Friday, October 4, 2013

The Washington Nationals Want Joe Girardi Now Too

First it was the Chicago Cubs that wanted permission to speak with Joe Girardi about being their new manager, and now the Washington Nationals have asked for permission.

"You better make this a really good offer."

The Yankees not only don't seem keen on the idea of other teams speaking with Girardi, but they are in the process of re-signing him to continue as the Yankees skipper. In fact, after going over parameters for a new contract, the Yankees and Girardi will meet again today and could likely make it official within the next 48 hours. So the Cubs, Nationals, and others may not even get a chance to discuss a deal with Girardi.

Knowing that other teams are interested in Joe Girardi is a sign that he's far from a bad manager. In my opinion, and I know I'm not alone in this, the Yankees would be lucky to have him back. Not only is he quite possibly the best manager of the bullpen, but his ability to work with the Yankees is not something to just dismiss.

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