Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Introduction to Accountability: Part One

I want to start this off with a little disclaimer. I’m not bitter, I’m not whining and I’m far from angry or upset about this. I merely just want this exposed for what it is because things will never change if we keep it bottled up and we don’t talk about it. I want to change the world, that’s why I got into blogging. I wanted to be not only different and unique but maybe a little special. Whether that came with fame and fortune and recognition didn’t concern me, I am and will always be happy with a small group of dedicated readers, followers, supporters, fans and most importantly friends. This is a battle I know I’m not going to win but I’m willing to fight the good fight anyway. That’s what makes me, me.

With all that said I want to touch on the news yesterday that Mike Leake had signed with the St. Louis Cardinals. Ken Rosenthal and Chris Cotillo were given the credit for breaking the story naturally but that’s not how it happened. See above, this was my tweet almost a full week before the Cotillo tweet was made. I said that, per my source, Mike Leake would sign with the St. Louis Cardinals for five years before Christmas. On December 22, 2015 Leake signs with the Cardinals on five-years with the money details left pending. In a world where getting it first matters more than getting it right I had it first AND I had it right, again I may add… remember when I had Curtis Granderson going to the Mets before Joel Sherman… long before Joel Sherman, and once again I get nothing.

Again, I’m not mad and I don’t necessarily need the credit. I didn’t start blogging to become an insider and I don’t need the credit of everyone knowing I had it first. Everyone who matters knows I had it first, everyone that matters to me anyway.

I appreciate everyone who has had my back along the way and everyone who had my back on Twitter yesterday. It did not go unnoticed and it is appreciated. Thank you. 


  1. Sorry Daniel, I didn't see anything about it on Twitter as I don't follow it at all. Only when I see something in my e-mail do I even read it.
    That sucks, those guys get the credit because they are syndicated and you aren't but, the fans that DO follow you on Twitter know who broke the news first...and they are the ones that count!

    1. Oh well, just a vent I had to do. I don't need the recognition but it sure would be nice.


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