Thursday, March 24, 2016

Gary Sanchez Sent to Scranton/Wilkes-Barre

I'm not surprised at this tweet from Mr. Boland, as I've expected the Yankees to send Sanchez to AAA for some time now. Not because he can't cut it in the Majors, but because it makes sense to hold onto as many options as possible until your forced to do differently.

As for the other two catchers vying for the backup role behind Brian McCann, there's Austin Romine and Carlos Corporan. It's possible that only one of those two will be with the Yankees come Opening Day, as Romine is out of options and Corporan can opt-out of his contract at the end of Spring Training.

Therefore, if Sanchez won the backup role, the Yankees could have very well lost two... not just one... catching option. It's possible Corporan would accept a minor league position, seeing as how nobody seemed willing to give him a Major League contract this offseason. But why risk it?

My guess is the Yankees take Austin Romine to New York, and let Carlos Corporan decide whether to take the backup role in Scranton or try another team. This way the Yankees could keep all three catchers in the organization. However, I think Corporan will opt-out and at least try to find a starting AAA gig elsewhere.


  1. Yea, kind of was expecting this for at least a portion of the season, seeing that the yanks been in love with trading away talented backup catchers. And he didn't really do anything to force the issue lol

    Im pretty content seeing refs (hopefully) on the roster. Considering sanchez' dilemma and bird injury, this was the next "big" one.

    But wait... Who's backing up first? Rommine?

    And I have such a hatred for the mlb owners. There's a yes network that prefers to play replays of the nets games than air preseason. The nets! The nets! They are total junk, (and the only good part is us Celtics fans get that draft pick). But they want their money, squeeze every last drop. Sell the cork, sell the grass, next will be bottles of toilet water.

    1. I think it was unanimous around here that Gary was going down...for a while anyhow.
      Ackley and McCann will back up 1st maybe even Headley.

    2. First base is the least of my worries. While there are enough suitable options, although none of them are pure backups, first base will be fine in a pinch.

      What worries me is what the lineup looks like on the days that McCann needs off and if he is going to wear down (assuming Sanchez stays down for more than the 35 days it takes to delay his free agency) like Chase Headley did in 2015.

  2. Ken, didn't know you were such a night owl! 2am the other day!

    1. Daryl, when one gets older one sleeps less. You posted at 0003 so you are a night person also?
      I hit the sack at about 0230/0300 every day and am up with the new day...0600/0700 every day. How about you?

    2. During week, usually asleep at 0030, up at 0630. Weekend, I stay up til 0300, up 0800-0900. Girlfriend is asleep by 1800, so I use that time to watch whatever I want (usually scary movies... She hates em), or read sports blogs lol!

    3. My Boss gets home at 2400/0015 and we stay up for a while then she will go to bed and watch TV, while I get some stuff caught up on this blog and my own.


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