Thursday, December 31, 2015

Remembering 2015: Nathan Eovaldi


  1. Watching 'The Great Revolver'..Eovaldi is a most wonderful way
    to end 2015.
    Eovaldi, the main spring of the rotation, and he comes with a Nolan Ryan
    'Thumbs-Up'. Remember the..." That old boy can sure as hell pitch, sort
    of minds me of myself."
    Note that Ryan didn't call him any juvenile names like water gun.
    Ryan, like patrick, knows his stuff. old girl, Anne Marie, is getting ready to steam up some jumbo shrimp, and I have cold Coors Light to put away. My door is open
    to all of you that love great rock tunes, played loud on fine speakers.
    Check your water pistols at the door.

    A great New Year to all of you. Sorry about the scrum a few weeks back.
    The Irish boy in me comes alive every now, and then.

    Stay well, drive carefully, and see you next year.
    Unless you drop by later.

    1. patrick, no apologies needed. Seriously. Not needed, not wanted. We're all men and we all fuck up. That's life. We're friends, hug it out :)

  2. I read an interesting article about Eovaldi the other day. The article stated some facts that I would like to share. In 154.1 innings pitched Eovaldi gave up 175 hits a year after allowing 223 which lead the National league. He finished with a 14-3 win loss record with a 4.20 era and a not so good whip of 1.50 In his first 30 pitches batters are hitting .253 off Eovaldi and from pitches 46 on hitters are hitting .362 with an OPS of .872 The article was trying to emphasize the need to send Eovaldi to the pen due to his lack of ability to spot pitches and his somewhat success from pitches 1-30 would fair better out of the pen.

    1. I read this same article and figured you would have liked it. If it comes to that it comes to that. I wouldn't do this season though, I'd like to see how his development with the splitter and such is going.

    2. As I have said before that I'm not fooled by his record as anyone who truly understands the game knows he got 6 plus runs a game in support. His fastball is straight and his curve is nothing to right home about. He looks to be refining the split which could be effective. I want to see him reproduce the win total again and lower the hits and era. Then I will say I'm wrong. At this juncture of the game no pun intended I don't think he is a top flight pitcher.

    3. Ken, if Eovaldi was our 4th or 5th starter, I'd be very content with him. But like you said, the record doesn't mean all that much. However, He's still young, and let's hope this is a year that he proves us wrong.

      The only statistics that matter are ERA and innings pitched.

    4. I agree and disagree with both you and Ken, Spade.
      Evo has a spliter that helped him lower his stats in the last half, his curve is nothing to write home about but if he can get either pitch to be a plus he will be able to go longer into games and be a more effective pitcher. I think I would get him to throw a good changeup instead of a curve, it is easier on the arm, easier to learn and complements the fastball.
      As I have said many times Evo has the arm to be a plus pitcher, with hard work and good coaching he can get a wrinkle in his FB and pitch off it with his Splitter, curve/changeup. If he does, he will strike out more batters and not have his count up to 100 pitches by the end of the 5th or 6th inning. If he can't get his stuff working he should be ok in the BP even if he has a straight FB and an ok splitter...maybe Dellin can teach him how he throws his slider?
      In my neck of the woods, the ONLY stats that count are, is superfluous!

    5. Hans,

      one of the few things we agree on is the fact that Eovaldi's run support was a huge component in his 14-win season. No one that watched a single game could deny you that.

      What I have always countered with and what I will always counter with is the fact that Eovaldi is NOT an ace. Evo made 27 starts last season and gave up three runs or less in 21 of them including a stretch where he gave up 2,2,0,2,3,2,2,3,1 in consecutive games. Give him 19 runs a game or give him four (probably still below league average but close enough), those are still all victories. Especially with this bullpen.

      Sure if you put worse pitchers in pinstripes and give them nearly seven runs a game their run total would go up. No one denies that, ever. The fact remains though that Eovaldi improved and continued to improve for months after his start in Miami. That's nothing to forget either in my opinion. He's not an ace, he's Nathan EOVALVING (trademark pending).

    6. And Spade, no offense, as a saber guy that post truly offended me, hahaha. There are a lot of stats that matter but to each their own. I like you so I'm willing to overlook you're blatant disregard for advanced metrics :)

    7. Burch as I said in a previous post I think you will see the real Eovaldi circa 2014 and earlier this year. I just don't see major league stuff. I want to see more K's with a 98 MPH fastball, I want to see a lower ERA and I want to see less hits given up and deeper into the games. If that happens ands his win loss record is less this year I can live with that and I will say I am wrong. Only time will tell.

    8. All Eovaldi needs is another pitch. 98 MPH means nothing when the opposing hitter knows its coming. That's his problem, he lacks a putout pitch and he lacks the confidence with two strikes. That's when he nibbles and turns an 0-2 count into a 3-2 count and a 10 pitch inning into a 20 pitch inning.

      Yankees added a splitter, maybe they add a changeup also (which is easier to learn and much easier on the arm/elbow). If he pitches like he did in the latter part of his season 2015 next season then he can absolutely win 14 games again. You won't agree with that and that's fine.

    9. You're exactly right that I won't agree. A select individual on here who believes this guy is the next coming of Nolan Ryan. I have him pinned as the next coming of Aaron Small, who by the way had a 10-0 record in 2005. He threw 76 innings and gave up 71 hits had a whip of 1.25 and an era of 3.20. Next season he was back to his old self when he only pitched 27.2 innings and went back to giving up a great deal of hits as he had in the past 42 hits 29 runs which 26 were earned and had a whip of 1.95 and an era of 8.46. Welcome back Mr. Small to reality.

      Anyone who believes in a one year wonder is foolish because numbers don't lie and just remember that all these coaches in the majors are top quality coaches. Are some better than others the answer is yes. I think you are giving Rothschild a little more credit then he deserves on the Nathan Eovaldi project. There are plenty of players who have one great season and look like they are turning the corner and yet they revert back to what they really are in previous seasons. Lets see where Mr. Eovaldi falls when the season is over. I unlike another person on here has no problem admitting when I am wrong. If he pitches like he did at the end of last season I will call it that way. When he reverts back to his previous seasons let's here from the peanut gallery that supports him.

    10. I presume you are writing about me, Ken!
      I have never said he WILL be anything more than what I think he CAN become. I do mean it, he has the start of becoming a very good pitcher, but it is up to him. And I also pointed out many times he needs a good big league Change or Curve to go longer into games and have more swing and miss at-bats.
      IF he doesn't do near as he did the last half of 2015...I say NEAR because repeating those numbers would be hard for anyone...I will help lead the denunciation of Evo, you can book on that.
      Unlike many fans, I take it personally when a player wastes his God-given talents.

    11. Well, at least once I don't have to argue with you about that! And that is good. By the way, just so you know, we all (I believe) think about the same except, we believe he can improve enough year to year to make a difference. That is the big difference between him and Small. Small had no upside whereas I think, Evo does.

    12. I agree he is better than Small. My point behind it is don't get fooled by one year because there are many players out there like Brady Anderson that have an incredible season and revert back to what they truly are. That's why I always say you are what your baseball card says you are.

      That's why Levin and I go at it with Gardner. I think he is a good player not an all-star caliber player that has a history of wetting the bed in the second half of the season.

    13. WATER PISTOL, AND NOW ARRON SMALL....add to that
      "numbers don't lie", and what do you have ? A narrow vision,
      from a brain devoid of insight.

      I'm not here to defend Eovaldi, I've done enough of that.
      But to say he will revert back to past seasons is ignorant.

      Case in point...Jake Arrieta, P, Cubs.
      From 2010-13 with Baltimore & Cubs he was awful. 5-7 eras.
      But he perfected that slider, and is now outstanding.
      Look at 2.53, and 1.77 ERA' in 14&15...or, the 236K in 229 innings last season...That was Arrieta mastering his craft, and turning the corner.

      I'm sure he was called dumb names by detractors also.
      Just like here. That's why the word jackass fits those of small minds.

    14. DANIEL...I've said it before. No one works harder, or puts in the you do.
      Four years !...Have a cold one on me.

      I am proud to work on this stage for you, and travel with this
      carnival in the comments section. Good folks all.
      Hug those boys tonight. Like I have to say that.

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    17. Reed This will be my last post as I can't take the double standard. I'm a big boy and can take the attacks but when I fire back it always seems to be my fault from what you guys write back. Always constant jabs about spelling or being a jackass or other childish insults. I promised Burch I wouldn't curse back so here we are. Not once in these posts did I get nasty about Eovaldi. Not once did I refer to him in these posts as WP. The inner thinking of this guy is disgusting as no one can say what they feel without a shot thrust across the bow from him. In my opinion thats what I feel about Eovaldi. On other sites you don't have these immature shots taken at you. I enjoyed engaging you even though we don't agree it was fun. Mr. Burch you have a great site and I enjoyed reading it. You do a fantastic job. Please remove me immediately from this site and I wish you nothing but the best of luck

    18. THIS IS SOOOO SAD. ...I can not post normally here, without
      people running away screaming..." I'm a big boy, I can't take it
      any longer".

      My post never mentioned anyone by name. Unless jack-ass rings a bell.

      Good, go leave, and go rearrange your doll collection.

      My last post was everything a normal person can handle. There it
      stands for all to read, and you run away. Again.

      Normal person ? Mentally devoid of male hormones ?
      Don't go running to Daniel with your blue blankey.
      Re-read your words just screams trans-gender.

    19. Ken H, this is a good site and I know you and Patrick are oil and water...with good reason sometimes...but, why not do what you had said before, just ignore him. I have learned the hard the same situation as you.
      You and I will never agree on many things, you and I think differently which is good for the site.
      Let the words of another commenter drive you off, I thought you were better than that?
      Let's face it, on the other sites, there are clicks, what I call, "Yuppy" commenters or "Group Followers" as with our old SS nobody would dare to correct the leader of the "Yuppies" without being ganged up on and pushed out. It ended up destroying one blog, but it's not going to happen here.
      I enjoy disagreeing with you, Spade and Daniel as for Patrick (my friend) I will not stick up for him, he was off base, and he knows it!
      Where else can you go and have so much fun?

    20. Hans,

      I'm not saying you have a right to be upset and I'm not saying that you don't, I have been away the last couple of days ad I've yet to catch up. I will say one thing though I believe you need to grow a thicker set of skin.


      This latest comment was completely unnecessary. If Hans wants to go let him go. Nothing is gained by this comment now or in the long run. Again I am speaking of this latest comment only as I have not completely caught up yet.

    21. SOMETIMES put up a post here is very restricting.
      Like putting my vocabulary in a straight jacket.

      I use humor as my foil, while I poke fun at others.
      For that I am now called out of line by commenters ? So be it.
      I do not need anyone to stick up for me. I'm just fine.

      As for the bag of bluster that posts here...calling others out,
      using language not found in my words, and demanding that all
      he says is written in stone.....Grow up.

      Again, it happened here last night...I disagree, and push back, and he runs away screaming. Probably throwing his water pistol on the floor, as he runs to management. It is a child's behavior.

      Nurture him all you want, that is what he craves. But if I have
      to perform here, with my words under a microscope, I'll find
      other things to occupy my time.

      Him, and I, are not water and oil. But I have seen enough of
      his tired act. The one who wanted to beat up Ken, an adult ?

    22. Burch I really enjoy your site. Ever since coming back I have not stepped out of line attacking anyone. Have I disagreed with some of you.. yes I have. We can have a good back and forth. Patrick is a child I will leave the obvious alone. His reference in above post was addressed to me WATER PISTOL, AND NOW ARRON SMALL....add to that
      "numbers don't lie", and what do you have ? A narrow vision,
      from a brain devoid of insight. Just like here, or his other comment That's why the word jackass fits those of small minds.

      Then claims My post never mentioned anyone by name. Unless jack-ass rings a bell. See guys like him are just punks. You guys for whatever reason don't see or want to see the lack of maturity. I have expressed over and over again the reason for being on this site is to talk baseball. God forbid you make points or comments about the Great Eovaldi not to his liking and the name calling starts. I promised you Burch I wouldn't play that game and I didn't. We both can't be on this site together so until he leaves permanently I will not be a part of this site. Name calling is not why I come to this site. You want to challenge me on having thick skin or not go ahead. You guys don't know me so if it makes you feel better continue the assault of me and take your boys side.

    23. Patrick Walsh if you want to beat me up so badly I will be more than happy to furnish you my address. I have said that numerous times. Your humor is that of a child. You think you're funny when inside you have serious issues. I think your parents didn't hug you enough or tell you they love you. Everything to you is an insult and as I said you're just a punk.

    24. Ken H, I think you're very passionate. you stand your grounds and are not easily swayed from your opinions. you are extreme in your feelings, and I think it's always good to see.

      Patrick, your write style reads as if you're performing in theater. It took me some time to get used to, and now I just see that as your persona. It's unique.

      Ken H, I propose you find Patrick's address and mail him a piece of poop. you'll feel surprisingly better. I think he lives on Long Island. but it's a pretty common name, so good luck with that.

      back to baseball, I was looking at the top 10 Yankees prospects list for the past 5-6 years and it was godawfully depressing. The talent emerging from this list completely sucks.

      Those converting to major league players are:
      JR Murphy, David Phelps, Dellin Betances, (whos the pitcher we traded to Brave? Manny Banuelos? is he in the majors?), Adam Warren, Austin Jackson, and Mark Melancon. I might be missing 1 or 2, but that's complete garbage. Just wanted to share!

    25. Patrick: You asked where I went, the answer is nowhere. I've been reading the comments everyday, I just didn't want to get involved. But since the drama doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon, I decided I should offer an opinion. I don't think Eovaldi is anywhere near as good as you think he is, and nowhere near as bad as Hans thinks he is. You compare him to Nolan Ryan. He couldn't carry Ryan's jock strap into the ballpark. Hans thinks his career path is set in stone. He's 25 freaking years old Hans! He hasn't even reached his prime years. So there you have it Patrick. My 2 cents.

    26. Thanks for showing up Jeff, nice to read your comments again! Stick around.
      "This too, will pass"!

    27. I must say I agree with Daniel, and have just writtin my last comment on it!
      Sorry to be stepping on your toes Daniel, won't happen again.

    28. Jeff hits it on the head again. Good work Levin.

    29. Hans,

      I was going to respond to me "taking patrick's side" but why? I think I 200% went out of my way to remain neutral and not take any side. I think I criticized both sides and gave my opinion much like I have given anyone and everyone here on this blog that same right and freedom.

      I do think you need a thicker set of skin. I don't have to know you to base an opinion off of what I've seen and it wasn't meant as an insult. I like to think you like being here and I only speak for myself in saying that I enjoy a differing opinion here. I like debate, not circle jerks. I had to grow a thick set of skin when I started this blog. My work got criticized daily if it went against the grain. I grew a thicker set of skin. Doesn't mean I'm any less of a man or gave in or whatever it means I grew to realize it's not even worth it dude. Life's too short for most.

    30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Daniel, you put it much clearer than I did but your;
    "What I have always countered with and what I will always counter with is the fact that Eovaldi is NOT an ace. Evo made 27 starts last season and gave up three runs or less in 21 of them including a stretch where he gave up 2,2,0,2,3,2,2,3,1 in consecutive games. Give him 19 runs a game or give him four (probably still below league average but close enough), those are still all victories. Especially with this bullpen."

    Was it, in a nutshell, my line of;
    "In my neck of the woods, the ONLY stats that count are, is superfluous!
    Doesn't quite match up! Good going!

  4. Sorry guys wins for a pitcher is not the only thing that counts. i.e. if a pitcher gives up 8 runs a game and the team wins by scoring 9 that doesn't prove the pitcher to be effective. It proves the offense bailed him out time and time again. So wins are great and that is what matters in the standings, but having a pitcher give you a quality start is whats important. That start gives you a chance to win game in game out.

    1. True Ken but, the finial stat is wins, right?
      Would I rather have a guy only giving up 2 or 3 runs a game and go 6+ innings a game...hell yes! We have one in the person of Evo as the 2nd half of the season showed. Will he get away with it this year...NO! He needs 3 workable pitches as a starter. As we know, 3 good pitches is needed because very seldom does one go to the mound with all three pitches working, and if they are, they come and go during the game...some times!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. overall, wins are the most important. but it's easier to have an inflated record if you are on the team that scored the second most runs. And on the team that scored the fewest runs, Shelby Miller went 6-17 with a 3.18 or something.

      I still say the team isn't accomplishing anything worth talking about until one of these cupcakes throws close to 200 innings.

    4. With this bullpen you're unlikely to see a 200 IP hurler this season. It's the best strategy for THIS team and it's working. Girardi won't mess with that unless and until he has to.

    5. Burch Girardi taxed the bull pen big time last season and with this staff he will have to do the same. Does the name Tanyon Sturtze mean anything to you? I always thought that Girard handled the pen well, yet last season I think he felt the pressure of not winning for a few years and it cost us down the stretch.

    6. Girardi definitely managed like his job was on the line last year and yes he taxed the pen. He will do the same this year as well and cash knows it. Could be why he sent Wilson off and brought in a fresh arm in Chapman. Let someone else deal with Wilson's fall off.

  5. Reed wins for the team is the important stat needed. Again I'll say that a pitcher can give up a ton of runs and not be effective and can be bailed out by his offense. I don't think Eovaldi has three quality pitches. I agree with you on his cure ball as being weak, I do think his splitter is improving and the ironic thing about it is that his arm issue might be related to throwing more splits

    1. But the thing is Eovaldi improved with almost every start in the second half of the season. He was not the pitcher in September when he went down with an injury that he was in April, May and maybe part of June.

      No one is saying he's an ace, we're saying he's improving and still just 25-years old.

    2. That's a fair assessment, however he is no Nolan Ryan let alone an Eddie Lee Whitson lol

    3. No one is Nolan Ryan, that's what makes him a once in a generation type talent.


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