on Tuesday, April 29, the RiverDogs will host a seven-game homestand at Joseph P. Riley, Jr. Park. Harris Teeter 2-for-$20 Date Night Tuesday, presented by Nash FM 96.9, offers a great deal with two tickets, two tacos, two fountain drinks, and one nacho tray for just $20 for couples that show their VIC Card at the box office. Tickets may be purchased at the Riley Park Box Office, (843) 577-DOGS (3647) or on-line at If fans cannot make it to the ballpark, they are encouraged to tune in to all the action this year both home and away worldwide and locally on 1250 WTMA, the new radio home for RiverDogs baseball.

Being posted with permission from the Charleston Riverdogs. The original article can be seen HERE

This Day In New York Yankees History 4/25

On this day in 1904 Jack Chesbro and the New York Highlanders hand the Washington Senators their eight straight loss, making the Sens 0-8 to start the season, when New York won 4-1. Chesbro picked up his first of his record 41 wins he will get that season. Insane by today's standards.

On this day in 1933 Yankees rookie pitcher Russ Van Atta goes 4-4 and shuts out the Washington Senators 16-0 in his Major League debut. Kid seems like a keeper to me.

On this day in 1933 the benches cleared at Griffith Stadium between the New York Yankees and the Washington Senators. Yankee outfielder Ben Chapman spikes Buddy Myer and then responds by punching the Senators Jewish second baseman and hurling anti Semitic remarks at the injured infielder. This was an ugly brawl that lasted 20 minutes and spread into the stands with over 300 fans getting into the action. Suspensions and fines followed for the players involvement.

On this day in 1999 the New York Yankees unveiled their fifth monument in Monument Park when a plaque honoring Joe DiMaggio was placed there. Joe D died the month prior at age 84 and joined Miller Huggins, Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth, and Mickey Mantle in Monument Park.