Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Will Rhymes, What Are Your Thoughts?

Much of the baseball world either went to sleep discussing or woke up to discuss the Chase Utley slide that ultimately ended Ruben Tejada's season for the New York Mets in the NLDS over the weekend. Utley slid late, bottom line, and whether the slide was dirty or technically in the rule book is being discussed around every water cooler this week but I'd prefer to focus on something else. As you remember when Jonathan Papelbon was seen on film choking Bryce Harper in the Washington Nationals writer and reporter CJ Nitkowski pooled many former and current MLB players asking their opinions on the situation in what quickly became a controversial article for Fox Sports.

I halfway expected to see a similar type article from someone out there either damning or defending Chase Utley and while I haven't seen a head-turner like CJ's I did see a tweet from a former member of the Washington Nationals organization, Will Rhymes. Rhymes hasn't seen the Major Leagues since the 2012 season but has been in the minor league system for Washington for the last two seasons and was one of the more vocal about the Utley slide.

Rhymes tweet can be seen above and his punishment would be pretty harsh if he were making the decisions, a suspension until Tejada is healthy again. Now in no way am I trying to compare the two instances, because they are different in almost every case, but I truly wonder what his opinion was on the choke of Harper. I asked him on Twitter but of course I have not received an answer as of the time of this writing.

Are the two instances in any way, shape or form similar? Should Utley be suspended for his late slide and for injuring Tejads? Honestly I don't know. The Utley slide wasn't all that much worse than Didi Gregorius's slide in the AL Wild Card game but the difference was Jose Altuve was not injured on the play. That may be the difference and I truly think Rhymes, being a second baseman, is a little sensitive to the subject since it could have been him. Maybe I'm wrong and maybe he will clear that up for me. If he does I'll update the post.


  1. That wasn't a dirty slide at all! Some big league 2nd basemen get lazy, there are rules protecting them so much now days that they don't pay attention to getting out of the way. 99.9% of the 2nd basemen would have felt that slide coming at them and loosened their legs...at the least! One never wants to get caught with one's spikes planted!
    That should have been a ball he just put in his hip pocket. Many 2nd basemen coming from his right to the SS said he couldn't see him coming...true! The thing is as he went to the bag he had to have seen him take off with the pitch.
    His own fault with the help of the runner!

    1. Dude, that slide was dirty as hell. Legal, yes. Dirty, absolutely. This isn't the 30's anymore where this was common place with guys sliding in spikes first. By today's standards this is one of the more blatantly dirty slides in a while.

    2. Sorry, He turned his back to the runner and the runner didn't have his spikes up at all. That play was as good as it gets...except for the injury. Every day, that play is done but, most guys don't turn their back to the runner and try to set their feet for a throw to 1st. If he hadn't done those three things we wouldn't be writing about it...his mistake!
      I know from experience over a very long time I played second base (and have scars to prove it), every time I made a mistake I ended up in left field...that makes one learn very quickly don't you think?

      Question Daniel; How in the world can a play be legal and dirty at the same time? That my friend is an oxymoron don't you think?

    3. Because the wording of the rule is vague. It basically says, and I'm paraphrasing, that as long as the runner can reach the base and doesn't go in with his spikes high while sliding before the base it's legal. It's dirty because he purposely made contact with the guy, that doesn't mean it's wrong because that's the game.

  2. THE SLIDE, and UTLEY : Utley should have been given a gold star, and a Cadillac. He did
    his job.

    Tejada ?...he should have moved out of the way. Better yet...move back to the Dominican.

    David Wright did the same thing to Utley, not that long ago. You didn't see Utley
    running off to the PC police.
    I detest Met fans, and their meanness toward others. The worst fans on earth.

    1. No one made a big deal about it because Utley wasn't injured. Didi Gregorius did the same to Jose Altuve in the AL Wild Card Game. Again no injury.

    2. Utley slide is as bush league as they come. No more needs to be said.

    3. BUSH LEAGUE ?......Because a player makes a hard slide...No more said?
      Because the second baseman was out of position...No more said?

      That is your opinion...I find it dumb.

      Maybe Utley should have not slid, and simply veered left, and walked off the field.
      Maybe Tejada should have paid more attention to the play, instead of being
      a low level smart ass.

      Bush league ?..No. Dumb.

    4. That's your opinion, mine and other people including many former major league players who have played the game said the same thing. It's bush. You call it dumb I call it bush. I played the game at a high level. I'm not sure what level you played at? I see it in a different light than you and Reed do. I believe Mr Burch feels the same way I do. I didn't see your retort to him. Just FYI bush and dirty means the same thing in baseball lingo.

    5. Ken H, Not jumping on you or anythingI just the facts.
      I played baseball for more years than you have been alive. Played 2nd base and was also the closer!

      If you read what I wrote above I don't understand the problem you and Daniel have with a hard slide. It was Tejada's fault he was hurt. If it was a legal slide it can't be bush league. As for ex-players and players of today saying anything, find me 50 players and I'll give you a 50/50 split or close to it.

      It is just like when A-Rod crossed NEAR the pitchers mound and the kid thought it would be good to show everyone he didn't like A-Rod so, he yelled at him. Everyone (or most) stood up for the guy. Saying it was bush league and you are not to walk on the pitcher's mound -------When the Pitcher Is On IT----well surprise, he wasn't on the mound and A-Rod didn't step on the mound he walked near it! So, just because a big league player that never played 2nd base or the infield says something is true...........!

    6. The slide was made way to late and that's what makes it bush.

    7. I don't have a problem with the slide, not at all. It was a legal slide. It was dirty though, hence the ridiculous suspension. I have no problem trying to break up a double play and I put just as much blame on Tejada than I do with Utley. They were playing chicken and Tejada lost.

  3. By the way Reed I don't think you have been playing baseball for over 54 years. Just a guess

  4. A NEW STANDARD ?.....Is there now a new standard that commenters must now adhere to ?

    By posting a comment on the no big deal Utley slide, I am being asked at what level
    I played baseball at, and was it a 'high level' ?
    I surmise from that line of questioning.....That if one never played baseball, they therefore must
    be considered idiots.

    My baseball playing days have moved on. But, there is nothing wrong with my eyes.
    The Utley slide is blown out of proportion, and Tejada must share in the blame.

    1. Some of the best baseball minds, especially if you believe the movie Moneyball, never played baseball a day in their lives. There are no standards patrick, don't worry about it.

    2. Damn, I hope not! Because all of us would be the dummies of the baseball world!

    3. Once again the double and triple team comes to fruition. So what the level of baseball question has to do is if you played the game as Mr. Reed so eloquently always posts and the fact he has played ball longer then I am alive is based on the fact that I have physically experienced it as a player. The slide was bush in my opinion. Just because I feel that about the slide doesn't warrant the three headed monster to pounce. No surprise there.

    4. I could mention how I didn't even mention the slide or I am being accused of being on your side about the slide just a few posts up and I could try to clarify and already glaring obvious post that stated you don't have to play baseball for 58 years to know what the hell your talking about (which in a way kinda sounds like I'm sticking up for Hans huh) but I'll just a respond with this.....


  5. Burch I never once said you stuck up for me because you don't and haven't. What I said and you should tread your own posts again is that you stated the slide was wrong. I'm tired of this constant suck ass up to one of your readers because you seem to have fear of them. I never once said anything about 58 years and as a reporter you should get your facts straight, Reed said he has been playing ball longer then I am alive. I said I don't think you have been playing ball for 54 years, I could be wrong, however I am confident that I am correct in that comment. I have tried to fit in here and it just doesn't work for you and your boys and it doesn't work for me. You guys are never wrong, never apologize for BS comments and attacks against me for which I have apologized for being critical or nasty. Remember it takes two to tango. The other clown is greeted with open arms .Oh welcome back you didn't do anything wrong we missed you. Best of luck to you and your boys!

    1. So I said 58 years and not 54 years... sue me.

      I said the slide was legal and hell I think I called it bush before you did but I may have the chronology out of order. I write posts 2-3 days before you see them on the blog so I get my time out of order, whatever. Not worth arguing about who called it bush first, especially when I said the slide was dirty (but legal).

      I fear patrick and Reed, lol.

      I'm never wrong, lol. I'm wrong all the time. Read my Sonny Gray post, I have him listed as a left-handed pitcher.

      Attacks. LOL
      BS comments. LOL

    2. Ken H....
      You made a statement about playing baseball at a high level. I stated I had played baseball longer then you had lived.
      You came back with You doubted that I had played for 54(?) years. So, I wrote down some of the facts!
      Nothing to do about ganging up on you or anyone else around here, just my opinion.

  6. THREE HEADED MONSTER....a demonstrative adjective.

    But, which one is it ? ....Lets narrow it down to two. OK ?

    Is it...GHIDRAH, the Three-Headed Monster, released in Japan as San Daikaijū: Chikyū Saidai no Kessen (三大怪獣 地球最大の決戦 )...in 1964 ?
    Staring Hiroshi Hoshi as.....Professor Miura.
    ( A favorite of Ken Reed. Although he has trouble following the story line.)

    Or, is it...The Three Headed Monster, from Greedy Pinstripes....October,14 2015 ?
    Featuring...........patrick, as 'The Clown'.
    Yeah, I know....the clown one. Right ?

    Allow me to speak on my own.
    I post here at Greedy, mainly as loner. I rarely get in dialogue with others. My choice.
    I do not call others names, or in any way do I try to harm others. My words are always
    cross threaded with humor. Most times self deprecating.
    I look for current news to ponce on....like the Three headed Monster. And, I give my opinion.

    In my most recent posts, I mention no one names. Nor, are they nasty.
    I do confess....I used the word 'dumb', more than once. Perhaps that prompted this dust-up.
    We all have a target on our chests when we post on line.... Have at me all you want.

    But in the end, we are adults. We get back, what we give out. And, enjoy the inter play.

    Where Ken, and I came from, they would have had you, Hans, for breakfast.
    This site is like a safe city. If one wants to leave, I wish one well.
    But......sleep on it.

  7. Is this really what it's coming down to guys? I have news for all of you. Hans, you're an asshole. Patrick, you're an instigator. Reed, the game left you in the golden ages. Burch, you play both sides. Me, I'm all of the above. I love this site because of the diversity of opinions. But I'm getting tired of the crybaby crap!

    1. I feel like I got off too easy on this one. Tell me how you really feel Mr. Levin.

    2. The game left me, but it is supposed to be played between the lines, not by a man that was not a very knowledgeable manager. Joe T. didn't do anything in the other cases but did this time, why? Because this time Fans wanted to hang the guy for something that was legal, but hurt an opposing player.
      The sad sack suspended the guy for a legal play, So, now the players have to not only have the talent to play the game they also have to be lawyers just so they can interpret all the rules in the game nowdays.
      Did anyone know, at the start of baseball, as first played, one would have to be hit with a thrown ball to be out?

    3. The Golden Age of baseball, yes it was wasn't it?
      From 1943 to the year 1962 the Yankees won 11 WS in 19 years. After that, to this day they have only 7 WS victories in 52 years.
      The years, they have sure changed...for the better? I think not, the games were completely about the game of baseball, they played very hard and they never showboated. They hit an HR they put their head down and ran the bases.
      Now days it seems as though the game is all about the stars on the team, not the game.

    4. I also thought it was interesting that the pitcher was not intended to strike out guys or try to get guys out when baseball first started, they pitched to contact... and it was all straight.

  8. JEFF.....I'm working on something. Whats your point ?
    Stand down, please. Don't confuse whats trying to be done here...........p.

  9. Ken H, get real! IF I started to pick on you or demean your opinions in any way shape or form you would know it.
    I think I am the only one that wrote that the slide was legal therefore it was not Bush League! Everyone said I was wrong. I don't think I am but, that is the thing about this site, nobody agrees with me much anyhow. I have the right to my opinion the same as you or anyone else.
    Why take everything so personal? Relax, have fun and enjoy!

    1. If no one agrees with you Reed isn't that the point where you leave? I'm asking for a friend who isn't here because people don't like to sit here and jerk each other off all day agreeing with one another.

  10. KEN H...PREPARATION-H...is there a difference ?

    The way you guys are carrying on. Go take a hot shower with him.
    He left on his own, and no one here did anything to provoke his departure. No one.

    Mr. Bluster encounters a difference of opinion, and he acts trans gender. Maybe he
    is not acting ?

    I can't deal with him any longer...perhaps Creedmoor Psychiatric Center is the answer.
    When you check yourself in, Bluster, ask for a poster by the name of 'Ballpark'. You both
    have a lot in common. Morons, being one.

  11. Today's...New York Post :.....Today's Sports headline :
    " Mets have checked off main goal: They’re a power for 2016 ".

    And they may very well be. Their fans will all be walking around with erections. I dread next season.

    The Yankee fans ?...Are they ready to be fooled again ? Brace yourself.

    1. It's going to be a long winter and a longer first half of the season with all those Mets fans puffing their chests out after one half of a good season.

  12. Oh, s-it, now you did it Ken H! Patrick got all upset with you and the way you reacted to a difference of opinion.
    Ken H. there is nothing wrong with all of us being wrong...sorry about that...all of them being wrong! That is the way it should be because we all know I am never wrong, but everyone said I was wrong and that made me know I was right in the first place.
    Any of that make any sense to you, I hope not because I am confused myself, and I wrote it.

    Ken just suck it up and take the shit like a man, no need to agree with me or anyone else on this site. What part don't you understand, none of us agree about everything or even most things. If you do stupid things as I did and explain why Jeter was a Singles Hitter that happened to play SS (with one hell of an ego) for the New York Yankees for 20 years (about 7 years to long) and one of the worst defensive SS around.
    Try that one on for size, you think you have problems, you have not seen anything.

  13. TWASP....You're joking ?
    Word on the New Jersey Tpke rest stops....has it that Twasp was with Lamar Odom at the
    Love Ranch, in Los Vegas. He flipped the blue pills over to Lamar, and the female companions
    took care of the rest.
    My guess...is that Twasp ran off with all the excess blue pills, and was last seen heading toward Provincetown, Mass.

    Twasp....I shake my head.

  14. Now there is the way to get me out of here quickly! He was one of the main reasons for the Failure of one Blog.

    1. Just see similarities sometimes is all.

    2. I have had that impression more than once but, Ken H seems much more knowledgeable.

  15. Trying to strike....Fat Boy Slim.
    You can not. You are swinging at sounds in a darkened closet
    You are straining to see a shadow late at night.
    The whisper you hear.........is from long ago. It is now shallow, and faint.
    The words you read are from not whom you think.

    It is theater, and you are the fooled audience.
    That is how I read it.

  16. FREE AGENT.............2nd baseman...Daniel Murphy.
    Is he the next Yankee 2nd baseman ? The NY metro rumor mill is already giving
    out many reasons why he should / could be.
    Possible. Or, do they run out a laundry list of players next season ?
    Actually, how many have there been since Cano left ? Ten ?....seems like dozens.

    The first real rumor so far.

    1. Without giving away too much from my post I already have scheduled for tomorrow.... no... please no to Daniel Murphy.


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