Sunday, September 30, 2012

Thinking About 2013: The DH Spot

The Yankees biggest issue over the last what feels like 800 years has been hitting with runners in scoring position. The Yankees want to keep the DH open to give aging guys like Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter days off but we have to do what we have to do. I only mention this because I am willing to sign ANYONE who fits two key pieces of criteria for the 2013 season, they sign a one year deal and they help the team. With that said I want the Yankees, again if they fit those two pieces of criteria, to go out and buy low on the Red Sox DH David Ortiz.

This seems very unlikely, I know, but the off season frenzy and free agency is a time for any fan to dream. The Red Sox as an organization has a slight black eye after signing David Ortiz for a arbitration deal and not giving him the multi year deal that he wanted due to financial reasons but they do not have that excuse anymore. After the Red Sox dumped around $200 million in the deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers they kind of have to sign Ortiz, don't they? Also it will surely cost them, or anyone who signs him, more then the $14.575 million he signed for in 2012.

Let's face it David Ortiz has had a down and injury riddled 2012 season with multiple trips to the DL with an Achilles issue but who hasn't for the Red Sox this year? For that matter who hasn't for the Yankees? I kind of hate to sign a guy entering his age 38 season but, again, for a one year deal and for primarily the DH position I think we can get true value out of David. It is kind of funny how the Red Sox fans hate the Yankees but respect Derek Jeter and, and by no means am I comparing the two whatsoever, it seems like the Yankees fans respect David Ortiz. Even with the down year David still managed to hit over 20 home runs, hit over .300, had an OBP .100 points higher then his batting average, and a 3.0+ WAR.

David has post season experience, World Series experience, experience playing in a big market, and hell you could even argue that he has experience playing in New York as much as these two teams have played each other since the mid 2000's. I have really targeted specific issues when I have written these and David Ortiz screams the end of the #RISPFAIL.

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