Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dian Toscano, Why Were the Yankees Not Interested?

Rather than try and legally plagiarize MLB Trade Rumors I will simply copy and paste a short except from their article today concerning the Atlanta Braves chase for Cuban defecting outfield Dian Toscano. When I read this the first question that came to mind is why are the Yankees not at least doing their due diligence?

He is exempt from International signing limitations and sounds like the kind of guy the Yankees want around. Maybe the team doesn't want to force another outfield logjam like the team had in 2014? Who knows.

The deal has been completed since the original tweet just as an FYI, on to that excerpt:

Not much is known about Toscano since he did not play for the Cuban National team. He played left field for the Villa Clara club and hit .356/.400/.452 in 86 plate appearances during the 2012 campaign – his last with the team. Badler adds that Toscano possess the necessary speed for center field, but he typically plays left field due to suspect arm strength. A left-handed hitter, he features good bat control and strike zone awareness.

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