Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Yankees Offer "Blow Competition Out of the Water" Type Deal to Lester

Take it with a grain of salt, especially lately where not well known people and insiders are reporting "deals" on Twitter daily that never come true but here we go again. Thoughts?


  1. I believe that as much as I believe Cashman is a good GM. Enough said

  2. This won't happen. If it did more would be saying the same thing.

    This guy's probably just joking

  3. Just another false rumor started by a guy on Twitter with 20K plus views.... sigh.

    And when I had a guy tell me about the Curtis Granderson rumor I was quickly shot down and denounced... and I had the deal EXACTLY right when it was announced. Oh well.

    1. Don't get too down, Daniel. There's always Max Scherzer

    2. Yeah because we're apparently close to a deal with him.. a week ago... and no one is talking about it anymore.

  4. They both aren't coming here. We will be lucky to get Al Leiter back


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