Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hideki Matsui To Be Honored Tonight By MLBPA

The Major League Baseball Players Association along with the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of New York are honoring former Yankees star and World Series MVP Hideki Matsui tonight. The ceremony will be held at the New York Hilton Midtown Hotel and it is actually going on now until about 9:30 tonight. The JCCI was established to better understand and facilitate business between the United States and the JCCI has brought over many Japanese businesses and Japanese culture, as seen when the Yankees signed Godzilla out of Japan. The Yankees relationship and business with Hideki Matsui and all involved were obviously huge for both products and Matsui will be honored tonight for his duties performed both on and off the field. Congratulations to him and his family for the honor and the award.


  1. And a big BOOOOO to Brian CashMan for leaving Hideki hanging in the wind during the 2009/2010 offseason after winning the WS MVP. Not even a call. Classless. Cash was too busy chasing the great Nick Johnson instead of signing Hideki to a one year contract.

    1. How do you know he did not get a call, I mean really? And I am asking because I don't remember reading that anywhere but I won't say that it didn't happen because I am not 100%.

      It was time to let Matsui go and his production post Yankees affirmed that. He had two bad knees, couldn't play the field at all anymore, and was not the productive juggernaut we signed in the mid 2000's. He was one of the few that the Yankees let go at exactly the right time.

  2. Daniel......Matsui had one good season left....where he hit for the same OPS as his last season with the Yankees. And his knees were never a problem as he played the same amount of you were brainwashed by the CashMan hype.

    Matsui was amenable to a one year contract at $5m for 2010 but never got a call. His mistreatment was another in a series of unprofessional classless moves by CashMan who is well hated in the Yankee dugout.

    1. I guess the Brian Cashman hype made up the knee surgeries and hacked all of our televisions to make it look like he was running like a 45 year old Babe Ruth?

    2. 2009 Matsui OPS = .876
      2010 OPS = .820
      2011 OPS = .696
      2012 OPS = .435

      2009 War = 2.7
      2010 War = 1.5

    3. I said one year contract....Daniel.........what was his OPS+ in 2010 vs 2009? What was his innings played 2010 vs 2009. Again Matsui has stated he would have been amenable to one year contract.

  3. Matsuis knees held up fine. Cash Man deals the drink and some chug it down.

  4. Good for Boston !....dam good American League partisanship ! Lets get on with rebuilding this Yankee squad !.
    ( patricks note of interest..' Ernie in Boston ' : Danny, this is new to you. Old Ranger / know him. )

    Ernie was a foundation block / plank owner at the former iYankees site. Super poster, wonderful guy.
    He is an architect, still living in Boston. And he very much disliked the Red Sox.
    At times he would go to the same bar, that Josh Beckett drank at, after home games games.
    An "obnoxious jackass" , were the words that Ernie would use to describe Beckett.
    Upon Beckett's leaving the bar, Ernie would claim his seat, and attempt to real in his female fans.
    Like fishing on the outer banks, I guess.
    I bet Ernie is glad that Boston dispatched St. Louis tonight. And that tomorrow, the Yanks can begin the creation of the 2014 Yankees.
    Ernie, a good man. A man with values. Much smarter than those who nipped at his heals.
    No reason, just wanted to convey my thoughts.

    1. Ernie has been greatly missed by me, he was my 2nd baseman and all the nipping got to much for most of us. Ernie was the baseball historian, if I remember right! I Liked him!

      The great instigator would pop in and.................
      I will not forgive him for that but, a few of you still give him a pass on that...that's fine!

  5. OldYankee
    You are referring to the great TWASP when you talk about instigation between Ernie and Rooster. If I did it I would gladly admit to it as instigation is why I exist. But in the Ernie/Rooster battle besides one or two comments to expose the ridiculousness of the altercation, I was not the one. It was someone using the handle " Chickens have small peckers". If you follow my comments I am never that crass. I don'tcurse or use sexual innuendo. }

    1. T-Man...
      What is done is done and life is to short, well maybe not for you! We must not let anything like that happen here, this is my new home and it shall be treated as such.
      I must admit they never took the "Kitchen Kid" out of me in the Army, but they did curb my North Irish Temper, until the last few years. I shall try to rectify the problem...I am crass and still a "junk yard dog". So shall we say, "don't sh-t where we play?"

  6. GP 'rs....good evening. I committed a cardinal MLB sin, just moments ago.
    Being catholic, we have sins for everything. From wanting your neighbors wife, to wanting their flat screen TV. To be clear....this was not a mortal sin.

    The cardinal rule states:...Never walk into a Free Agent Smorgasboard hungry. I couldn't help it !
    Chomping at the bit, I was hungry for anything. Tried the new ' Slim Jim ' last week, third world food.
    Sorry, I'm all over the place.
    Free agents...147 are on the board, inc. 13 Yankees. Yankees have valiant men, on the 40 man roster.
    Very excited. This is fixable, and the time is at hand.

    1. TYPO...TYPO ! such a grammatical jerk...I am.
      Correction...." Yankees have 34 valiant men, on the 40 man roster. " ....sorry.


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