Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Case For Why the Yankees Will Still Make the Playoffs

Throughout all the letdowns and bad stretches this season, I've always been one to keep alive the idea that the Yankees will still make the playoffs.

Yes, at times lately doing so seems pretty dumb, but when it comes down to simple probability it really isn't.

In this post, I won't defend the Yankees' bad year, but I will give you four reasons why they will probably still get to the one-game playoff. None of them are guarantees, obviously, but as I'll say over-and-over again they are in fact likely.

1. The Tigers will likely win 18 of their last 27:

Upcoming Schedule: 1 at White Sox, 4 at Indians, 3 vs. Giants, 3 vs. Royals, 3 vs. Indians, 3 at Twins, 3 at Royals, 3 vs White Sox, 4 vs. Twins

Big Series: The ones against the Royals

How they can do it: Win today, split in Cleveland, beat Giants 2/3, beat Royals 2/3, beat Indians 2/3, beat Twins 2/3, win 2/3 in KC, beat White Sox 2/3, beat Twins 3/4

Question Marks: Winning 2/3 at Kauffman won't be easy, but considering the Royals have struggled at home over the last week I'd say it's definitely doable.

2. The Royals will likely lose 14 of their last 27:

Upcoming Schedule: 1 vs. Indians, 3 vs. Rangers, 3 at Yankees, 3 at Tigers, 4 vs. Red Sox, 3 vs. White Sox, 3 vs. Tigers, 3 at Indians, 4 at White Sox

Big Series: Tigers ones, Indians ones

How they can do it: Win today, lose 1/3 to Rangers, lose 2/3 to Yankees, lose 2/3 to Tigers, split with Red Sox, lose 1/3 to White Sox, lose 2/3 to Indians, split with White Sox

Question Marks: The Red Sox are a team with a lot of offense, but will their pitching be good enough to take 2/4? Same goes for the Indians and White Sox in their turns.

3. The Mariners will likely lose 14 of their last 28:

Upcoming Schedule: 1 vs. Nationals, 3 at A's, 4 at Rangers, 3 vs. Astros, 3 vs. A's, 4 at Angels, 3 at Astros, 4 at Blue Jays, 3 vs. Angels

Big Series: Divisional ones

How they can do it: win today, lose 2/3 to A's, split with Rangers, beat Astros 2/3, lose 2/3 to A's, split with Angels, beat Astros 2/3, split with Blue Jays, lose 2/3 to Angels

Question Marks: The Blue Jays contributing could be tough, but they're good at home, right?

4. The Yankees will likely win 17 of their last 28:

Upcoming Schedule: 1 at Blue Jays, 3 vs. Red Sox, 3 vs. Royals, 3 vs. Rays, 4 at Orioles, 3 at Rays, 4 vs. Blue Jays, 4 vs. Orioles, 3 at Red Sox

Big Series: Royals, Rays, Orioles, Blue Jays

How they can do it: win today, beat Red Sox 2/3, beat Royals 2/3, beat Rays 2/3, split with Orioles, beat Rays 2/3, split with Blue Jays, split with Orioles, beat Red Sox 2/3

Question Marks: How good are the Rays really? Are the Orioles dominant enough at home to take 3/4?

So yeah, that's my argument. If it comes to fruition the Yankees will take the second wild card spot and the Tigers the AL Central. Please leave your comments below on how accurate you think it is.


  1. JACK NIEMUTH....good afternoon....and, I know no more than you.
    Including today's 4-3 loss, the Yankees will finish.......will win 12 of the last 28.
    Turn the life support system off. this one is done.

    I really wish they would finish...0 out of the last 28.
    The fans would riot / stay away, and maybe we will see a better team next year.
    I've been beaten down, but that's how I see it.

    1. Relax. It was one bad game. It won't mean much in the long run

    2. I'm pretty sure patrick is relaxed, just being realistic. What the Yankees SHOULD do and what the Yankees ACTUALLY do have been two different scenarios this season. Yankees should go about 20-7 or better to finish this season, but they wont.

    3. Really? Them going 12-16 is realistic.

    4. They should win. sweep, or split every remaining series. They should have swept the Houston Astros though too, which is why I said what they should do and what they do are two different things.

  2. Every Year I change one of my Yahoo log ins by the WS wins plus one...this year it was 28...just in case one has forgotten. I was hoping to see WS number 30 someday but as Moses told me once..."You ain't never gona live to be 1000", which is a shame, I was soooo looking forward to it! LOL
    I have lived through 24 WS wins. Twenty-one of those I heard on the radio, watched in person or on TV...I would like to see my 25th on TV.


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