Monday, October 28, 2013

Yankees Moving High A Yankees From Tampa To Ocala

The New York Yankees have struck a deal that will move their High A Tampa Yankees affiliate from the Tampa St. Pete area to Ocala, Florida. The move will be around 100 miles and the new stadium in Ocala is supposed to cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $45,000,000 which is pretty steep for an A Ball affiliate in the minor leagues. Ocala, unlike Tampa, is in a richy rich part of Florida flush with rich horse owners, like the Steinbrenner family, and should create tons of revenue for the Yankees.

There will be a half of a cent tax hike over the next ten years to pay for the new baseball facility which will also be used for other things around the community. This is being presented at the Ocala City Council meeting tomorrow as it hopefully gets one step closer to becoming official. If everything goes as planned this move could happen as soon as Opening Day in 2016.

The Yankees will still hold Spring Training at George Steinbrenner Field, at least for the next 12 seasons anyway, and will still have their minor league complex down in Tampa. This is simply a move to increase revenue for the High A affiliate and if this deal goes through it surely will.

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