Tuesday, December 22, 2015

New Amenities Coming To Yankee Stadium?

I have been to 15 MLB stadiums so far, and all have different amenities for keeping game attendees entertained. The Mets, for example, have a bunch of activities in centerfield including dunk an opposing fan and whiffle ball in centerfield. The Diamondbacks have a pool, and the Rays have a ray touch tank. The Yankees only have 3 "entertainment" areas that don't cost extra, Monument Park, The Yankee Museum and a pitching mound. On occasion the Yankees partner with a sponsor for special promotions such as the "Say Goodbye to Mariano Rivera Booth."

The Arizona Diamondbacks Pool

Yesterday I received an interesting email from the Yankees with the invitation to take a survey regarding my experiences as a season ticket holder at Yankee Stadium. The point of the survey seemed to be gathering information on increasing entertainment value of fans and game attendees.

The Yankees survey focused on two entertainment types. "In Stadium Family Entertainment Zones" and "In-Stadium Social Gathering Spaces

 In-Stadium Family Entertainment Zones are described as "A number of Major League Baseball stadiums also include a variety of family entertainment zones located throughout the concourses and in the outfield. In stadium family entertainment zones are to be open to all fans regardless of seat location, and generally include activities such as a batting cage, pitching mound, home run derby, jungle gym, and other such interactive games."

In-Stadium Social Gathering Spaces are described as "Popular general fan enhancements have also included the addition of a variety of new social gathering spaces located throughout stadium concourses. In-stadium social gathering spaces are open to all fans regardless of seat location, and provide areas for fans to congregate and socialize before and during the game. In-stadium social gathering spaces generally offer high-top tables and other standing-room-only spaces (including a fire pit area), as well as TV monitors and areas for fans to purchase general stadium food and beverage options.

The Yankees seem to be ready to move on three potential entertainment enhancements.

  • Stadium Terrace - The In-Stadium Social Gathering Spaces. They mention the fire pit area again, they must really want a fire pit.
  • Loge & Group Party Areas - Accommodates 4-8 people in prime seating locations these areas. Think of this as a smaller luxury suite with drinks, catering, TV and more.
  • Centerfield Lounge - This appears to be an expansion of the seats that are above the Mohegan Sun Sports Bar in centerfield. The description mentions areas to "mingle and network", a "chef-inspired menu featuring locally-sourced ingredients" and "in-seat technology" amongst other amenities like TV.
They better put these far away from any A-Bombs and Tex-Messages

All these entertainment areas seem to be catering to the casual fan as an alternative to the traditional game atmosphere.

What do you think of the Yankee Stadium and the Yankees possibly adding more entertainment areas? If you have any questions about the survey, feel free to tweet me @EliotRants.


  1. It sounds to me like the Yankees are finally starting to pay attention to the little guy again. Truth be told it's likely just a ploy to get more people to come to the game and the only way they will truly pander to the fans again is the day they lower ticket prices again but still, the fans I think would benefit from this.

    A fire pit though? Really?

    1. Definitely agree with you about lower ticket prices. They kept mentioning the fire pits but that is some drunk idiot knocking it over waiting to happen.

    2. Dude the Yankees fans are angry, especially while losing. Having them near fire is a bad, bad idea. I worry more about them than the drunk people, not that this gives me the warm and fuzzy either.


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