Sunday, September 30, 2012

What Do The Yankees See In Andruw Jones?

Our friends over at Sliding Into Home asked the question: What do the Yankees see in Andruw Jones? I have been asking myself this same question and blasting it all over twitter for months now. It especially picked up when I took a second to look at Chris Dickersons MiLB stats before his impending call up in September. Joe Girardi is turning into the guy, Joe Torre Version 2.0, that we all wanted out from under just 5 seasons ago. At first we all got what we wanted the young guys were being used, the bullpen was rebuilt from within and being managed well, and we had a world series ring in our back pockets. Now we see guys like Cody Eppley, Clay Rapada, David Robertson, Boone Logan, and Rafael Soriano up in the pen or being used 28 days out of the month. Anyway I digress, let's look at what the SIH boys had to say about Andruw.

There is no measurable statistic that supports Andruw Jones’ spot on the 2012 New York Yankees roster. None.  There has to be something that I am missing so if somebody can explain it to me, I am all ears. More importantly though, someone needs to tell it to Girardi. Don’t get me wrong, he was fantastic last year in his role. Against southpaws, Jones put up an OPS of .923 as well as an OBP of .384 in 126 at-bats.      

                   It is now September (almost October) 2012, and for the life of me, I cannot wrap my head around the reasoning behind him getting playing time. He should have been shown the door a long time ago but if he is still here on September 29th, I do not expect him to be cut with only one series left in the regular season. What the Yankees can do though is not put Jones on the postseason roster. It won’t excuse the ridiculous amount of leeway that he has received from the organization, but at least he won’t be able to hurt them when it matters most.     

                  Against lefty pitching, Jones is sporting an OPS of .713 to go along with an OBP of .297. Since the All-Star Break, those numbers turn into .524 and .262. Just for kicks, check out his numbers in September. If you don’t feel like it, .593 and .259. He has walked more than he has struck out but when you are putting up numbers like that, there is not even a way someone can say “Well at least, he has drawn a couple walks.” The more you break him down, the worse he looks, and that is not even taking his lack of hustle when he does play. On the rare occasion when he has to hustle, we’ve seen him strolling down to first seemingly without a care in the world. I know that is just pseudo-psychology on my part, but I am just sick to death of watching this guy play.                

     I just cannot understand what the Yankee brass sees in this guy. I would kind of understand if he was a lifetime guy like Jeter or Posada but if the Atlanta Braves can let him walk, I don’t see why the Yankees can’t. Let Melky Mesa get some at-bats, he is an upgrade over Jones. His base running blunder aside, he has excellent speed, can swipe a bag, and play great defense while showing some good power. I would be fine with Chris Dickerson playing, I don’t really care who it is. When you consistently do the same thing over and over again while expecting different results that is insanity.             
Thanks to Trevor Wolfe for the article and letting me know that I am not the only one...

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