Friday, December 7, 2012

Yankees Avoid Arbitration With Brett Gardner

The Yankees have announced that they have come to terms with LF Brett Gardner on a contract for the 2013 season thus avoiding arbitration. The terms have not yet been disclosed but MLBTR predicted Gardner would earn $2.8 million next season so we will see just how close they were.

EDIT: The deal is worth $2.85 million, with another $150,000 in performance bonuses.

Yankees In On Josh Hamilton

Before I really get into this I want to throw it out there that I am 100% against this budget restricting austerity idea put in place by Hal Steinbrenner. I mean I co-run a Yankees blog named, for good reason, The GREEDY Pinstripea for crying out loud. I think the losses outweigh the gains both long term and short term financially so with that said I fully expect absolutely nothing to come of story. Anyway...

The Yankees have reportedly requested a background check on Josh Hamilton and are said to be quietly in on him. Is this due diligence? Posturing to keep the price for a potential Nick Swisher reuinion down? Fallacy made up to drive the price up? Who knows?!? I do know this we are not in the George Steinbrenner era anymore and I am not getting my hopes up just to be crushed again.

I truly think that Josh Hamilton will be on a team other than the Yankees next season but let us just say that he does sign, how would that affect the 2014 plan? Can we afford both him and Robinson Cano? Do we throw austerity out the window? Is this another management driven signing or is Brian Cashman flexing his ninja suit? We may never know..