Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Irony Of Being The Second Wild Card

The Yankees have been more hot and cold then Katy Perry since about the middle of August and has seen a 10 game division lead dwindle to nothing. The Yankees, barring an epic collapse, have at least a second wild card spot locked up this season. Do not get me wrong I would rather have the best record, home field advantage, and the AL East but also do not get me wrong that I would rather get in the post season then watch it at home again. The playoffs are a new season and commonly referred to as the second season and if you have watched baseball in the wild card era you cannot argue against the nick name. Just get in and we will worry about the rest later.

While the sky was falling in Yankeeland, especially on twitter, I got thinking of how ironic it would be if the Yankees won the second wild card this season. It would be ironic because, trivia alert, the Yankees won the first wild card spot in 1995 after Bud Selig implemented it. Granted they lost the division series against the Seattle Mariners that year but they also did go on to win 4 of the next 5 World Series after that. I am in no way comparing the two teams nor am I thinking we're about to start a new dynasty, I just think it would be ironic to get both of the new wild card spots in their first year of existence.

I'm not a very big irony kind of guy though so can we start winning some games? Now preferably? Thanks guys!!

- Daniel Burch

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