Monday, February 27, 2012

Drinking at Work

Das Boot!

I'm not writing this to bash the Boston Red Sox. Their on-field product gives me enough ammunition for that. I'm actually writing this because I agree, 100%, with the decision by Bobby Valentine to ban alcohol from the Red Sox clubhouse.

I look at the clubhouse sort of like the break room at a "normal" job. It's a place to get dressed/ready for work, keep personal things (my break-room has lockers), get something to eat or drink (non-alcoholic), or just take a... well... break. Maybe some of you have had a job where you could drink in the break room, but I haven't. In fact, I've worked at a couple places that serve alcohol, and both of them looked down upon employees drinking on the premises... whether on the clock or not.

The main argument I've heard for allowing alcohol in the clubhouse is that players can't just go to a bar after work, like you and I can (I'm assuming no celebrities read this blog, but if so... sorry for including you here). They can't stop by the gas station and pick-up a six pack on the way home either. I understand that, but here's what they can do...

1. Celebrities can be put into certain sections at bars or clubs often considered "VIP".

2. Many hotels, where players stay while on the road, serve alcohol. And I'm pretty sure a player can have alcohol sent to their rooms.

3. Players may not be able to stop by a gas station to get some beer, but I'm pretty sure they can either have a friend or relative get some for them and take it to their house/apartment, or they could probably pay a clubhouse attendant to get some for them to bring home.

I see no reason why alcohol needs to be allowed in the clubhouse. None. I understand that not everybody is going to abuse it if it were allowed, and we're talking about adults that should be responsible. But MLB is a business. An employer if you will. And I really don't see why an employer should be okay with alcohol being consumed at the workplace.

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