Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Remembering 2015: Jacoby Ellsbury


  1. I know I am not alone, regarding Jacoby Ellsbury.

    He is a detriment to this team moving forward.
    He is blocking a talented group of young players, who are way less expensive, and can be even more productive ....Heathcott, Hicks are
    the first to come to mind. There are others, but they are blocked.

    The Yankees are almost done this off season...meaning they would
    greatly like that talented young / under control pitcher.

    My wish, my hope....package Ellsbury ( Eat most of the contract, they
    will still be saving money.)...and any host of young hopefuls, for that
    pitcher. Throw in Gardner for a two for one, and lets get out of this
    seaweed muck.

    Gardner, and Ellsbury at this point, are nothing special. Expect worse
    stats as the next few years creep by. I cringe.
    Moving them out opens so many doors. This team will flourish with them gone.

    Candles lit, and they are not from Taiwan.

    1. Ellsbury I don't think is a total loss just yet. I expect him to be better in 2016, he almost has to be if he stays healthy. A big IF I know.

      Problem with Ellsbury is the same problem with a lot of Yankees, that no trade clause. Also if you know he's a detriment to the team wont other teams too? And if so, why would they want him?

    2. True dat. Freaking no trade clauses. and since there is plenty of time left on this contract, I dont see him accepting trades as easily. but this was my thought- eat some of this contract and trade him, as I think he will bounce back and he is significantly better than brett gardner.

      I imagine that patrick refers to him as a detriment as 1-blocking others that are likely ready to take over the position and contribute 2- this contract was ugly since day 1 and completely a reaction to losing cano.

    3. Contract was ugly. Way too long, money doesn't bother me though. I don't think Ellsbury is a bad player though, he just has to stay healthy.

      With that said if someone wants him I'll trade him in a heart beat. With that said though I don't think, personal opinion, that slade, Mason or Gamel are better than Ellsbury.

      I also think Hicks could be, but not yet.

  2. THE PHOENIX HAS RISEN...and the comment poster hot line grows longer,
    and moves faster as we watch.

    To almost dead on the tracks, a few days ago....and it was.
    To as to what it has transpired into during the past two days. Wow !

    Unless one wants a juvenile asking that Castro should wear # 96,
    ....then this is the correct formula.

    # 96 ?...Lets get back to lucky Pierre from Rahway.... Rahway may create
    a problem with one, it was not intended to. Creative license my brother.


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